How to Create an Eye-Catching Cleavage: Step-By-Step Crossdressers Guide


Looking to go out as a woman, you will need to have a convincing cleavage, period!


A great cleavage can transform your appearance by giving you a realistic feminine silhouette.


More importantly, an irresistible cleavage can help take attention away from other parts of your appearance that you might not be comfortable with.




To create a sexy and attractive cleavage as crossdressers, we have a few choices.


We can use makeup, cleavage bras, silicone bras, pocket bras, and breast forms to create an attention-grabbing cleavage.


Whether you are a beginner or a seasoned cross dresser, continue reading below for a detailed guide.


Learn how to use the available options to create a realistic and natural-looking cleavage that makes it easier for you to go out en femme.







Makeup is one of the easiest ways to create an alluring cleavage in my opinion.


It has been used to create and/or enhance cleavage by drag queens, makeup artists, and celebrities for years.


The goal here is to use makeup to create the illusion of cleavage. For this, you will need, highlighters, contour powders, blush, and foundation.


Good makeup skills and a little patience will also help!






Using makeup to create or enhance cleavage comes with a few awesome benefits.


For starters, you don’t have to use any uncomfortable solutions, like body tape, to create a stunning bust.


This option can also be used to enhance your natural cleavage or in conjunction with other methods to achieve a stunning and convincing final look.




On the flip side, you will need to have good makeup skills to achieve worthwhile results.


While the outcome can be awesome when viewed from afar, they may be unconvincing from certain angles.


Always remember to give the make-up enough time set.


Otherwise, it might end up rubbing off on your clothes.


Makeup Steps




To create or enhance your cleavage, get your makeup set and a mirror.


Using a tone that is twice or thrice darker than your skin, contour your chest in a way that makes it seem that there are two breasts.


The darker shade is meant to appear as if there are shadows on your chest created by your breasts.




The next step is to use shades lighter than our skin tone to highlight voluminous parts of your “breasts”.


This helps achieve realness.


While the darker contouring shade creates the illusion of depth, the highlighter helps create the illusion of distance between the highlighted area and the contoured area.




Lastly, you will need to use a shade/tone that is between the contour and the highlighter to blend the makeup. This helps conceal the edges of the previously concealed makeup.




Body Tapes




Body tapes can be used to create a convincing cleavage with ease. However, you need to make sure that you choose the right tape for the job.


Furthermore, you must follow the correct application process.


Versatility is one of the main advantages of using this solution. Since the tape is waterproof, it is great for all day wear, showering, and swimming.


Medical grade adhesives ensure that the tape and your cleavage remain in place regardless of how active you are.


On the flip side, you need to have some fat or chest muscles to create cleavage using tape.


Furthermore, you will have to shave your chest completely clean before using cleavage tape.


This will help ensure that the tape sticks in place. Protect your nipples using silicone protectors or paper towels.


The right type of tape in this case should be one that is strong enough to remain in place and hold your cleavage together.


But, the tape should not be so strong and sticky that it pulls out your chest hairs when you remove it.


As a rule of thumb, avoid using duct tape at all costs! I recommend using medical-grade adhesives.


Taping method




To create cleavage, start by shaving your chest.


Unfold the tape from the roll and hold your “breasts” together – leave about an inch between the breasts to create a realistic appearance.


Once you are happy with the pressed up cleavage appearance, apply the tape.


A couple of layers of tape should be enough to hold things together.


But, if you don’t think it’s secure, consider applying an extra layer of tape around your back.


Cleavage Bras




Like cleavage/body tape, cleavage bras help you create a convincing cleavage by moving your chest muscles into position.


Using them is like wearing a second bra. While they make for a quick and convenient method for creating cleavage, they do have their own unique drawbacks.


Cleavage bras have a number of benefits. To begin with, they are easy to use – creating a cleavage is as easy as putting on the bra.


These bras can also be used over and over again. Most importantly, you can use cleavage bras to create a very realistic and womanly cleavage.


In terms of drawbacks, these bras are like wearing a second bra – they even come with additional bra straps.


Since they are designed to press together body tissue, they can be somewhat uncomfortable and will definitely leave marks around your chest.


I also don’t like the fact that you have to readjust the bra multiple times throughout the time you will be wearing it.


Silicone Bras


Transgender, sissy femboys


If you are looking for something backless and strapless, silicone bras are the perfect choice.


These bras are designed to reposition the muscles on your chest to create a realistic cleavage – similar to how cleavage bras and body tape work.


The Nubra is a perfect example of a silicone bra.


To create an irresistible cleavage, you simply attach each cup separately before clipping them both together.


Silicone bras have a number of advantages, including being easy to wear and remove. These bras are also great for creating a realistic cleavage.


Most importantly, I like the fact that these bras don’t come with any straps.


This means that you can use them to achieve a sexy backless and strapless look.


On the other hand, the adhesive on these bras doesn’t last forever, even though the bras are reusable.


These bras detach easily when used to hold too much flesh. On top of that, you might need to readjust the bra over and over again when wearing it.


Lastly, silicone bras are as expensive as top-quality bras.


Pocket Bras


Transgender, sissy femboys


Roanyer pocket bras are a great option for those looking to achieve added realism.


To help the wearer achieve the most realistic appearance, these bras are designed to be used with silicone breast forms.


While they are a costlier option the added realism more than makes up for it.


To create the perfect cleavage, just wear the bra first and then slide the breast forms into place.


You can wear the bra backward to make things easier as you get used to it.


The silicone breast forms should be inserted into the bra through the elastic openings.


Make sure that the nipples are facing outside when inserting them.


You should be careful to ensure that each breast form is perfectly positioned without folding them.


I recommend holding the edges of the breast forms during this process.


Roanyer Breast Forms


Transgender, sissy femboys


If you want a convenient, quick, and effective method of creating a stunning and realistic cleavage, Roanyer’s breast forms are the way to go.


These products are designed with highly realistic breast forms filled with elastic cotton or silicone.


The life-like silicone material is as close as you can get to achieving realistic look and feel.


As my favorite solution, these products have a number of advantages, including a life-like look, feel, and bounce.


The product’s design makes it possible for you to wear them and achieve a realistic cleavage without having to shave your chest completely.


I also like the fact that you can use this method alone, without the need for any makeup, bras, or body tape.



However, these breast forms are costlier than the other alternatives mentioned here.


It is also worth noting that wearing these breast forms in hot weather for extended periods can be somewhat uncomfortable.


Be sure to follow the instructions provided when wearing this product. Make sure that you clean and dry the breast forms first.


Applying a generous amount of baby powder all over the inner and outer surfaces of the product will help it slide on easily.


I also recommend wearing a hair net to make it easier for you to wear the product.


If you would like something that is easy to wear, consider these sleeveless round neck breast forms.


Once it is in place, be sure to take some time to perfectly position the breasts for an irresistible final look.


Final Thoughts


Transgender, sissy femboys


A real-looking cleavage can go a long way towards ensuring that crossdressers achieve the most convincing feminine appearance.


The best thing is that we as crossdressers have a few options to choose from when it comes to creating an irresistible cleavage.


Each of the above-described solutions comes with its own unique advantages and disadvantages.


As such, be sure to think carefully before making a final decision.


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