How Do Transgender Women Get Breasts?


From everyday dealings such as wearing high heels, there are myriads of ways to enhance our femininity as transgender women.

However, having breasts has always been the most conventional way to express femininity and serve a gender-affirming role to us transgender women. So, how do transgender women get breasts? Here are some of the foolproof ways we can get breasts as a transgender woman.


How Do Transgender Women Get Breasts 


From simple hacks such as using make-up to imitate having breasts to significant choices such as breast surgeries, transgender women have myriads of choices if we are looking for ways to enhance our breast area to express our femininity.



Breast Forms


How Do Transgender Women Get Breasts 


When looking for ways to gender express ourselves,

we will opt for breast prostheses, also called breast forms,

which are a ubiquitous way to delve our breast senses into the womanly world.

One may ask, how do breast forms give transgender women breasts?

For starters, breast forms comprise a range of products inserted in the bra to give the bra a breast appearance aesthetic.

As a result, they also take the form of artificial breasts and are used to replace the breast parts,

such as nipples. It takes the shape of a breast, thus making us feel good in our skin and boosting our femininity.


How Do Transgender Women Get Breasts 


To get breasts through breast forms; we should always consider the

the material used and cup size for a more satisfactory experience.

Roanyer, for example, sells breast forms made of silicone, providing unbeatable comfort.

The product comes with nipple forms and a layer of

polyurethane that provides the movement and feel of natural breasts.

Thus, for us, one of the many ways to get breasts as transgender women is to try the Roanyer breast forms.


Silicone Padded Bra


How Do Transgender Women Get Breasts 


Other times, transgender women who yearn for breasts may not need to

purchase a breast form to create their breast confidence.

Instead, we can opt for a sought-after choice that will cleave

and bust out our chest area: the silicon-padded bras.

Silicone padded bras in which silicone cups adhere to bras come in various shapes and sizes,

such as the AURUZA Adhesive Bra and the Niidor Adhesive Bra Strapless,

which offer a strapless design unlike typical bras, giving us the freedom to wear backless dresses in optimum peace.

All while adding volume to our chests as transgender women with deep-seated desire for breasts.


How Do Transgender Women Get Breasts 


Other silicone bras with straps also enhance the bra area,

thus adding an attractive and proportional look to our chest area,

which is a fun way to get breasts as transgender women.

Thus, if we are looking for a padded bra that will give us a chest feminization effect, choose silicone padded bras.

These are crucial gems as they are not only comfortable for transgender women looking for breasts,

but they also add the desired breast volume any time, any day.

We can also rock those backless dresses with silicone padded bras, which is a bonus.


Cleavage Contouring Hack


How Do Transgender Women Get Breasts 


When all fails, sometimes the best way to enhance our boob appearance as transgender women

looking forward to getting breasts is to employ the enviable role of make-up contouring hacks to enhance cleavage and bust size.

To fulfill our desires to get breasts, we can often involve the use of simple products such as make-up.

All we need is some contouring skills, brushes, sponges,

and powder to alter our skeletal structure while also overlaying our chest tissue or a combination of the two for the optimum breast look.


How Do Transgender Women Get Breasts 


Contouring hacks can include elements such as using dots of highlighters and bronzers

which will give our boobs a lift-up to even three cups in size within a short period.

Contouring our chest will give us a sense of confidence that many transgender

women desiring breasts think they can achieve only through plastic surgery.


However, contouring hacks such as outlining, highlighting, blending,

strobing, at best, will give us attention to the one area we wish were more prominent and fuller:

our chest area. Hence, as transgender women wondering how we can get breasts,

contouring hacks provide an undeniable natural cleavage that matches our skin color tone,

helping us navigate our breast insecurities.


Shapewear for Hourglass Figure


How Do Transgender Women Get Breasts 


While everyone has a unique body frame, and there is beauty in being natural,

sometimes we transgender women need to be best friends with hourglass shapewears to enhance our boob appearance.


How Do Transgender Women Get Breasts 


For instance, full-body shapers and corsets act as waist slimmers,

focusing on the chest area and further lifting up our breasts, which should be our go-to shapewear.

Shapewears are an integral wardrobe component for transgender women yearning for breasts,

especially on days we do not have the time to contour nor have the resources to purchase breast forms and silicone bras.

Corsets and shapewear, for instance, provide a controlled waistline.

We will not help but feel femininely devoured in our outfit as they lift the bust area an inch upper.

We must always be on the lookout for personal preferences such as shapewear color,

price, and the type of material for a more comfortable feeling.


Hormone Therapy for Breast Enhancement


How Do Transgender Women Get Breasts 


Theoretically, as transgender women who want to get breasts,

taking estrogen for breast growth will enhance breast development,

which can be a significant milestone in our gender affirming process.

Cross-sex hormone Therapy that uses estrogen,

for instance, increases breast growth by adding more volume and robustness to the chest and nipples.

As transgender women who want to get breasts in order to feel more feminine,

hormone therapy can be an option. But before choosing this method,

always do thorough research about the best doctors, benefits,

and other risks associated with hormone therapy.


Surgical Breast Enhancement


How Do Transgender Women Get Breasts 


For a more permanent way of getting breasts as transgender women,

surgical breast enhancement procedures are rife in the market.

Trans feminine top surgery feminizes the chest by changing the shape and size of the breasts.

For instance, the surgeon will place tissue expanders under the breast using fat or grafted tissue to bust out and lift the breast area.

Like any other surgery, we are always cognizant of the risks that come with surgery,

such as bleeding of the wound, hematoma, scars, and lack of sensitivity in the breast.

This helps us choose the best surgical breast enhancement procedure that aligns with

our bodily needs while reducing the risks that come with surgical breast enhancement methods.


Herbal Supplement


Roanyer Crossdressing 


Practically, getting breasts as a transgender woman primarily relies on biology;

we find ways to lower our testosterone while boosting the estrogen levels in our bloodstream.

Consequently, a potent way to get feminine through getting breasts is to include estrogen-laden

supplements in our diet, such as feminizing herbal treatments.


The process of feminizing our masculine bodies should begin with feminizing foods

such as sunflower seeds, alfalfa seeds, flax seeds, and soybeans that are high in the estrogen hormone.

Other feminizing herbs such as fenugreek, green tea, Dong Quai,

and liquorice roots have been integral in helping us achieve the breast growth that

we have coveted for years as transgender women desiring to get breasts.


Roanyer Crossdressing 


Green tea has myriads of anti-androgen properties while the hops plant Humulus

Lupulus is associated with an increase in extra fat deposits in the breast area.

These herbs increase breast firmness and volume, thus giving us a size 1-3 cup increase.


Additionally, the herbs in these supplements add a bonus of strong and healthy nails

and hair which many transgender women can benefit from.

Other supplements contain herbs such as fennel, black cohosh, and fenugreek,

that may also help with the process of breast development in mtf individuals.


Breast Implant Augmentation


Roanyer Crossdressing 


Breast implant augmentation entails the process of surgically placing breast

implants under the natural breast tissue and muscle to give the chest a female appearance.

The breast implant augmentation process will entail an incision around each breast or

nipple to give each breast the natural tear-drop shape.


Another form of this augmentation process includes fat grafting from the belly,

hips, or thighs and augmented into the chest to add fullness to the area.

It is worth noting that transgender women often have broader chest and shoulder areas thus,

the procedure should aim to make the chest as natural and proportional as possible.

Breast augmentation is a vital way for transgender women who want to get breasts

and are transitioning as it offers both physical and psychological

benefits by helping us transgender women to blend in as woman.




Roanyer Crossdressing 


Our transition journey has not been a mere walk in the park and for us transgender women

who want to develop breasts, harnessing the power of our femininity through it

makes it possible to search the vast options for getting breasts.

For example, using our makeup contouring skills, taking herbal supplements,

hormone therapy and surgical breast enhancement will always be among

our top solutions to getting breasts as transgender women.

Wearing corsets and shapewears to enhance our breast shape and size should not be a

wardrobe miss-out for any transgender woman who wants to feel like a woman.

Remember that our personal preference regarding what makes us feel more confident,

feminine, and edgy is what counts because as transgender women,

how we feel in our skin comes first.

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