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Best Drag Clubs and Parties in Buenos Aires

Hello, lovelies! Life seems to be returning to normality, as do so travels. Because of it, we are working on an exhaustive list of the best experiences aimed at crossdressers beyond the border! In today’s post, we are going to be talking about the best drag and crossdressing bars in Argentina!


Best Drag Clubs and Parties in Buenos Aires

All of South America seems to be an exotic place to travel to. Surprisingly enough, it is one of the most welcoming and cheap continents in the world. Argentina has always been a friendly country for all cultures and the drag scene is no exception! Keep reading to learn what you can expect from your visit to this country!




A Friendly Place for Everyone


Best Drag Clubs and Parties in Buenos Aires


Despite the popular idea of being a racist country full of bigots, the reality is way far from it. Argentina is the first Latin American country to legalize same-sex marriage in 2010. People there don’t make a fuss when meeting someone. LGBT+ scene is pretty huge near the big cities, in particular in Buenos Aires which is not only the largest but also the capital city of the country. Like all big urban areas in the world, you should avoid shady neighborhoods after dark, but in general, you won’t have troubles of any kind with the locals if you are not looking for one. Argentina is a multicultural country and your stay here will surely be a fun one! Trans rights are a thing there and people are very tolerant. You can go out en-femme and rest assured you will find yourself more comfortable than in your own home!


Trabestia Club


Best Drag Clubs and Parties in Buenos Aires


Make-over services aimed specifically at crossdressers are not as common there as in other countries. Most beauty shops will treat every customer the same! On the other hand, there are many quality drag clubs that you should know of! Trabestia, a wordplay on the Spanish word for crossdresser, is one of these places. Trabestia is more like a “traveling party” that holds frequent events at different venues in Buenos Aires.


Best Drag Clubs and Parties in Buenos Aires


At a drag-queen party like a few, you will find yourself enjoying the music with the local crossdressing scene. These parties that are every two-to-three months usually have a dress code appropriate for the time of year. A space built by and for drags, you will find a warm welcome at this party.


Namunkura Club


Best Drag Clubs and Parties in Buenos Aires


There are not many other spots in Buenos Aires where you can find exotic outfits as here. With a whopping fifteen years in the business, Namunkura is a must in your night tour. Since 2005 this club has been a classic and the place to be for the LGBT+ community.


Best Drag Clubs and Parties in Buenos Aires


In the heart of the financial district of Buenos Aires, you find a great opportunity to dress up to the nines and dance the night away! Namunkura is a friendly place where you will be dazzled by the elegance of the locals! Great drinks, DJs, and a safe space where you can feel free to express yourself. If you are looking for a dark room with lots of fun people to meet at the night, then you can miss it out!


Club 69


Best Drag Clubs and Parties in Buenos Aires


Club 69 is a drag party that takes place at Niceto Club every Thursday night that welcomes everyone. In one of the nicest neighborhoods of Buenos Aires, this party has become a symbol for the community. You can listen to House and Techno mostly, surrounded by a friendly atmosphere. I’ve been to more than one of these parties and believe me when I say it was one of the most amazing nights of my life. A celebration of the drag lifestyle, these queens will have you not only laughing but also drooling all night long! If you are into the nightlife and great shows, don’t miss the opportunity to know about this amazing party! Follow their Instagram and contact them to know when the upcoming event is!




Best Drag Clubs and Parties in Buenos Aires


Very much like Trabestia, Missa is a party that hosts events at different locations. In the words of the initial creators of Missa, music works as a union between the public where no stereotypes or tradition exists. In this inclusive party that welcomes everyone, you can expect to find DJs playing all through the night ‘til late hours in the morning! You can find on their website and social networks all the info to get in contact with them. This is one hell of a party where everyone is looking for a good time, so don’t expect to find any less.


There are many drag clubs and welcoming parties for everyone in this beautiful and inclusive city. Even the son of the president is a drag queen and recurring act in Club 69! You don’t have to believe me, you can check for yourself her Instagram page. If you don’t have a flamboyant and lousy ambiance, most bars won’t have trouble welcoming you however you decide to dress. The great news for tourists is that Argentina is a very cheap country to visit and very friendly. I enjoyed all the nights I spent in Buenos Aires! Hope you do too!


Written by Tina Munova.

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