The 10 Best Queer Series to Binge-Watch During Happy Pride Month





It’s that colorful and fabulous time of year again— Happy Pride Month! Girl, every June, I get totally hyped about all the parades and just feeling all that love and unity in the air. But though all of these festivities make Pride awesome, there’s something magical about kickin’ back and bingin’ queer series. I love watching these shows that represent our stories, struggles, and joys. What a joy it is that in the year 2024, we have more queer things on TV. There’s SO much more out there than just a few years ago. Representation matters, and it’s amazing to see our stories told in different ways. Speaking of visibility, we should support by watching these shows you know? So these media outlets know they’re marketable and good for business! I mean, capitalism sucks, but hey, it works. We just have to make do with the cards we’re dealt. So, I’ll share with you my most fave queer series.



Historic Treasure: 2018 “Pose”




Oh my gosh, if you haven’t seen “Pose” yet, you are seriously missing out! Especially in your Happy Pride Month celebrations!


This series takes place in the late ’80s (to early ’90s) NYC and just dives into the ball culture world (with a great splash of gay and trans creativity).


I gotta say, it’s one of the most groundbreaking series that have, not just the Rainbow folks watching, but also the straights. ‘Cause the drama and the fashion are just top-notch! * Chef’s kiss *


For its setting, Pose is actually very progressive. It mainly centers around LGBTQ+ people of color and their chosen families. You know what I mean when I say “chosen.” It doesn’t have to be a blood family that supports you after all!




I remember the first time I watched “Pose,” I was totally hooked. Everything was just… so real and raw. It’s like you’re getting a peek into a part of history that was buried for way too long.


The characters are real members of the community too. Elektra Abundance (later Wintour, then  Evangelista) was played by the Black transwoman Dominique Jackson. Another trans is my fave Blanca.


There are a lot more, like Pray Tell and Angel.


Oh, but lemme warn you — expect to be on an emotional rollercoaster. You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, your heart will shatter, your heart will sing.


But in NYC 80s to 90s where HIV is also rampant, the show does a killer job of showing the strength of the still-shunned community back then!


Relatable Youth: 2020 “Love, Victor”




Love, Victor” is about high school kid Victor and his life journey — pretty common coming-of-age story, huh? But unlike other queerbaiting shows, this one’s anchored in actual teen gay shenanigans.


As it’s rated PG-13 (language and underage drinking), it’s an excellent beginner story for youths trying to learn more about their sexuality.


Some forums call it a “gay show for straight people.” I think it’ll depend on how you view it. I mean, though we’re celebrating Happy Pride Month, we can’t just stray away from straights even in real life.


Plus, not everyone we meet will be circled with gay men and other queers. As queer teenagers are exploring their sexuality, so are their cis friends.


I think these simultaneous experiences shouldn’t mark Love, Victor, as another queerbaiting show.


In reality, there are only about 7.6% who identify as LGBTQ+, so it’s only fact-based that the show has more hetero people.


Is it only for the young people? Of course not! Older queers will remember their youth when watching this show.


Whether it’s the confusion of “feeling something you shouldn’t” or the sweetness of first crushes, first kiss, and other firsts.


So, if you plan to watch shows with a teen queer in the group, I recommend Love, Victor!


Family Dynamics: 2013 “The Fosters”


I’m not big on parent-and-kids’ friendly shows since I live alone and can binge whatever I please.


But I watched The Fosters last year as part of my Happy Pride Month schedule and well, let’s just say that when my parents visit me next, I’ll make sure to put this series on play.


family dynamics


With two moms and a bunch of biological, adopted, and fostered kids, The Fosters deserves a high spot on my queer series list.


Though there can be more improvements, like talking about other sexualities like pan, bi, etc., it’s still a pretty good show for something that was made more than a decade ago.


There are already many stuff we go through as queers, but being gay (or bi, or lesbian, or others) doesn’t mean we can pause on dealing with other very real-life issues.


Especially our family dynamics. Though every family is different, The Fosters gives a sneak peek at the possible complexities queers might be ready for.


Plus hey, if you really want something to binge, this show has 5 seasons to keep you company for a long while!


Comedy Gold: 2015 “Schitt’s Creek”(Schitt’$ Creek)


Schitt’$ Creek is a series I wish I hadn’t watched yet just so I can experience it again for the first time.


It’s about this super-rich family, the Roses, who lose everything and end up living in a run-down town they once bought as a joke.


Old superstars as parents and spoiled children — what can go wrong, right?


comedy gold


But here’s the best part – the show is super queer-friendly. David Rose, played by Dan Levy, is “obviously gay” as he said in an interview.


In Schitt’$ Creek, he identifies as pansexual. I’ll be honest with you here — there are many queer shows who show toxic relationships to keep couples together.


But in Schitt’$ Creek? It’s one of the shows with a consistent positive spin on queer couples. I’m especially feeling fuzzy about David and Patrick.


If you want positive vibes during your Happy Pride Month party, you can’t skip this.


But what I love most is how the show just treats queerness as something, normal — no drama, no big coming-out scenes, no long preaches about sexuality.


It’s just part of the characters’ lives. Because how can we normalize something if it’s not treated as something normal?


Supernatural Stories: 2018 “The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina”


At first Google search, The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina might look like your typical horror show with a white, blonde witch.


But if you really watch the show, it won’t take you long to realize that Sabina has a whole world filled with queers — a trans friend, a pansexual cousin, and other not-so-openly LGBTQ+ folks.


The chilling


I was suspect when I first heard of an original Netflix show pulling many of my queer friends in. So I had to check the show myself.


CAOS isn’t just about witches and magic, it also shows natural and respectful treatment of nonbinary gender standards.


Their characters aren’t just there — their storylines are fully utilized and developed.




If you’re gonna dive into this series, expect tons of supernatural battles, teenage angst (duh), and a whole lotta queer-friendly vibes.


It’s a rollercoasterin’ spooky, remarkable ride you’re definitely not gonna want to miss. And hey, watching shows like this is sorta like a celebration of all things queer, making it perfect for Pride Month!


Adult Themes: 2015 “Sense8”




If you’re looking for something more explicit, Sense8 IS your show. It has a lotta violence and lotsa queer sex. I mean, there are even (tasteful) orgies, so it’s definitely not something you should watch on an 86-inch TV screen in full volume.


Sense 8


This sci-fi drama series tells the story of eight strangers from all around the world who suddenly become mentally and emotionally linked.


It’s cool, wild, and will boggle your mind. It’s not as gloomy or confusing as other escapism tales.


Sense8 features a recognizable world with a secret, underground group. The goal of the show is “empathy across difference,” as its creators said.


Sense8’s cast is also officially queer. Jamie Clayton is one of the most influential trans actresses of this time. She was also awarded the 2011 Out 100 Awards.


She played one of the leads in Sense8, Nomi Marks. Amanita, her partner, is a Black bisexual woman. Another is Miguel Ángel Silvestre, though assumed to be straight, played the gay character Lito Rodriguez very well.


Groundbreaking Animation:2013 “Steven Universe”


Goofy and heroic Steven is half-human and half-Gem (these cool warrior alien beings). His show (cause it’s his universe) revolves around Steven’s adventures with his Gem family as they protect Earth from all sorts of baddies.




This cartoon is a nice watch just for the fun of it. But when it comes to representation, it has a ton. Just the Gems, for instance, who project humanoid women forms, are confirmed to be nonbinary women.


I mean, biologically, they’re sexless (the magic of animation, I tell you!)




My fave queer character is probably Garnet (one of the main Gems). Garnet’s actually a fusion of two female-presenting Gems, Ruby and Sapphire, and they’re basically a couple.


Their relationship is openly shown as loving and supportive. Then there’s Pearl, who’s got this deep, kinda heartbreaking love for Steven’s mom, Rose Quartz.  Overall, it’s just a nice series that shows the fluidity of gender!


Heartfelt Drama: 2000 “Queer as Folk”


This one’s pretty old for a queer show. But the fact that Queer as Folk ran in 2000, where people are still comfortable being outwardly homophobic, is already amazing!


Just as what you expect from the title, the series is all about a group of LGBTQ+ friends and their lives — love lives, heartaches, and everything in between.


Queer as folk


It’s real and honest about the LGBTQ+ experience. It doesn’t sugarcoat things — which I love. Cause being queer isn’t easy. It shows the good, the tough, and the bad.


It’s a good wakeup call, you know? Cause some shows tend to make the “queer experience” seem like a walk in the park.


If you really want a whole main cast with queer characters, Queer as Folk won’t let you down. There’s cool and secretly wild Brian, sweet Michael, rebel Justin, flamboyant Emmet, and so many more.


It’s more centered on the serious issues and milestones of being queer, such as coming out, gay marriage, and HIV/AIDS.


Sci-Fi Delight: 2015 “The Expanse”


Aight, for those who are into Star Trek, let me introduce you to The Expanse! Initially, the show had more queer men, but after Amazon saved the series, it added more queer women as fans demanded.


Never thought I’d ever thank Bezos for liking a series, but thanks, Bezos!


sci fi delight


Like most sci-fi, The Expanse is set in the future where Earthlings have colonized the Solar System.


A group is set to find pansexual Julie Andromeda Mao. There are these big political tensions between Earth, Mars, and the Asteroid Belt, and it all goes kinda haywire.


You got rockets, space battles, and all that cool stuff, which is super fun to watch.


It’s really freakin’ awesome to put queer characters without focusing too much on their queerness. They’re just normal butt-kickin galactic warriors, and their sexuality doesn’t have much to do with that.


But still, the show did a great job at showing instances of how their non-binary sexuality influences their characters.


Dark Humor: 2019 “Dead to Me”


desd to me


Queers love to laugh and cry, or maybe it’s just me? Either way, Dead to Me is a good series to do both! It’s the perfect mix of dark humor and drama that’ll keep you on your toes or in stitches, or both, at the same time.


The story kicks off with Jen, who’s trying to get over her husband’s death by finding out who hit him and ran from the scene of the crime. She ends up meeting Judy at a grief support group.


Though they have polar opposite personalities, they become fast friends. But everyone’s got secrets, and Judy’s got a biggie!


In the first season of the series, there are lots of questions if Dead to Me is worth the hype. In season 2, the hype was all worth it! Though it’s not the first couple you’ll assume it to be so — watch it! I won’t give any more spoilers!


If you decide to watch “Dead to Me,” here’s what you can expect: lots of twists and cliffhangers, some real heartfelt moments, and laughs — it’s dark humor after all!


The chemistry between Jen and Judy is killer, and the show’s got this knack for balancing humor with more serious stuff like grief and guilt. Oh, and a bit of murder mystery too, just to keep things spicy.






Watching queer movies and series during Pride Month isn’t just about passing time. It’s a celebration of my and your stories — the struggles and victories.


So let’s raise our remote controls and press play into these amazing narratives. Trust me, you’ll learn a lot and have a ton of fun. Happy Pride Month, queers!

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