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How to pick a flattering wig for your face shape?

In the process of male to female crossdressing transformations, seleting the right wig for your feminine look is essential. It turns out that different face shapes are best suited to specific hairstyles and wigs. The pear, long, square face shapes are associated with men because of the wide jaw, although there are many biological women with similar lines. Before you purchase a wig, you should carefully consider what type of wig style looks best with your face shape. Here are the different face shapes and the styles that look best with each one:

#1 SQUARE face

The square shape is characterized by having a broad forehead and a broad jawline or chin. This face shape is proportional in length and width. With a square face shape, we need to find a style that softens the angles of your face, while allowing your strong jawline to be the star of the show. Be sure to consider wigs with wispy bangs, off-center parts, and those that provide height at the crown of your head. Layers and wispy looks succeed in softening your naturally square face. Side parts can off-set the squareness of the face while bangs or a short bob can showcase that beautiful jawline. It’s a good idea to avoid pin straight styles, as these will enhance the sharpness of your features, rather than celebrate them.

#2 OBLONG face

Oblong face shapes are characterized by having a very long, narrow bone structure. For this shape, you will want to add fullness to the sides of the face and avoid adding extra height to the crown. By choosing the right style hair, you can create the illusion of more oval face shape. A fringe or half bang across the forehead will help shorten the appearance of your face. Curls are perfect for widening a narrow face. A great bob that is full at the cheeks or jawline is great as well. A shoulder length style or long hair that has voluminous layers at the jawline can be great styles for this face shape too. Avoid one length cuts and or styles with short layers that add volume to the crown area of the head.

#3 PEAR face

Characterized by a small or narrow forehead and a rather large, pouchy-appearing jaw line. For this shape, you'll want to add width around the temples and closeness at the chin. Utilize some pretty side swept bangs and long layers. Full, layered looks can deflect attention from the middle of your face. A classic shag hairstyle looks wonderful, as you can comb the hair close to your head on the sides and at the nape. Avoid jaw length, blunt cuts.

#4 OVAL face 

This is a naturally feminine face. The oval shaped face is longer than wide, with a jaw that is narrower than the cheekbones. It is perfectly proportioned. The oval shaped face has no dominant areas with your forehead, cheekbones, jaw line, and chin all proportional. If you have an oval face shape, you've landed the most versatile shape for hairstyles. Pixie hair styles, bobs, wavy, straight, and long hairstyles all look great.

#5 HEART face

People with heart shaped faces have a narrow chin and a wide forehead. Disguise the width of the forehead by adding volume at the chin and bring some hair onto the forehead. Ideal cuts have more fullness in front of your earlobes and around your jaw. Try to keep hair close to your head at the eyes. The most flattering style for a heart shaped face is a pageboy as well as wigs with subtle layers. Avoid short hair and choppy layers.

#6 DIAMOND face

Diamond face shapes have a narrow chin and a narrow forehead, with wider cheekbones. Popular wig styles for diamond shape faces reduce width at the sides of the wig and add fullness at the chin line. Bob hairstyles work very well as well as styles that use some fringe or bangs to cover narrow foreheads. Avoid height on top or volume on the sides to find the most flattering look.

#7 ROUND face

Round faces are characterized by a wide hairline and fullness below the cheekbones.  One great thing about having a round face is that you tend to look younger and can easily pull off more youthful hairstyles. Longer pixie cuts, shags, or long layered styles can add length to your facial lines, and height/volume can also elongate and make your cheeks look more narrow. With a round face shape, short styles are easy to pull off, but be careful about going too short.

Once you’ve determined what shape matches your face the closest, you can be well on your way to finding the best wig for you. If you are brave enough, go to a hairdresser and find out what kind of feminine hairstyle suits you and she or he would recommend you. 

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