How to Celebrate International Transgender Day of Visibility


International Transgender Day of Visibility is an annual event known to celebrate transgender men and women and raise awareness about gender diversity in our society.

This celebration also raises awareness of the difficulties and discrimination faced by trans people every day and highlights the victories and courageous things that transgender individuals have done.


Celebrate International Transgender Day of Visibility


Transgender Day of Visibility is celebrated internationally every year on March 31 to give trans voices a global stage.

Despite it being a celebration for transgender people, everyone, including men, women, and crossdressers, can also participate in these events.

Let’s understand everything about transgender day of Visibility, like it’s history, celebration, and things to do on Transgender Day of Visibility.



History of Transgender Day of Visibility


Celebrate International Transgender Day of Visibility 


Trans history is very rich and goes way back in time. Transgender people have always been part of society for a long time.

There is evidence of transgender identities dating back to 5000 B.C. Unlike today, where the trans community is often targeted by transphobic internet culture,

back in the day, trans identities were celebrated.

To protect trans people from this discrimination and misleading media coverage, Transgender Day of Visibility was created by trans activist Rachel Crandall.


Celebrate International Transgender Day of Visibility 


The idea behind creating Transgender Day of Visibility is to celebrate the trans community and the accomplishments and contributions they have made to the world.

Transgender Day of Visibility is a day of trans pride, gender diversity, inclusivity, justice, and liberation.

The celebration was started back in 2009, and now it’s a worldwide phenomenon.

In 2021, the Biden administration became the first to issue a proclamation commemorating Trans Day of Visibility.


How to Celebrate Trans Day of Visibility


Celebrate International Transgender Day of Visibility 


As crossdressers, we can celebrate Trans Visibility Day anywhere and anytime. We can dress up and become part of the trans community.

A great way to spread joy is by following some incredible trans creators.

There are many trans creators documenting their journeys on TikTok and Instagram; we can follow them and interact with their content by showing our support.

Besides that, we can also organize screening events of trans TV shows and movies with our friends.


6 Things To Do on Transgender Day of Visibility


Visiting Local Transgender Day of Visibility Events


Celebrate International Transgender Day of Visibility 


Last year, I celebrated Transgender Visibility Day with my crossdressing friends, and we’re planning to do the same this year.

On this day, the trans community and activists organize events, and we can show our participation by attending these events

in our local city and mingling with other trans folks.

Not only do these events create an inclusive environment, but they also offer an opportunity for people like us to feel more

empowered and safer as gender-diverse individuals in a cisgender-dominated society.

Trust me, honey, these events are like therapy for our feminine feelings as crossdressers.

One more thing: since this is a global event, we can also participate virtually by posting pictures

online using hashtags like #TDOV, #TransResistance, or #MoreThanVisibility, etc.


Learn About Trans History


Celebrate International Transgender Day of Visibility 


Learning about trans history is the best thing we can do on this auspicious day.

There are so many great achievements that our trans brothers and sisters have accomplished in the past.

To pay respect to them, and as a gesture of thank you, we can learn about trans history and feel empowered and proud of our identity.

Trans history is full of courageous individuals who have done some remarkable work for society and for the trans community.

Learning and spreading the rich trans history is the best way we can empower our transgender culture.


Supporting Transgender Organization


Celebrate International Transgender Day of Visibility 


Transgender communities and organizations are definitely more active and creating a lot of awareness about trans rights than ever before,

but many of these organizations are struggling financially as they receive very little support from the government.

Less than 10 percent of the grants go to LGBTQ+ organizations, which is very sad, but that’s the truth.


Celebrate International Transgender Day of Visibility 


Most trans organizations run on donations from people like us, the allies.

So, promise me this Transgender Visibility Day; you will find an organization led by trans people and show them support however you can.

You can use the internet to find transgender-led organizations.


Learn More about Trans Related Vocabulary


Celebrate International Transgender Day of Visibility 


It’s so sad that, to this date, people are still so uninformed and, in some places, intolerant of gender pronouns and trans-related vocabulary.

We encounter people like these every day around us who find it hard to understand, or maybe they are ignorant about using preferred gender pronouns.


trans living 


On International Transgender Day of Visibility, we can take a step forward to teach people trans-related vocabulary using social media or by hosting events in our local area.

We can raise awareness about the importance of using correct pronouns to cultivate a healthy society for our trans folks.

Not only that, honey, you see, trans vocabulary is always evolving, and it’s important to keep up with everything if we want to become supportive allies.

Here is a guide on advanced transgender vocabulary.


Make Women’s Spaces Encompassing of Trans Women


Celebrate International Transgender Day of Visibility


Nothing can make a trans woman feel happier than being made to feel feminine, part of women’s spaces and conversations.

This Trans Day of Visibility, if you have access to women’s spaces, make sure you are welcoming to trans women as well.

For example, ladies’ salons, clubs, shopping areas, etc., ensure that these spaces are not exclusionary of trans women.

Trans women crave to be part of these spaces and deserve the same respect and love as other women.


Celebrate Trans Lives


Celebrate International Transgender Day of Visibility 


The Transgender Day of Visibility celebration is meant to celebrate transgender individuals, so don’t forget to have fun while you are raising awareness and educating people.

Hang out with trans friends, host after-parties, etc.

In fact, while previous commemorations acknowledged transgender people who have died without recognition or acceptance,

Rachel Crandall transformed it into a day to celebrate their lives rather than keeping it solely as a day of solemn remembrance.


Things to Avoid on International Transgender Day of Visibility


Trans love 


Saying something transphobic, such as making derogatory comments about trans people or highlighting their mistakes, especially on this day, should be avoided.

Discussing influencers or showing support to individuals who express transphobic views is also highly discouraged.


Being ignorant about the diversity within the trans community is another point of caution.

The transgender community is incredibly diverse, encompassing individuals of various races, ethnicities, religions, and those at different stages of their transition.

Considering all this, we should strive to ensure everyone feels included and rise above our differences.


trans love 


Don’t out your trans friends. Some trans individuals prefer to remain closeted to feel safe and secure, so don’t pressure them to come out just because it’s Transgender Day of Visibility. The decision to come out as transgender is a significant one for any trans person and should be theirs alone.




trans living 


Trans Day of Visibility is a worldwide celebratory event for the accomplishments of trans people.

Every transgender individual should feel special and included in society on this special day.

Every trans girl or boy who thinks that they are different should be given the space and respect to present their most authentic selves unapologetically.

We, as crossdressers, can become part of this day by providing our support to our trans allies by participating with them.

It’s such a fantastic way to create awareness and raise the voice of the trans community by focusing on all the undeniable ways that their advocacy and joy make the world a better place.


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