5 Types of False Nails for MTF Crossdressers



Types of False Nails - False Nails Guide for MTF Crossdressers


Feminization for male-to-female crossdressers feels kinda incomplete without nails.

Seriously, babe, nails make such a significant difference in our feminine look.

They feminize our hands and just add that extra bit of girly flair and specialness.

I know you’re with me on this and probably also dream of showing off colorful and long feminine nails but can’t because of societal judgment.

But don’t worry babe, I’ve got your back—I mean, false nails have got your back.

In this blog, I’m going to spill all the tea on false nails and how we, as MTF crossdressers, can feminize our hands and overall look with false nails, all without the fear of being judged or caught.

Okay, so there are various types of false nails to choose from, and it might feel a tad overwhelming for any crossdresser.

Trust me, it was for me. So, let me first start by explaining the types of false nails for crossdressers.



Acrylic Nails


5 Types of False Nails for MTF Crossdressers


Acrylic nails are the most popular and, I would say, the most used type of false nails because of their ease of use and affordable price.

They are created from a mixture of liquid monomer and powder polymer, which forms a hard protective layer over our natural nails.

The texture and feel of these nails are super realistic, just like natural nails, and we can even shape and style them to our liking.


5 Types of False Nails for MTF Crossdressers 


Acrylic nails are essentially plastic that fits over our natural nails like a capsule before the acrylic powder solution is applied on top.

After this, we can style them however we want and paint them with the nail polish of our choice to make them even more feminine and cute.

The best thing I like about acrylic nails is that they last long for a good amount of time and can easily withstand daily activities without getting chipped or breaking.

Every sissy must try acrylic nails for that instant hand feminization.


Gel Nails


5 Types of False Nails for MTF Crossdressers 


After I discovered gel nails, they’ve become my new favorite, babe, because they look and feel more natural.

At first glance, they seem pretty similar to acrylic nails, but the difference is that gel nails use gel to create a protective layer instead of powder.


Gel nails are made from a gel that is cured under ultraviolet light, which makes these false nails harder and more durable.

Compared to acrylic nails, gel nails are way more reliable, meaning the damage rate is super low.

What I adore about gel nails is their shine, babe.

These nails have a glossy surface that just makes my heart melt every time I glance at my fingers. So adorable.


Also, nail polish on gel nails dries almost instantly because gel nails are cured under UV or LED light.

This can be such a time-saver for MTF crossdressers since we’re always on the move.

Gel nails require very little maintenance.

For instance, they’re easier to remove, and touch-ups can be done without damaging the existing nail.


Dip Powder


5 Types of False Nails for MTF Crossdressers 


Girls’ favorite, dip powder nails, are the latest addition to the false nails scene, and let me tell you, babe, they are becoming increasingly popular by the day.

They’re made from a special type of acrylic powder and cosmetic-grade resin, which acts as an adhesive.

The formula is applied to our nails and then sealed with a clear or colored polish.


5 Types of False Nails for MTF Crossdressers


Do you know where these stand out?

It’s the durability, girl, as dip powder nails are way more durable than normal gel and acrylic nails, and they can last up to 6 weeks without chipping or peeling.

These are quite new in the market, sissy, so your salon expert may not offer them yet, meaning you’ll have to look for special salons before booking an appointment.


Personally speaking, I prefer these over acrylic nails because they are way more comfy and look more natural on my fingers.

Also, they get applied very quickly, at least faster than acrylic nails.


Dip Polish Nails


5 Types of False Nails for MTF Crossdressers 


We sissies have so many options, even with nails, and the next one is super special.

Dip polish nails have a longer-lasting finish compared to regular nail polish.

These nails involve a powder and liquid monomer that is applied in layers.

The best thing I love about dip polish nails is that they don’t require an LED light, so we can even apply them at home.

The result, babe, is oh-so-satisfying.

You get a glossy, long-lasting finish without any fear of fading or chipping.


Press-On False Nails


5 Types of False Nails for MTF Crossdressers


Another fabulous type of false nails is press-on nails.

These false nails, just like the others, come in various shapes and sizes, making them perfect for sissies who are always on the go and need a quick manicure without the fear of damaging their nails.

To use these, all we have to do is press them on, maybe paint them to match our nail shape and color, and voila!

Feminine nails for ladies with gentle hands.


Press-on nails are super easy to find online, like on Amazon.

They come with adhesive already attached, so you don’t need any other special tools to apply them.

Plus, they can be easily removed, making them perfect for a quick crossdressing session.


Styling of False Nails for MTF Crossdressers


False Nails Styling for Short Fingers


5 Types of False Nails for MTF Crossdressers 


If you have short fingers, which most of us don’t, we should opt for false nails that make our fingers look longer.

In such cases, the best types of nails would be almond-shaped or stiletto-shaped false nails for more elegant and feminine-looking hands.

Also, babe, if you’re not comfortable with longer fingernails, you can even try oval and squoval shapes as these are also fabulous options for short fingers, as they look very simple and classy.


False Nails Styling for Long Fingers


5 Types of False Nails for MTF Crossdressers 


For long-fingered sissies like me, we have the choice of almond shape, coffin-style, and squoval shape false nails because they won’t elongate our hands too much.

If you like the stiletto shape, you can go for that, but babe, make sure your fingers don’t end up looking too big with those.


False Nails Styling for an Androgynous Look


Roanyer MTF crossdress 


Most crossdressers have to keep a low-key approach when it comes to styling nails, something that won’t draw too much attention, right?

Then, in this case, short-length press-on nails are the best choice because they look natural.

We can also apply nude nail polish to them and still have that feminine feeling.


Another option is dip powder nails, perfect for a subtle androgynous look, and we can even customize the nail polish.


How to Take Care of False Nails


roanyer mtf crossdress 


So what if these are false nails? It’s super important to take care of false nails for longer use and durability.

Keeping false nails in tip-top condition makes them look more natural, and it means we don’t have to hit the nail salon again and again for fixes. 


Roanyer mtf crossdress 


Also, babes, making sure our natural nails are healthy and in good shape should be a top priority; after all, our natural nails act as a bed for those fabulous false ones.

Make sure when you remove your false nails, your natural nails don’t get damaged.

Use nail care products to keep your natural nails in shape and good condition.

Keeping a mini nail file and cuticle stick in your handbag can save the day with any nail emergencies while you’re out and about.

You should also make sure that you use nail glue that won’t harm your nails.


False Nails FAQs


5 Types of False Nails for MTF Crossdressers 


Why do False Nails Hurt?


First off, they don’t hurt much, sissy, so don’t be scared. It feels a little bit uncomfortable because filing down natural nails can be a tad painful.

Sometimes, nails can also feel a bit sore when the false nails are applied.


How Long Do False Nails Last?


The lifespan of false nails primarily depends on two things: the quality of the job done by your nail technician and how well you take care of your false nails.

If we follow the correct application procedure for how to put on the false nails and take good care of them, then they can last anywhere from 3-6 weeks.


Are False Nails Bad for Real Nails?


Not at all, babe. In fact, false nails act like a protective layer over your natural nails.

Yes, the adhesive might cause some issues for the natural nails, but that only happens when we don’t follow the correct procedure or fail to provide proper care to the nails.


Final Words


Roanyer crossdressing 


As crossdressers, false nails are our best allies as they help us to instantly feminize our hands.

I love my false nails. We can choose multiple styles of nails as per our needs and fashion choices.

False nails are easy, quick, and a very affordable hack to feminize our fingers.

However, always remember that natural nails should be in good condition before application.

False nails only last long if healthy nails are in good shape and condition, so always take care of not only false nails but also make sure your natural nails are also at their best health.


By selecting the right type of false nails, we can easily achieve elegant and sexy-looking feminine hands. I would say try every type of false nail and see what feminizes your hands the best.


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