5 Common Reasons Why MTF Crossdressers Want Big Boobs



5 Common Reasons Why MTF Crossdressers Want Big Boobs


When I was in my teens, during my early crossdressing days,

I always wished to have fuller and bigger boobs like my high school teacher Miss Rosie.

Yes, that’s a true story. Whenever I used to try on my mom’s bra,

I wished for a fuller appearance, just like any other teen girl.

In hindsight, I also knew that I would never grow big boobs and would have to rely on alternate methods.

But still, I couldn’t suppress my desires.

We, as crossdressers, want big boobs because boobs scream sexiness, cuteness, and, most importantly, femininity.

Big boobs can make us more passable as crossdressers and make feminine dresses look good on us.

In this blog, we are going to discuss everything about the allure of big boobs,

their pros and cons, and everything in between that crossdressers like you and me should know,

so let’s get started.



What are Big Boobs


5 Common Reasons Why MTF Crossdressers Want Big Boobs


Boobs come in all different sizes and shapes.

Big breasts have always been a desire for women and crossdressers who want to look like women.

Generally, big boobs are considered highly feminine, alluring, and attractive.

That’s why it is no surprise that cis women look for breast size augmentation methods,

and crossdressing girls like us look for Roanyer breast forms.


When it comes to what can be considered as big boobs, the standards haven’t changed much over time.

And all these boob standards stay true for crossdressers too.

So let’s talk about options available to crossdressers when it comes to big boobs.


5 Common Reasons Why MTF Crossdressers Want Big Boobs 


D Cups Breast Forms


The range of big boobs starts with D-cups.

These cute pairs of boobs are appropriate in size when it comes to the standard size of big boobs.

All I can say is these are highly attractive and look amazingly real on a crossdresser’s bosom.


E-Cup Breast Forms 


Typically, crossdressing men with broader chests or larger frames find E-Cup breast forms very suitable and sexy,

ensuring the forms fit comfortably and appear proportionate.

E-cup breast forms easily fit chests between 38 to 40 inches.


5 Common Reasons Why MTF Crossdressers Want Big Boobs 


F Cup Breast Forms


F-cup breast forms are hyper-feminine, big-size breast forms.

These F cup breast forms will fit chests from 38 to 45 inches, highly suitable for big-size

crossdressing men or someone who is exploring a pregnancy fetish.


G and H Cups Breast Forms


G and H cups breast forms are oversized breast forms usually preferred by drag queens.

Typically, G and H cups breast form weight ranges from 230 lbs – 250 lbs, with up to a 45-inch natural male chest.


5 Common Reasons Why MTF Crossdressers Want Big Boobs 


S, X, and Z Cups Breast Forms 


These breast forms are super large, beyond the realistic sizes suitable for many occasions,

such as cosplay events, drag performances, or pregnancy roleplays.

Plus-size crossdressers and sissies should prefer these extra-large breast forms to have a natural appearance.


Advantage of big boobs in crossdressing


Big Boobs are Feminine


5 Common Reasons Why MTF Crossdressers Want Big Boobs 


Big boobs mean femininity. Boobs are a sexual body part of a feminine body that distinguishes them from men.

Because of this fact, we are always attracted to having big boobs to look feminine.

A pair of big boobs, like Roanyer’s breast forms, takes us closer to our femininity and makes us look feminine like nothing else.

We can wear lingerie that fits perfectly, men look at us with different eyes,

Most importantly, we feel super confident in our appearance.


Big Boobs are Very Affirming for Crossdressers


5 Common Reasons Why MTF Crossdressers Want Big Boobs 


Bigger boobs give us a feminine appearance, and there is no doubt about that.

Putting on a pair of breast forms is such a gender-affirming act for crossdressers.

Most crossdressers who wear breast forms really don’t feel comfortable in their skin.

Small boobs and a flat chest sometimes trigger dysphoria for many crossdressers.

To get rid of this complex emotional turmoil and to look sexier, feminine,

and passable as crossdressers, a lot of us like to wear breast forms.


To Look More Attractive and Sexy


5 Common Reasons Why MTF Crossdressers Want Big Boobs 


As feminine people, we all want to look attractive and sexy, and big boobs fall under the criteria of being sexy and bold.

In fact, most men like crossdressers because we look like women.

This is a big advantage that big boobs have; they make us look sexier and more attractive.

After getting big boobs, most crossdressers feel more attractive and confident enough to date men.


To be More Successful in Their Line of Work


5 Common Reasons Why MTF Crossdressers Want Big Boobs 


It is no secret that big boobs are a quick hack to success because of their sheer allure.

Not only for women but for crossdressers and trans people also,

some lines of work demand an alluring and sultry appearance.

These works for crossdressers mostly involve drag performance, cosplaying, social media, etc.

For trans people, this can also involve working in porn or the escort business.

So, big boobs always provide an edge to crossdressers and trans girls.


For instance, “As a bartender, I know FOR SURE that we can make more tips on

nights when we wear breast forms with tighter and low-cut tops.

Men are dumb and generous when faced with my 36F breasts in a tank top.”


Clothes Fit Better


5 Common Reasons Why MTF Crossdressers Want Big Boobs 


Most of you will relate with me here; how many times have we bought

a beautiful feminine top, and it doesn’t fit well on the bosom, right?

I hear my crossdresser friends complain about how they can’t fill

out the top of their feminine shirts properly because of no boobs.

And the only solution is big boobs, like Roanyer breast forms.

Wearing Roanyer breast forms makes dresses look better;

the bosom looks extremely feminine and sexy in shirts and tops.

Believe it or not, honey, after I started wearing Roanyer breast forms,

filling out shirts was never really a problem for me.

Now I don’t have to worry about what size shirt would make my chest look better.


Toys for Your Guy


roanyer crossdressing 


If your partner is a boob guy, then your big boobs can be something extra for them to play with.

Trust me, boys who are into boobs love playing with them, and if your man is one of those guys,

then you should definitely buy extra-large silicone breast forms.


Cute Feminine Struggles of Big Boobs


5 Common Reasons Why MTF Crossdressers 


Walking and Running Grabs a lot of Eyeballs


This is a struggle that we all want, but also not too much.

Like, we want them to look at our big boobs, but at the same time, we want them to not be creepy.

Oh, the feminine urge to tell people, “My eyes are up here,” is so cute and feminine.

Usually, this happens when we go out in public while walking, running,

or just moving down the stairs; the legs might be in control, but those big breasts like to jiggle a lot.

I love it, to be honest, but also to a certain limit.


Say Bye to Push-up Bras


A push-up bra is a constant in every crossdresser’s closet, as is mine,

but ever since I bought big breast forms, sadly, I have stopped using my favorite push-up

bras because I don’t want too much attention on my boobs.

Not that I don’t like attention, but it does become annoying after a point of time, right?

After all, I am more than my boobs.


MTF Crossdressers 


Sometimes, We Wish to Take Them Off


That’s so true for us crossdressers that sometimes these breast

forms cause a lot of discomfort, and we just want to take them off.

First, these boobs sweat a lot, I mean a lot.

We need to allow our skin to breathe, or else it can be very embarrassing.

Another thing is, these cuties are so heavy and jiggly that sometimes this

blessing becomes a curse if worn for longer times.

We can’t stand upright with all that weight on our chest.

So yes, it’s a struggle, and sometimes it’s better to take them off.


Lost Food in Boobs


Sometimes dates can be very embarrassing when that popcorn

gets lost in your bra somewhere between those big boobs.

So whenever I am wearing big breast forms,

I stay extra careful not to drop my food while eating,

or else it’s pretty likely to get lost forever.


MTF Crossdressers 


The “Gap” Problem


Every crossdresser who wears large breast forms knows what I am talking about.

Button-down shirts can be difficult to wear with big-breasted forms.

I always have to be extra cautious about the size of the shirt and actually try it on

before buying it just to make sure I wouldn’t be flashing anyone my bra anytime soon.

As a crossdresser who likes wearing small-size tops and shirts, you can have a problem here.




5 Common Reasons Why MTF Crossdressers Want Big Boobs 


So today, we all learned everything about big boobs,

including why crossdressers and feminine men love having them,

the advantages and struggles of big boobs, and everything around it.

Make sure you embrace big boobs and avoid all the problems of bigger boobs.

I am sure once you get accustomed to bigger boobs, you will enjoy their allure.

Let me know in the comments which size of breast form you are buying for yourself.

Until then, slay!

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  1. For me, I mostly wear my X cups daily. They have the right fit to my body, but I do have H, Ask and Z as well. They’ve really helped me embrace my female self and with my transitioning have given me the confidence until I’m able to get actual breasts (well implants, but you get it).

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