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5 ways to make your hands look more feminine

As a mtf crossdresser, rough hands can be a stumbling block on your quest for a feminine touch, so a lot of us would do everything we can to get more feminine hands. Although we cannot change the structure of hands, the good news is that there are simple ways to make them look more feminine. 

#1 Wash Your Hands the Right Way

We all know we should be washing our hands several times a day. And that we should be doing so even when there isn’t a pandemic.

-Wash with lukewarm water

When it comes to washing your hands, it’s important to be mindful of the temperature of the water you’re using. You want to use lukewarm water instead of hot temperatures when washing your hands, as hot water can dry out your skin and either lead to or worsen dry, cracked hands.

-Use a moisturizing hand soap

It’s important to keep your hands clean, but using an antibacterial hand soap can dry out your skin. Instead, wash your hands with a moisturizing soap that contains hydrating ingredients, such as shea butter, olive oil, or aloe vera, to avoid stripping the natural oils from your skin. 

-Get a nail brush

Even if you wash your hands regularly, there may be dirt and grime under your fingernails that doesn’t rinse away. Nothing is more important than a good nail brush for dirt removal. It works better than any object that scrapes the grime out, as those can cause you to accidentally push dirt further or damage under nail bed. 

-File and trim nails

You'll have an easier time keeping your nails clean if you groom them properly. Use nail clippers to keep them at a length that you like, and file them with a crystal nail file or gentle emery board into a neat shape, such as a square or oval. Try to cut them 1-2 times per week, or as needed. I always like to cut mine after a warm shower, when the nails are easier to work with. 

-Exfoliate your hands

Just as your face can build up dry, dead skin cells, so can your hands. Help encourage skin that appears more youthful and nourished by sloughing away the dead cells and surface dryness with a gentle exfoliating scrub. You can also use a small scrub brush to further refine your beautiful skin. Using gentle, circular motions work in the exfoliating scrub and then rinse it away with tepid, lukewarm water. For smooth hands and beautiful skin, consider exfoliating this area two to three times a week.

#2 Keep Your Hands Moisturized

When you’re constantly washing your hands, it’s easy for your skin to become dried out, especially during the cold winter months. Luckily, there are a few tips and tricks you can add to your daily regimen to make dry, cracked hands a thing of the past. 

-Regular use of a hand cream

From cold and windy weather and regular hand-washing, to taking part in hands-on hobbies, your paws go through a lot. Your hands age as quickly as you face does as they are exposed to the same elements. With regular use of hand cream, you can minimise these signs by improving elasticity and moisture.  The skin on men’s hands tends to be thicker, oilier, and hairier, so you may want to purchase a cream designed specifically for male skin. 

-Use vitamin E oil

Like our hair, skin and teeth, nails need proper care and attention to remain in good condition. An intensely moisturizing Vitamin E oil that softens cuticles and cares for dry, brittle nails. Use this vitamin E cuticle regimen twice per day. Whether or not you get regular manicures, neglecting your cuticles can lead to painful hangnails.

-Treat cracks on your hands

For many people, cracked skin appears or gets worse during the winter, when dry air can lead to dryness on the hands. To treat this painful type of dry skin, you need more intensive moisture than a regular hand cream can provide. Reach for a rich ointment that will deliver moisture and create a barrier over your skin that helps protect and heal.

-Apply hand masks

Even if you moisturize your hands daily, they may not get all the moisture that they need. Use a hand mask once a week to deliver a super dose of hydration that keeps the skin on your hands soft and healthy. Or rub in a thick layer of hand lotion or cream and pull on a pair of light cotton gloves. Simply leave them on throughout the night and wake up with delicately moisturised hands.

-Try paraffin wax

If your hands ever crack or get especially dry in the winter you might want to look into a paraffin wax treatment. You dip your hands several times in melted warm paraffin wax, let the wax harden around your hands, and then slip on these towel-like mittens to keep in the warmth. After about 10-15 minutes, or when the wax has completely hardened and cooled, you just crack off the wax, and your skin feels crazy soft and rehydrated.

#3 Protect Your Hands

Taking good care of your hands doesn't have to be a major production. There are things you can do every day to help your hands look and feel good. 

-Wear gloves

Wear gloves when you are washing dishes, gardening or carrying out any chore that allows your hand to interact with chemicals, grease or dirt, ensure that you are wearing rubber gloves to protect your hands. Wear gloves when you are driving a two wheeler in order to protect them from sun damage. In cold weather, wear gloves when you go outside. It's not just to keep your hands from feeling cold. The gloves will also keep them from drying or chapping in the wintry air.

-Apply sunscreen

Year-round, whenever you'll be out in the sun, protect your hands with the invisible shield of sunscreen. The backs of hands, especially, need protection with a sunscreen of at least SPF 15 every day. A moisturizer that includes a sunblock of SPF 15 will also work.

-Get rid of spots

Nothing says “welcome to middle age” like age spots, especially when they show up on your hands. No over-the-counter treatment will make your age spots disappear completely, but some creams and serums will lighten spots. When you find a cream or serum you like, apply it directly to the age spots with your fingertips. Just make sure that any unusual skin spots are checked out by your dermatologist for skin cancer before you try any lightening techniques.

#4 Beautiful Right Down to Your Finger

Feminine hands often look thin and long. Some of us are not gifted with this and are often have hands are stubby or short.

-Get longer nails

You can create the illusion of longer fingers and thinner hands by having longer nails. Those in fashion acrylic nails are a great way to add some length to your nails without the need to wait for them to grow on its own. Though, don’t make it too long. Opt for nail length that you can still use for your day to day activities such as wiping yourself. If you want to paint your nails, please always use a base coat so that your nails are not stained. Using a base-coat will also help the nail-polish last longer. 

-Wear jewelry

If you adorn your hands beautifully with some exquisite jewelry definitely your hands not just look feminine but makes a statement. Rings and bracelets definitely make your hands look pretty and eye catching. However, if you don’t want your hands to be the center of attention, you should avoid flashy pieces of jewelry. Also, you should avoid wearing too much at one time. One or two pieces are all you need to make your hands look more feminine.

#5 Healthy Lifestyle

Many of the tips medical professionals offer for skin care amount to tips for general good health. That makes sense. The body is a unit made of many separate, but intertwined parts. The skin and nails on your hands will benefit from a basic, everyday healthful routine.

-Take Care of Your Whole Self

If you want to take care of your hands, start by taking care of the rest of your body. If you want to keep your hands and fingernails healthy, smooth and young-looking, think about what you eat. Research has found that a diet that has plenty of vitamin C but goes easy on the fats and carbohydrates may help skin look younger. Make sure that you stay well hydrated as well. Drinking plenty of water helps your skin retain moisture.

-Give yourself a hand massage

Massage your hands at night for at least five minutes to let the goodness of the moisturiser soak in. For very rough hands, mix your moisturiser with a bit of Vaseline so that they are protected all through the night.

Your hands may not be as important for you as your face but they make sure they don’t look manly and distract from your feminine look. Apply these ways suggested above to blend in your hands beautifully.

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