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How a male can successfully pass as a female in public

Author: Miss Samantha Pink

Firstly, no one can do this without professional surgery, but it can be almost be achieved by the following system, which I have personally learnt and tweaked in the past 33 plus years. I have been dressing on and off since I was sweet 16 and when I dress up I feel like a 16 year old girl in my mind. Free, happy and full of confidence, a completely different person with a total transformation.


Righty-Oh let’s get started and we are working with the basics first. You are going to have to get yourself a full-length mirror. Most wardrobes have them built inside the doors. Also a spare room or a place where you can spend some time undisturbed, to get yourself ready away from prying eyes. It can be your new hobby like some people play golf or football. I personally dress up and go for a nice relaxing walk or even go out shopping for more items, to further enhance my overall feminine look. I pay attention to every detail to improve my appearance. So to be much more pleasing on the eye, for anyone who will see me in public. 

So you purchased or borrowed a full- length mirror and have a room ready to be glammed up. If you are privileged to have your own place, then a spare room or your main bedroom, should be a comfortable, feminine place, with a nice, pretty dresser, with a mirror for when you are applying your makeup. A wardrobe or 2 for clothing and footwear, with shelves for bags, accessories and more footwear, a girl can never have enough heels or bags, laugh out loud. Maybe a bed or a nice couch with a comfortable rug, and girly wallpaper or posters of your favourites heroines. You want posters or pictures to hang up that inspire you to feel more feminine. Music is very important, it should be what you like that makes you feel like a woman. Of course the room or place must be nice and clean and have a feminine smell when you spend time there getting all girly and ready to be in female mode.  


In summary you want to be in a pleasant place and be stress-free, to aid you in your total journey of transforming into, becoming the woman of your dreams and in your mind.


So with a bit of preparation making a room or area looking, feeling and smelling very feminine, then you are ready to prepare yourself for your transformation.


You will need certain basic things to help you pass as a woman of your dreams. Like anything, hobbies, especially this one, can cost you money, but that depends how good you want to look. I will tell you all my secrets that I have learnt over my years crossdressing. I myself have never spent a small fortune, but I could have, but you can get the same effect with the God Almighty gave you, adding things to dressing collection when required.


Enough of me talking about how t get prepared let’s do it real soon. Take off all your clothes and head to the bathroom, in private, don’t forget a nice, fluffy bath towel or sheet, pink or peach, or at least one that is comfortable to wrap around your waist. You can be nude walking to the bathroom or wrap around the towel, it’s entirely up to you, whatever makes you feel comfortable. Then turn on the shower and hang up your towel on rack or hook, letting the shower run until it’s nice and warm. We are not having a cold shower because you want to soften your whole body. Use either a scrungy, an exfoliating is brush, or a sponge with female body washing products. Dove is a nice smell, but you can use whichever you prefer, as long as it is for women. You want to exfoliate your whole body, arms, back, chest, legs, genital area, getting rid of any old skin, as the new skin underneath is much softer and delicate.


Once this is done rinse off your whole body and stand back from the shower to apply shaving gel all over your body. Everywhere you have hair growing, except on your head and eyebrows, needs shaved off using a new razor up strokes first then down strokes, so smooth all over. If you cut or nick yourself then witch hazel, which you can buy cheaply In local pharmacy or online, helps stop bleeding and soothes affected area. Every hair gone, it will take a while first time doing it, but It gets easier and less time spent shaving the more you do it. Wash off in the shower and turn off shower, then get out of shower and dry yourself off with your comfortable towel. You can apply body lotion to your nice smooth feminine looking body and let it absorb in, before wrapping your towel around your waist.  


Every hair finally gone, except your eyebrows and hair on your head, if you have any that is. If you want to remove your eyebrows, then again that is up to you, they can be drew on with an eyebrow pencil and a stencil. This can be purchased on Ebay quite cheaply with free delivery. You don’t have to remove them, use Pritt-stick to control keeping down the small hairs, apply some nude or your skin tone foundation or concealer. Draw some new ones back on using items said before. When you are using foundation, use one that matches your skin tone the best or go a shade darker. Don’t forget to blend it all in especially around the neck area, so there is not a noticeable line and it looks flawless your face. Practice makes Perfect. Everyone finds their way of applying foundation or makeup, nowadays there are numerous videos on YouTube.


If you want to be brave or bold, then book an appointment online, or in person for a personal makeup consultation with  It is personally better in person, so they can see for themselves which shades and hues of cosmetics suit your skin types. They will give you advice and person tips for a 5-10 minute every day basic look. You want to wear makeup on your face that doesn’t stand out to much, a casual fresh female face look. Like anything, the more you apply your makeup, the more you will know what suits your face, and what is pleasing to yourself and are happy with for out in public. Love yourself girl. Always carry a handheld foundation with a built in mirror for touch ups as required. Could be the day or night whilst out in public, not forgetting some lipstick and mascara. Most lipsticks are 24 hour wear with most mascaras waterproof, read the small print on the product before buying online, or in drug store or shopping centre/mall.

When all your makeup is applied, lightly spray some hair spray over your face, from a safe distance, to hold the makeup in place, a wee trick I learnt. When you shaved everywhere before please don’t forget your hands and feet, no hair anywhere hair is manly not feminine.


You can pluck and reshape your eyebrows if you wish, or thin then down by getting them threaded which doesn’t cost too much. Do what ever works for you and your overall look, whichever result you are happy with, as long as you are smooth all over and smelling nice and feminine. You can apply your makeup before you get dressed or after, it’s up to you. I prefer afterwards so then I get used to what I’m wearing, calm down and not get super excited. This is not meant in a bad way at all, it relaxes me so I’m less stressed getting ready to go out in public, amongst most people that are narrow minded, not supportive or understanding of my personal hobby and myself in general. Once out in public it can be scary and overwhelming, but after doing it and being brave it’s the best feeling in the world. The more you do it, the more you will want to do it. Doing it more will build your inner feminine confidence, bringing the girl inside to the outside.


The “Tuck” is the most important procedure to do to your body. This Is necessary as it makes it nice and smooth down below when you are wearing leggings, skirts or short party dresses. Best way for myself is by using sports tape. This is stretchy and sticky enough to hold things securely in place. This is why you must have a smooth genital area when removing of the tape when you need the bathroom, or back to male mode. Cut 3 pieces of tape 20 centimetres long and stick the ends onto side of a table. Once your calmed down and super relaxed start the tucking procedure. There are different ways to tuck away your genitals, but the one I use I personally think is one the best. You can actually buy pink tucking tape online, it’s expensive and unnecessary, the cheap sports tape, that I use, with 5-6 centimetres width is good enough. Stand in front of the full-length mirror, legs shoulder width apart, softly hold your man clitty, with one hand, pulling it down and back between your bottom cheeks. With the other hand, place 1 piece of the sports tape over the top half of your man clitty pulling it gently, tighter backwards to the base of your back and securing the tape to it. Then gently push one of your testes up to the cranial sac where it dropped from when you were young, and secure it with the second piece of tape. Do the same with the other testes using the last piece of tape. Work the tape in so it’s all nice and safe, secure and smooth down below. Walk around getting getting used to how it feels and get comfortable with the tape on your genitals. If you do it right you can see sunshine through your legs, if you are not happy then take the tape off and start again with fresh tape and be super relaxed. Put a nice pair of panties on and you should have a nice smooth front bottom with no bulge. You can do this tucking procedure for up to 8 hours safely, making sure you put a roll of tape with small scissors in your handbag. This is incase you need to remove the tape from your man clitty if you need the bathroom.


Next stage is to build up your body so it looks feminine if you have not go curves or an hourglass figure like some women. You can purchase realistic, fantastic items from that you put on that make your body female looking. It’s entirely up to you and your budget. They have sale items and also gift cards and I will buy some items from them in the future. I use foam to cut out shaping hip and bum pads. Look on YouTube and there are loads of videos showing you how to do this. After I tuck I cut out molding hip and bum pads, then hold them in place wearing a pair of nude pantyhose. I then slowly put on another pair of nude pantyhose to make sure they are super secure. For breasts, Roanyer do reasonable deals and very realistic. I have used bird seed or rice in cut down pantyhose legs but nothing beats wearing realistic breasts from Roanyer. They look real, feel real and move real, worth every penny to invest in. You can also buy realistic female masks and with a nice female wig of your choice you will look like a real woman. Making sure you apply makeup to your face first and you can also apply it the mask as well. There is a video on the site to help you. I have makeup skills and contouring skills to transform your whole face.


I will speak soon about makeup and dressing skills in my next article till then take care and be happy as a new girl.

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