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My First Makeup Experience

Author: Miss Samantha Pink


Whilst I was fully dressed in my skirt, blouse and heels with all my sexy white lingerie on sitting down on a cute comfortable, padded seat, I was ready to get a full facial makeover done. I was so happy and couldn’t wait to see how I looked with it on and if I would be pretty enough to pass as a real woman.


Stephanie the lady that I called Miss was getting my face prepared before applying all the lovely makeup on my face. She told me that she would tell me what items she would put on my face and how to apply them myself so I know the next time how to do it myself. I have applied makeup before myself before but this would be done by a professional lady whom knew how to do it properly and was trained and experienced in this profession. “Please close your eyes Samantha, I’m going to apply a base to your whole face and neck before putting on the makeup.” Miss showed me what she was just about to put on my face with a makeup brush. It was a face primer that was the same colour as my skin and when I opened my eyes after Miss had finished putting it all over my face and neck area, it was like a blank canvas ready for my full makeup experience.


Miss told me that next time I want a good close shave, I must shave my face and neck area upwards and then downwards with my new razor blade, before shaving warm my face to loosen my skin to have a much better closer shave. I only shaved upwards before coming so when the primer was getting applied onto my face Miss felt some rough areas and told me next time how to shave properly before visiting the transformation shop.


Miss then showed me a concealer in a slightly darker skin tone then mine which she applied to my face and neck. Only in the areas that were needed, under my eyes to hide eye bags or dark circles and around my beard area to stop 5 o’clock shadow that most men have even if they have a close shave. Always have a concealer and some foundation in powder or liquid form in your handbag when you are out in public for a quick touch up.


The foundation matched my skin but you can go darker it’s up to you. Best to use liquid first then a powder to fill in any areas missed with liquid. That will give you a smooth almost flawless face ready to apply the rest of your makeup, that’s what Miss did and taught me that time. I listened and tried to remember what she taught me and showed me. Amazing and I loved it much more.


Miss then put on some pink rouge blusher on my cheeks and blended it in. All the time my face was becoming much more feminine right in front of my eyes in the dressing mirror whilst I was sitting on very comfy, feminine chair.


I picked my lipstick, lovely pink and my lips popped with it on, Miss put a dark pink lipliner carefully around the outline of my lips which accentuated them loads making them more feminine and fuller.


Miss carefully worked on my eyes, which she said were my best assets besides my long shapely womanly legs. I slightly blushed and Miss noticed and gave me a wee peck on my rouge cheek. Miss told me that she would give me smoky eye effect.


Miss told me if I had brown eyes she would mix blue with black and greys but because I had blue eyes she told me that I would suit brown with blacks and grey. After carefully applying jet black eyeliner on my eyes Miss then put on brown eye shadow on my eyelids and some below my bottom eye blending it in then mixing blacks and grey blending them all into one. Finally Miss put small white makeup on the corner of both my inner eyes to make them look bigger and brighter, you can put a very thin line above the lower eyeliner to make them appear wider. My eyes looked amazing and I was so happy and over the moon at my result. Miss told me to close my eyes and relax my face and I felt a very fine mist on my face. Miss used hair spray an old makeup trick to help keep the makeup on your face longer. I looked a million dollars and just like a real woman loved my first makeup experience in public worth all the money in the world. I would be coming back again soon.

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