Spring Black Friday Mega Sale: Create Your Dream Transformation with Roanyer



Spring Black Friday Mega Sale - Create Your Dream Transformation with Roanyer


Welcome spring in style with Roanyer’s Spring Black Friday Sale! Enjoy discounts on top of discounts of up to 15% from April 10 to 17 on our entire collection. Are you a seasoned pro? A newbie? No worries, we’ve got everything you need to take your style and self-expression to the next level!

Come and discover the real magic of our professional crossdressers’ collection! Transform your wardrobe, transform your life!



Spring Black Friday Mega Sale and Your Transformation


Spring Black Friday Mega Sale - Create Your Dream Transformation with Roanyer


Spring — the season of new renewal, growth, and transformation. If the world can do this yearly fascinating makeover, you should too! That’s why this Spring Black Friday Mega Sale is the perfect time to revamp your wardrobe. Explore and experiment with our high-quality items. There’s more — very affordable, no need to break the bank!


So, whether you’re looking to look more femme, emulate your favorite anime character, or simply splurge as a form of self-care, we got you!


Roanyer’s Top Picks


Spring Black Friday Mega Sale - Create Your Dream Transformation with Roanyer


We have an extensive collection, so we won’t fault you for hesitating which to put on your cart first. To help you get started, here’s a quick rundown of some of our top products:


Silicone Breast Forms



Drooling to have that realistic bounce, feel, and weight of a pair of boobies? Every crossdresser and MtF transgender needs at least one silicone breast form. At Roanyer, there’s a whole list to pick from. Pick the breast size. Choose the breast shape. There are even different wearability types to ensure your comfort!


Silicone Pregnant Belly


Spring Black Friday Mega Sale - Create Your Dream Transformation with Roanyer 


Experience the miracle of motherhood like never before! Our Silicone Pregnant Belly is perfect for those with pregnancy fetish, but it’s not made just for them!


It comes in 6 bump sizes, perfectly matching every stage of pregnancy. Opt for our exclusive pregnant line service for an extra touch of authenticity. You can say bye-bye to slipping and sliding as well — this belly stays securely in place.


Large Silicone Hip Pants


silicone hip pants


Who doesn’t covet effortlessly beautiful curves? With our Large Silicone Hip Pants, you’ll only bag the curves but appreciate the practicality that comes with it. They’re not only easy to wear because of their ultra-thin and high-elasticity design. These pants are also durable and come in 4 colors!


Silicone Hiding Gaff Pad


silicone gaff 

If you’re after the realistic visual and feel of what’s “down there,” you need our Silicone Hiding Gaff Pad. Handpick from 9 life-like designs and wear it with pride. This pad is so comfy and lightweight you’ll forget you have it on! Plus, it’s made with skin-friendly, super soft silicone that feels just like the real deal. Say hello to the most realistic “vagina” you’ll ever rock!


Tips for Creating Your Dream Transformation with Roanyer


Spring Black Friday Mega Sale - Create Your Dream Transformation with Roanyer 

Are you ready to celebrate your unique individuality? Let Roanyer help you stand out from the crowd.


Directly visit Roanyer’s website to access the sale. Shop around to find your favorite products at exclusive discounts. Take advantage of our Paypal’s Pay in 4 option, with zero interest and no impact on your credit score!


Check out our social media accounts for real-life customer testimonials. Roanyer’s blog also talks about the latest trends in the crossdressing community!


Got any feedback or questions? Feel free to email us at service@roanyer.com. We’re here to ensure your journey toward your dream transformation and self-expression is nothing short of spectacular!


Transform Your Closet, Transform Your Life!


Revamp your wardrobe with Roanyer’s Spring Black Friday event and celebrate your unique identity! Reveal your genuine self through pieces tailored that highlight your individuality. Let your wardrobe uplift your mood, boost your confidence, and transform your life for the better! With Roanyer, it’s possible.


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