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Looking Hot In Your Femme Photos As An MTF Crossdresser

As MTF crossdressers, when taking a femme photo, we sometimes forget about the many things that make us unique and gorgeous. Instead, we focus on things like facial features or body types that might not be our most flattering. Make sure to highlight your favorite features in your photos instead of focusing on what you don’t like about yourself.


1-Looking Hot In Your Femme Photos As An MTF Crossdresser


Quite often, as MTF crossdressers, we get frustrated with how we look in our femme photos. We see all these gorgeous models online and in magazines and wonder why we can’t look that good. The simple answer is: we can! Just because we don’t have the “right” body type or features doesn’t mean we can’t look just as amazing as any woman out there.


Below, I’ll walk you through the process of taking a hot femme photo from start to finish. And I’ll also drop you some tips on poses. Stay tuned.



1. It’s all about the lighting


The lighting is very important when taking a femme photo. If the light is too bright, you will look washed out and blushed in certain areas. Too dark, and you’ll look blown out (over-corrected) or, even worse, like a gang member (too much contrast). If you want to take close-up photos, then make sure that there is enough light so that nothing is blurry. It also gives it a more professional touch as well.


When taking pics in dim lighting, always use flash to ensure that your face isn’t covered in shadows making for an unflattering picture. If you’re using a camera without in-built flash, consider investing in a small external flash unit for better results.


2-Looking Hot In Your Femme Photos As An MTF Crossdresser


However, if you are outside on a sunny day and using the built-in flash for your femme photo, it will reflect off the sun, making your photos too white. In this case, use a reflector (a large piece of white cardboard works as an inexpensive option) to bounce the light back onto your face, which will eliminate any too dark areas.


Finally, do a test shot before starting so that you can adjust anything if needed, like lighting or moving the camera slightly to frame correctly for best results.


2. Stabilizing and positioning your camera


Another important part of taking great pictures is properly stabilizing and positioning your camera. This can help you avoid blurry photos from shaky hands or just from not having it completely straight on the tripod.


Here are some tips for getting your camera positioned properly:


3-Looking Hot In Your Femme Photos As An MTF Crossdresser


  • If you are using a tripod, make sure that it is level and that the legs are completely extended. If it’s not level, then your photos will be crooked.
  • For close-up shots, position the camera so that the lens is about 1-2 feet away from your face. This will help avoid any distortion in the  femme photo.
  • If you are taking a picture of your whole body, make sure that the camera is positioned slightly above you.


3. Find the right angle for your face


The next step is finding the right angle for your face. This can be a little tricky, but once you find the perfect angle, it will make all the difference in your crossdressing photos.


The tips below will help you capture the right angle for your face:



4-Looking Hot In Your Femme Photos As An MTF Crossdresser


If you have a double chin, tilt your head up slightly and extend your neck to avoid it in the photo.


To avoid looking too round in the face, don’t have the camera positioned directly in front of you.


If you want to accentuate your cheekbones, then tilt your head down slightly and look up at the camera.


4. Adjusting your body angle


5-Looking Hot In Your Femme Photos As An MTF Crossdresser


As crossdressers, our body angle is also important when taking photos. If you are standing, make sure that you are not facing the camera dead-on. Instead, turn your body so that you are at a slight angle to create a leaner, more flattering silhouette.


5. Finding your best side


In addition to finding the right angle for your face and body, it is also important to find your best side. This can take some experimenting as every crossdresser’s “best side” is different, but here are some tips for determining yours:


6-Looking Hot In Your Femme Photos As An MTF Crossdresser


If one of your ears sticks out more than the other, then make sure that you turn towards the ear with less prominent sticking out. This will help avoid any strange angles or shadows in the photo.


If you want to accentuate your eyes, then try tilting your head slightly so that both eyes are visible in the photo.


To highlight your smile, turn your head slightly so that you are looking at the camera over one shoulder.


6. Watching your arms


7-Looking Hot In Your Femme Photos As An MTF Crossdresser


Your arms can also make or break a photo. If you want to look slimmer, then avoid keeping them close to your body, as this will make you look larger. Instead, hold them away from your body, or even better, extend one arm out and rest it on something like a chair or table. This will help to create a more slimming feminine effect.


7. Thinking pretty thoughts


Finally, don’t forget to think pretty thoughts! This may sound silly. However, if you’re thinking happy and confident thoughts, it will show in your photos. So relax and enjoy the process of taking your crossdressing photos!


8. Make use of filters


8-Looking Hot In Your Femme Photos As An MTF Crossdresser


There are lots of great filters that you can use to make your photos look even better. Some of my favorite filters are the “soften” filter and the “vintage” filter. These two filters can help to create a more flattering look in your photos.



To look good in your femme photos as a crossdresser, you don’t need to have a model’s body or face. Follow these tips to take amazing photos every time.


Start off by donning a killer outfit. Something that makes you feel confident and fabulous. Next, find the perfect location. A place with good lighting and a nice background. Then, strike a pose! Be fierce and own it. Lastly, don’t forget to smile. A genuine smile is always the best accessory.


With these tips in mind, you’re sure to take amazing femme photos as a closet queen every time. So go out there and start snapping away! Don’t forget to share the photos too.



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