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10 details to let you become a perfect woman

To create a perfect female impression, there has many details that you need to pay attention to, such as exquisite makeup, body management, pretty bags, and suitable shoes. Pay more attention to these details, you will show off your charm all the time. But as there are too many details, we compiled a list to avoid omissions, hope that can help crossdressers.

1. Is your hair shiny and freshly styled?

Beautiful hair is important part of your overall image. To soften masculine facial features, choose a hair style with soft waves or layers. Stay away from angular styles.

Shiny hair makes you look sexy and youthful, so use a smoothing serum if you have dry or frizzy hair. 

If you wear a wig, be sure to wash it regularly.

2. Is your makeup appropriate?

Many women (including crossdressers and transgender women) overdo their makeup. Before you step out en femme, be sure you haven’t made this mistake.

Light, natural makeup almost always looks better. There are two exceptions to this rule:

If you have dark coloring, you can go for deeper, bolder shades.

If you’re going out at night, you can wear higher intensity makeup.

3. Are the proportions of your outfit correct?

Proportion refers to the way your clothes work together in length, width, size, and volume.

Pairing two similarly-proportioned items together can be disastrous. For example:

Short Skirt + Short Top = Slutty

Long Skirt + Long Top = Dowdy

Full Skirt + Full Top = Heavy

Tight Skirt + Tight Top = Sausage

Your clothes should balance each other out. For example, if you wear a tight top, pair it with a fuller skirt.

4. Are you wearing the right shapewear?

The size and shape of your body broadcasts your gender to the world. (No surprise there!) Are you wearing the right undergarments to create your best feminine shape?

At the bare minimum, you should own these items:

Breast forms

A well-fitting bra

Girdle or shaping camisole

Panties (regular and padded styles)

Control top pantyhose or tights

While you don’t need to wear all of these pieces at once, it’s good to have them on hand in case you need extra shaping to go with a certain outfit.

5. Are you wearing the right accessories?

Accessories can make or break your outfit. Too few accessories and you look underdressed. Too many and you look like a Christmas tree.

Your accessories should also be in harmony with your body proportions. If you’re full-bodied, avoid dainty accessories like tiny earrings or a delicate bracelet. Instead, wear heavier, thicker pieces that go with your size.

6. Are you carrying the right bag?

Choosing the right bag is critical.

First and foremost, your bag should match the formality of your outfit. If you wear a casual bag with a fancy outfit, it cheapens your appearance. Wearing a fancy bag with a casual outfit looks silly.

Second, be sure your bag is works with your proportions. If you have a large build, a tiny handbag will make you look even bigger by comparison.

7. Are you wearing the right shoes?

Shoes say more about you than any other accessory, so pay attention to this detail. Here are 3 things to consider:

Do your shoes suit your outfit and the occasion? Wearing shoes that are too casual or too formal is a common mistake.

Are your shoes proportionate to the size and shape of your feet, as well as your overall body size? When in doubt, go for a classic style with a rounded toe and heels that aren’t too thick or thin.

Can you walk in them? If not, wear a lower heel until you’ve mastered your walking skills!

8. Do you smell good?

Your image is made up of more than just the way you look. It also includes details like the way you move, sound, and yes, smell.

Smell is an important detail because scent is strongly linked to emotions. You aren’t fully dressed without perfume, so choose a scent that makes you feel fabulously feminine.

A word of caution: don’t overdo it! Unless somebody is close enough to hear you whisper, they shouldn’t be able to smell you.

And if you’re going out, don’t forget about your breath! Brush your teeth and carry gum or mints with you.

9. Did you check yourself from behind?

You wouldn’t leave the house without checking yourself out in a mirror, would you? Well, don’t make the mistake of only viewing yourself from the front. Remember that you also have a back side!

Use a hand mirror to view your reflection from behind. Does the back of your hair look good? Do your clothes fit properly? 

10. Have you removed all excess hair?

We all know that smooth, silky skin is sexy and feminine. Double check that you don’t have any stray hairs or stubble left behind before leaving the house.

It’s easy to forget all the hairy spots, so here’s a quick checklist:






Knuckles and fingers



Bikini area

Besides, please be more confident ,my beauty, and enjoy the fun of being a woman.

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