Top 10 Femboy Anime And Crossdressing Characters



Top 10 Femboy Anime And Crossdressing Characters


Femboys are getting widespread recognition all around the world and are becoming part of mainstream pop culture.

Whether it’s entertainment, gaming, or fashion, we can easily find femboys.

For those of you who don’t know what a femboy is, here’s the simplest meaning for you.

Femboy is just a slang term used for boys, typically under 30, who embrace femininity and sissy

soft expressions irrespective of their biological sex. Now, don’t confuse it with crossdressing because

femboys are emerging diverse subcultures that mainly exist online, now spreading offline too,

and crossdressing is men dressing as women to express themselves.

Yes, it’s almost similar; we can say that femboy expression is one aspect of crossdressing.

People started calling us femboys as a derogatory term, but we embraced it like true divas,

and now it signifies a positive gender expression, challenging traditional norms.

Femboys often exhibit feminine mannerisms, attire, and behaviors, blurring gender boundaries.



Femboys in Anime


Top 10 Femboy Anime And Crossdressing Characters 


In the world of anime, femboys inject vibrant diversity into character dynamics,

challenging conventional gender roles.

There are so many beautiful femboy characters written that normalize this trend,

entertaining audiences with their youthful demeanor and feminine charm.

These characters are so much adored by people that femboy characters have become

a norm in the anime universe, breaking stereotypes and expanding the spectrum of gender representation.


Here are my top ten femboy anime characters:


Nagisa Shiota – Assassination Classroom


Top 10 Femboy Anime And Crossdressing Characters 


Nagisa Shiota from Assassination Classroom has a petite frame and long hair with

androgynous styling and a soft feminine demeanor, which is why he is often mistaken for a girl.

His feminine-looking azure eyes and silky blue hair make him even cuter.

However, in the show, he actually is a deadly assassin behind this sweet, girly appearance.


Top 10 Femboy Anime And Crossdressing Characters 


His reserved nature belies keen observation skills, every so often compiling notes on his surroundings.

Nagisa has a rather passive nature at most times, partly due to his mother’s abuse and insistence

on maintaining his long hair, but his caring and brave identity remains.


Rimuru Tempest – That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime


Top 10 Femboy Anime And Crossdressing Characters 


Rimuru Tempest from That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime is a very unique character.

Rimuru is basically a genderless monster made of slime that can mimic anyone.

In this anime series, this slime monster absorbed Chloe Aubert’s body, who is a female protagonist in the show.

Their human appearance looks like Chloe’s, and their slime abilities allow

them to shift genders effortlessly – though they prefer to remain non-binary.

Rimuru likes expressing themselves femininely and enjoys wearing tight clothes to look like a young, sassy girl.

Fans of Rimuru are attracted to their captivating, mysterious, yet friendly personality.


Najimi Osana – Komi Can’t Communicate


Top 10 Femboy Anime And Crossdressing Characters 


Najimi Osana from Komi Can’t Communicate has a very mysterious and charming feminine personality.

With exceptional feminine speaking style and a very attractive androgynous fashion, Najimi Osana intrigues

and captivates both characters and fans alike. Even in the show, Najimi Osana is shown as someone

bridging gender gaps among classmates, representing the LGBTQ community as a femboy character.

Their gender in the show is not revealed; however, because of their feminine behavior, petite stature,

and girly fashion sense, fans like me believe that, yes, they’re one of us, a femboy.

By the way, Najimi Osana has a great part in the show, and their character actually contributes

to the storyline, making it much more interesting and complicated.


Gowther – The Seven Deadly Sins


Top 10 Femboy Anime And Crossdressing Characters 


Gowther, the Goat’s Sin of Lust from The Seven Deadly Sins, is definitely everyone’s favorite

femboy if anyone has seen that show. If you haven’t, you should check it out now.

I mean, the way Gowther has been made is so sexy and phenomenal.

He has the most beautiful feminine costumes, an amazingly sexy slender physique, and ultra-delicate features.

Gowther has everything to be the best-looking anime femboy character.

In the show, he is shown as a very cunning person who often shows fake feminine

emotions and is usually quite airheaded. According to the lore of the show, Gowther was created

as a doll by a powerful wizard, which is why his appearance reflects his creator’s old lover.

With a delicate face, long hair, and a sexy feminine physique, he makes a perfect blend of femininity and androgyny.


Ritsu Sohma – Fruits Basket


Ritsu Sohma – Fruits Basket 


Ritsu Sohma from the anime series Fruits Basket is such pure bliss when I watch him being a femboy myself.

I mean, with his radiant fair skin and silky peach-colored hair flowing down below his shoulders,

Ritsu exudes femininity and nothing else. Just like many of us, Ritsu is shown as someone who is

born as a boy but feels comfy being a girl.


Ritsu Sohma – Fruits Basket 


He likes wearing women’s dresses and is often shown wearing a kimono, for which he also gets bullied and trolled.

The anime showcases Ritsu’s journey of self-acceptance and gaining confidence as a femboy.

It shows how this young boy struggles with self-esteem and identity and ultimately finds confidence and genuineness in his true identity.


Titus Alexius – Magi: The Labyrinth Of Magic series


Titus Alexius – Magi: The Labyrinth Of Magic series


Titus Alexius from Magi: The Labyrinth Of Magic has very girly features like a high-pitched voice

and delicate behavior, which is why he is often mistaken for a girl in the show.

Despite being biologically male, Titus likes being feminine and expresses his femininity by dressing and behaving womanly.

With his soft voice and graceful movements, Titus initially had a very sassy, arrogant demeanor,

though he later reveals a compassionate and youthful heart.


Hideri Kanzaki – Blend S


Hideri Kanzaki – Blend S 


Hideri Kanzaki, from the anime Blend S, is a beautiful young boy who aspires to be a

glamorous model despite coming from a traditional family of farmers.

Basically, he is one of us, babes. He likes dressing feminine and deliberately tries to speak in a very girly tone,

which aligns with his true identity as a femboy. In the show, it’s shown that Hideri always dreams

about escaping from his regular life. He likes to charm people with his adorable feminine looks while working at Cafe Stile.


Haku – Naruto


Top 10 Femboy Anime And Crossdressing Characters 


Haku appeared in one of the most popular anime series, Naruto, as a minor antagonist and a disciple of Zabuza Momochi.

Haku has a very androgynous style and feminine demeanor.

Even Naruto fell for Haku at one point in the series because of his incredibly feminine beauty and serene behavior.

Despite being all feminine and delicate, Haku possesses amazing battle skills in the show.

Although he doesn’t like to fight, he embraces more femininity rather than being lethal and tough.


Felix Argyle – Re: Zero


Top 10 Femboy Anime And Crossdressing Characters 


Felix Argyle in Re: Zero is mistaken for a girl because of his cat-like features and extremely sexy gowns and feminine clothes.

Although Felix Argyle is revered as a knight in the series, along with effortless, feminine beauty,

Felix is shown as a resilient spirit who is loyal to his duties and fiercely protective of his comrades.

Felix embraces femininity like a total diva. I mean, I totally love this character being a femboy.

The sheer feminine beauty—oh my gosh, I just adore this boy in sexy gowns. I am going to cosplay Felix this year.


Hime Arikawa – Himegoto


Top 10 Femboy Anime And Crossdressing Characters 


Ok, so this show has probably the most interesting storyline.

The main character, Hime Arikawa, grew up with parents going through financial hardships and lots of debt.

To repay the debt, Hime’s parents made him crossdress as a girl from a very young age.

Hmm, a dream of most of us, isn’t it? To help his parents come out of poverty and repay their debt,

Hime has to attend school as a girl. I must say, this show is full of entertainment.

Hime has to go through a lot of comedy of errors to make things work out as a girl.




Hime Arikawa 


So this was it, girlies. This was my top 10 list of femboy anime characters, which I found incredibly beautiful and pure bliss to watch.

Some of these characters play important parts in the stories, and some are just there as eye candy so that girls like us can fulfill our fantasies.

Whatever it is, one thing is for sure: you will get a lot of entertainment from these femboy anime characters being

crossdressers and femboys because that’s what we love, right?

Boys in dresses and makeup, all dolled up.


Let me know who your top 10 femboy anime characters are by commenting down below.

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