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How do you Tuck Step-By-Step?


If you’ve ever wondered what’s the best way to tuck,  this comprehensive guide is for you.




Dive into our step-by-step tucking techniques now!



All About Tucking




Tucking is the practice of arranging and positioning the male genitalia.


Why? So that they’re not externally visible.


This is a technique commonly used by crossdressers and those transitioning from male to female (MtF).


This might sound intimidating, especially if you’re a newbie.


But it’s a skill you’ll learn when you continue to partner patience with practice.


But is tucking really such a big deal? For those in the crossdressing and transgender community – yes, it is.


Preparing to Tuck




Tucking involves your genitalia. It means you need hygiene and cleanliness at the top of your priority list.


A. Thoroughly, and we mean thoroughly, clean your genital area. Experts in this field recommend mild soap – one that’s also hypoallergenic.


Warm water is also the best choice.


Doing this will eliminate bacteria without being harsh on the skin.


B. Get to trimming your pubic hair – or not. The choice will be yours.


We’re just saying that it’s easier when you’re not bushy down there.


A shaven or at least a well-trimmed area will give you a smoother tuck, too.


Use a razor or an electric trimmer and be very, very careful to avoid nicks.


C. Rinse everything off with warm water. Then pat with a clean towel.


Choosing the Right Tucking Method


Many methods are available for you, still, know that each comes with its cons and pros.


The Basic Tuck




This involves pushing the testicles up into the inguinal canals. Okay, that’s a medical term that most don’t know.


So what is it? Simply, it’s the space on the top/sides of your penis. Then, you pull the penis back, between your legs.


Doing this is simple, requires no special anything, and is perfect for clothes that already hide any bulge.


The Gaff


using the gaff


If you’re for some special underwear, then invest in some gaffs. They are special undergarments dedicated to holding everything in place.


Some even come with a designed camel toe. It’s great when you wear tight clothes as it promises a smooth outline.


The Tape Method


Tape method 


Like what its name suggests, this one involves medical tape. For what? To hold everything in place, too.


This is crossdressers’ and MtF’s go-to as this method works for any kind of clothing. Know though, that this one can be time-consuming.


To be sure, try to use a small amount of tape on your skin first to check if you’re prone to any irritation.


These three are your best bet when tucking – but they are in no way, the only right way of tucking.


You know your body best and what works for others may not translate well with you.


Be open to experimenting with what methods you find the most comfortable and easiest to deal with.


Step-by-Step Tucking Guide


tucking step


How do you know if you’ve done your tucking right? You should not feel any pain. You may be uncomfortable at first, as it’s normal.


But persistent pain? That isn’t. Don’t be worried too much though. Practice, practice, practice and you’ll be good at this.


hide your dick 


Find Your Comfort Zone


You should be the most relaxed when you start this process. And so, being in your room might be the best.


If you live with others, make sure your door is locked so you won’t have any distractions.


Close the windows and the curtains too for privacy.


Stand in front of a mirror, the bigger one, the better.


Take your time. With clean hands, touch around to what feels right for you.


Be at ease and the process will be easier.


The Tuck


Gently, pull your testes up to the sides of your penis. Remember the inguinal canals?


Take it slow. It’ll be weird at first, but you’ll get the hang of it for sure. What if your balls get stuck there?


They won’t. Gravity will prove you worry for nothing.


hide your penis


Hold It in Place


Now that your testicles are tucked, shift your attention to your legs.


Pull it between your legs. It will be tricky, but you are patient and the result will be worth it.


Secure with Tape or Gaff


Now, use your gaff or medical tape. Gaffs you can easily just wear, but what about the tape?


When using tape, the area should not have any oils or lotions. Cut the tape beforehand for thee desired length you’ll need.


This is so you won’t fidget around when you’re in the middle of tucking.


For a secure tuck, you can start taping from your lower abdomen, over to your penis, and your bum.


You can secure other areas you feel the need to.




Check Your Work


Use the mirror again for this step. The front should look smooth – there should be no bulge in sight.


Adjust until you feel satisfied with what you’re feeling and seeing. What if the tuck becomes undone or you feel discomfort?


You can try another way or focus on easier tucking methods.


It’s also important to note that you should let your body have a rest and don’t tuck every single day.


Maintaining Comfort and Safety




You might think that aesthetics is the primary focus of tucking. No, it is not.


Your comfort and safety remain to be the highest priority when you decide to tuck.


As a MtF crossdresser, you should be sensitive to the cues your body is hinting you.


Never do any over-tightening.


Never ignore any discomfort or pain. You might think “It will pass,” but this is a dangerous notion.


Unfortunately, tucking carries certain risks. You may endure chafing at best and circulation issues at worst.


This doesn’t mean you can’t prevent these from happening.




Regularly apply moisturizer to your skin.


Take breaks to let your genitalia breathe.


This is a non-negotiable.


When there’s any problem, do not panic.


Seek medical advice and have a frank conversation with a professional.


Clothing Choices for a Flawless Tuck


In this regard, clothing takes center attention. Knowing how to dress to highlight and hide certain areas is an art. Much like having a seamless tuck.


tucking clothes


For a feminine, sleek silhouette when you’re tucked, try pencil skirts, slim-fit pants, and bodycon dresses.


Here’s an idea: A high-waisted skirt paired with a tucked-in blouse. Note though, that form-fitting is not the same as skin-tight.


Soft, stretchy fabrics adapt to your body shape. They also offer a smoother appearance. Go for cotton and spandex-blends in this case.


For undergarments, aside from gaff or specialized ideas, a good pair of compression shorts can work wonders to keep your tuck for longer.




hide your genitals 


Your tuck doesn’t only complement a femme silhouette.


Tucking is a big part of your presentation, yes, but it isn’t just all about that. It’s feeling comfortable in your journey.


It’s discovering new aspects of yourself.


Patience and continuous practice are your new companion when tucking.


Don’t worry if you don’t get it right the first few times.


You won’t achieve perfection overnight.


The key is in the balance to tuck without feeling limited in your movement.


So, take your time, listen to your body, and enjoy.


Remember, whether you tuck or not – you’re fabulous just the way you are!


FAQs about Tucking


tucking for beginners


How long is it safe to tuck?


It varies per person – but never tuck more than 8 hours.


Frequent breaks are critical to let your body rest.


Tucking may feel weird at times, but it should never cause pain.


Always pick up cues from your body to know how to proceed.


What are the alternatives to tucking?


Aside from deciding to dress in oversized clothing or flowy dresses and skirts, you can opt for control-top pantyhose or shapewear.


These garments have built-in support.


They can compress and streamline your figure. Padded underwear can create an illusion of a more feminine shape as well.


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  1. I have been tucked continuously for at least 7 years. No pain, no discomfort.

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