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How to choose the perfect dress for your body type

Is there any type of clothing that’s more associated with femininity than a nice dress? They were made in many shapes, sizes and colors during history, and have always been linked to wealthy women. During the 19th century, dresses started to become more accessible, and to be made in the patterns we all know and love, so they also became more popular among the population in general. If you are a crossdresser, chances are that you’ll want to incorporate this kind of clothing in your look, so I brought a few tips to help you choose the perfect dresses for your wardrobe.

1 - Pick a color you like

Even though a black dress might help you to highlight your curves, there is nothing wrong if you choose another color. Everyone has a favorite color, but certain colors can bring a certain effect for your overall look. For example, if you want to be noticed and catch the eye of people around you, try a red, and if you want to show happiness, use a yellow dress, with vivid and vibrant tones. If you are going for something more discreet, try a dark gray or even a black dress, as they help you to blend in. Blue can help you to show more confidence and calm, and green can make you look more harmonic and stable. One more thing to take note, is that lighter colors can help you to look “thicker” and add some mass to certain areas of your body, while darker colors (especially black) might help you to define your contour and make you look curvier and even thinner. Play with every color you can, and once you find a color that you like and suits you well, you are done!


2 - Choose the type of the dress

This particular step can take some type, because there are a lot of different types of dresses out there, so I’ll go in depth with it. I am going to consider some different aspects of dresses, such as length, cleavage, type of fabric and level of detail, so keep an eye on my tips and judge what suits you better, so let’s start.

2.1 - Consider the length of the dress

Prior to making your decision, you should have in mind how much of your body you are willing to show, such as your legs and shoulders. If you are confident enough to show your legs, it's a good thing and you might want a dress that goes down to your knees, or even to your tights if you will. That really depends only on you, and if you choose to show your legs but doesn't feel too confident about them, you can still combine your dress with a pantyhose, or even fishnets if you like them. 

Another two things to consider about the length of your dress, are the sleeves and the cleavage. The things to consider about the sleeves, are those that concern your shoulders and your arms. It's about your overall shape, and you should care about it if you are trying to achieve an hourglass figure. Biologically, women tend to have smaller shoulders and slimmer arms, and dresses with long sleeves are useful to conceal your arms and draw attention out of your shoulders if you think that they are too broad for the figure you want to achieve. the cleavage is something that, again, is totally up to you, and depends on how much of your body you are willing to show. If you are going for a daring or even provocative look, it helps if you have a cleavage, and even though a pushup bra can do wonders when combined with some makeup, a silicone breastplate (just like those available at roanyer) is highly recommended.

2.2 - Regarding the quality of the dresses

When you choose your dress, make sure to double check the quality of the sewing and the type of the fabric used. Determining the quality of the dress is crucial if you want to keep it for a longer time, because the higher the quality is, the longer the dress will last. You should also pay attention to the fabric, because each one reacts to your body in a different way. For example, if you want something more flexible and comfortable, go for silk instead of satin, but if you want it to be a little tight and not too loose, a combination of fabric and elastics might do the trick and even highlight your curves. It really just depends on how you want the dress to look on you, and how you want it to feel when you put it on.

2.3 - Understanding the details

Last but not least, the level of detail on the dress is another thing you should notice, as well as the area in which those details are concentrated. If you are struggling to achieve an hourglass figure because of your body type, choosing a dress that is detailed (and thus, has more volume) in certain areas can help you. so, if you have broad shoulders, try a dress with a detailed and voluminous skirt piece, so you can “balance” your figure. If you have thinner shoulders and wider hips, try a dress with puff sleeves, so your shoulders might look bigger and broad. Doing that really helps to improve your overall shape, and this way you’ll able to feel more feminine in one way or another.

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