Feminize Your Neck: Hide the Adam’s Apple!



Feminize Your Neck - Hide the Adam_s Apple


Anyone wanting to master their feminine appearance must hide any prominent male features.

These dead giveaways will take away from your other efforts to be in your most female-like presentation.

In this blog post, I’ll share clever tricks for concealing your Adam’s apple.

Feminize your overall appearance with common items you can find anywhere.

Whether you are a crossdresser, femboy, sissy, or MtF transgender individual, these fashion tips will help you feel more confident and beautiful!



Realistic Masks and Bodysuits: The Best Cover-Ups


Feminize Your Neck - Hide the Adam_s Apple 


Before we delve deeper into the what’s what of fashion, let me tell you a secret weapon to hide Adam’s apple instantly: realistic masks and bodysuits.

These products are made of high-grade silicone that looks and feels like natural skin.


Realistic masks don’t only hide your Adam’s apple.

They can also cover various parts of your body


  • Anne Mask– Covers the face and neck
  • Upgraded May Mask- Covers the face, neck, and collarbones
  • May Mask– Covers the face, neck, collarbones, and upper torso. It also has jiggly breast forms as icing on the cake!


Staying anonymous is now a walk in the park. What’s more, these realistic masks already come with makeup.

You’ll only need to think about your wig and clothing. Less pressure, right?


Feminize Your Neck - Hide the Adam_s Apple 


But if you’re rather proud of your face and only want to cover your neck area, there are other silicone products to choose from:



Bodysuits have more to offer such as varying cup sizes, dildos, and anal holes.

They can also come in different colors to match your request, specifically if you want to cosplay as an Incubus or a Succubus.

For the best feminizing experience, don on a realistic mask or a bodysuit and incorporate more fashion hacks.


Creative Fashion Hacks


Feminize Your Neck - Hide the Adam_s Apple 


Fashion isn’t just about visually pleasing colors and patterns. Fashion hacks include skillfully using clothing to hide this protruding cartilage.


Strategic layering


You don’t have to deliberately cover your Adam’s apple every time.

Sometimes, obvious cover-ups can attract more attention to your neck.


If you have a small to normal-sized Adam’s apple, learn how to layer. Layered clothing offers more voguish clothes and insulation.

Most importantly, it draws any attention away from the neck. The most basic layering technique is simply overlaying your base piece with another.


Feminize Your Neck - Hide the Adam_s Apple 


A well-fitting blazer on top of a hoodie is just perf for the semi-formal aesthetic.

The hood part bunches up around the neck in natural folds as the blazer’s stiff shoulders pinch the fabric towards the neck.



White hoodie under black, tailored blazer

Black high neck under a long-sleeves linen, oversized dress shirt
Long-sleeves striped dress shirt under colorful wrap-around topper
Striped turtleneck under a cardigan under a jumper
Long-sleeves turtleneck under short-sleeves collared polo shirt under bralette top


Stylish tops


Feminize Your Neck - Hide the Adam_s Apple 


Similar to the concept of neck diversion, opting for stylish tops with dramatic embellishments.

It’s picking an element that can overshadow your Adam’s apple.


Think of bows, ruffles, and rouches. Those with “weird” patterns may work too — just be sure you know how to handle them well!

You don’t want to look tacky. You want to strive for fashion-forward, even avant-garde if you can make it work!


Example: Retro and Vintage-inspired clothing. Check out the following tops:


French Connection Gigi Embroidered Blouse, Summer White
Purple and Green Vintage Collared Shirt
The Retro Shirt
Rhinestone Embellished Cotton T-Shirt


Clever Accessories


Feminize Your Neck - Hide the Adam_s Apple 


If the weather is good for it, scarves, veils, and bandanas are the usual top picks.

They come in different styles and will work for any occasion.

But since it’s a common cover-up method, some crossdressers or MtF transgenders endorse something out of the familiar.


Feminize Your Neck - Hide the Adam_s Apple


Statement necklaces also work wonders but are less flexible when it comes to styling.

As the focus is already on the necklace, you may not want to keep wearing it again and again.

An excellent way to go around this little inconvenience is to create your DIY multilayer accessories.

Multilayer pearls are elegant and luxurious but aren’t practical.

Boho necklaces are made of narrower strings and colorful beads.

Some also feature thin pendants that are easy to layer and incorporate with casual clothes.


Chokers vs. Collars


Chokers and collars are favorite accessories to hide Adam’s apple.

Though many use them interchangeably, chokers refer to the middle part of the neck while collars sit where your shirt collar usually does.

Generally, an Adam’s apple is located on the neck’s midsection.

So, if you want to be specific, select chokers. Still, wide collars with embellishments can work just as well too.

There are many detachable collars you can add to any low-neck clothing.





Big Black Velvet Choker with Ribbon
White Minimalist Bohemian Style Floral Print Fabric Choker
Thick Black Velvet Choker 2″
Beaded Chocker with Fringe
African Necklace Multi Coil Choker


RBG Dissent Collar Necklace
Geyoga Rhinestones Collar
Sailor Fake Collar
Vintage Lace Ruffled Multi-layer Detachable Collar
CUNLLY Vintage Lace Ruffled Detachable Collar


Neckline Magic 


Clothing comes in different cuts and necklines.

Some necklines are more flattering to an individual depending on their body type and outfit.


Feminize Your Neck - Hide the Adam_s Apple


Higher Necklines


A plain way to hide the neck is to wear clothing with higher necklines. These clothes minimize Adam’s apple’s visibility.




  • High-collar tops have collars that can be closed or opened in the middle. They are often stiff to the touch.
  • High-neck tops have bunched-up fabric in front. These tops can be manipulated from behind, either with a zipper or buttons.
  • Turtleneck or polo neck covers the whole neck: Often, this garment can be folded over.
  • Mock necks are great for MtF trans and crossdressers with low Adam’s apple. Also called mock turtlenecks, this neckline is common for long sleeves, sweatshirts, and knit sweaters.
  • Ruffled collars feature ruffled or rouche necklines. The “ruff” is a historical garment we inherited from the mid-16th and 17th century. Today, there are various ruffled collar designs, from stiff and upright collars to flounce and bouncy ones.
  • Half-high collars are similar to mock necks. The main difference is it’s mostly seen in traditional-inspired clothes. An example is the Chinese Qipao long sleeves and Korean Collar
  • Choker necktops usually have round and V-neck necklines attached to a “choker” fabric.
  • Halter tops hide the Adam’s apple while emphasizing your collarbone and shoulders. It’s an all-around neckline that can pair with anything.


Feminize Your Neck - Hide the Adam_s Apple 




V-neck tops elongate the neck and divert attention from the throat area.

This is especially true if you show off a bit of cleavage. Plus, v-neck tops and dresses flatters every body shape.

V-necks are incredibly versatile and give you an air of sophistication. Just pay attention to the V-neck’s depth, width, and sharpness.




  • When wearing plunging V-necks, just be sure you’re showing just enough for it not to look trashy. If you’re wearing breast forms, be sure they’re secure.
  • Wrap-arounds give you free-reign on the V-neck’s depth and width.
  • Many kimono dresses come with V-neck designs and boost your feminine aura.


Hair and Makeup Tricks


Roanyer crossdressing 


MtF transgenders and crossdressers pay attention to their hair and makeup.

It’s also an excellent skill to hide the Adam’s apple.


Long Hairstyles


Since you can choose from an array of numerous wings, go for those with hair that falls past the neckline.

Those with layers and volume are even better since they can further minimize any attention to your throat.

Learn how to style your way in a way that frames your face to balance your overall look.




Remember, in contouring, dark colors make areas look smaller. It visually reduces an area’s size.

Generally, the most suitable contouring shade is at least two times darker than your natural skin tone.


If you have a big or bulging Adam’s apple, feminizing contouring can effectively camouflage any prominent features.

For instance, you can create shadows to minimize the protrusion.

Contour the other close areas as well, such as along the jawline and neck to create the illusion of a smoother and more streamlined presentation.

Just be sure to blend nicely so the end result looks as natural as possible.


Roanyer crossdressing 




Highlighter is used to put the spotlight on the areas you want to be seen.

By applying a highlighter to the areas, you want to bring forward, like your cheekbones, forehead, and collarbones, you’re directing others’ eyes away from your neck.

Highlighter, paired with contouring, helps you achieve a harmonious look.


Weight and Clothing Solutions


The tips and tricks I shared will require effort and are only best as short-term solutions.

Suppose you plan to present as female in the long run (as a crossdresser or if you’re in the middle of transitioning), maintaining a healthy weight should be our priority. For instance, if you’re too skinny, your Adam’s apple will be more noticeable.


For now, it’s more important to learn to pick clothing that flatter your body shape and create a feminine shape.

You can also consider investing in hip and butt pads or breast forms to enhance your curves and balance out your proportions!




Roanyer crossdressing 


There are traditional male features we think we should immediately hide when we present as female.

Adam’s apple is one of them. But, it’s important to note that both men and women can have this cartilage.

It’s not directly connected to your health, so removing your Adam’s apple through surgery isn’t something urgent.

If it doesn’t affect your physical and mental health, using clothes to hide it is enough.

This will be different if seeing your Adam’s apple puts a great toll on your psychological health.

If this is the case, reach out to a professional and share your thoughts about it.


We hope these tips and tricks have inspired you to embrace your femininity and feel more confident in your appearance!

Follow these tips to transform your neckline instantly and exude confidence in your feminine appearance.

The smallest of changes can and will make the greatest impact!




Roanyer crossdress 


How can I make my neck appear longer and more feminine?


There are a few tricks, but the quick ones are:


  • Wearing tops with keyhole, scoop, and v-necklines
  • Trying necklines with embellishments (embroidery, beads, etc.)
  • Unbuttoning or opening your top, like your high-collar shirts
  • Trying off-the-shoulder tops (either one or both sides)
  • Avoiding long, dangly earrings. Stud earrings work better for the neck to look slimmer.
  • Going for thin, long necklaces. Although elaborate and chunky jewelry is nice to look at, they’ll mess up your proportions.


Are there any specific hairstyles that can help conceal the Adam’s Apple?


You’ll never go wrong with layered haircuts. Wigs with this hairstyle have increased volume and are lighter.

Those with natural waves are even better. If you have a round face, side-swept bangs are flattering.

It slims the cheeks, making you more youthful, and balances your neck.


How can I be comfortable with my Adam’s Apple when crossdressing?


That you are uniquely you and you don’t have to hide your Adam’s apple!

It’s a natural part of the body — one both genders can have, too!

To feel more comfortable though, follow the tips I shared above.


Focus on what you like about your appearance. You deserve to feel confident and pretty!

Don’t dampen your mood with constant reminders of what you don’t like about yourself now.

You have all the time in the world to work on them!


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