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How to keep yourself motivated with crossdressing

Well, if crossdressing is a part of your life, and you like doing that, you’ve probably felt demotivated before. That feeling can be caused by a lot of different things, most commonly associated with your self-esteem and how open you are about yourself being a crossdresser. Crossdressers go through a lot of stuff during the process of discovering their own identities, and it can have a massive impact on their motivation and their desire to crossdress, causing them to rarely dress up, or even stop dressing up at all on the more extreme situations, and that’s not good, because they might end up hiding that part of themselves again.

If you are going through that kind of situation, and you feel that finding a reason or a motivation for you to crossdress is becoming more difficult within each day, maybe I can give you some advice, but first we need to find what is causing your lack of motivation, so we can take care of the problem in a more efficient way, so here are some common causes of demotivation and how to overcome them:


Body dysphoria is probably the number one cause of lack of motivation among most crossdressers. It happens when the person doesn’t feel comfortable with its own body, and thinks that it doesn't look female enough. When it happens on a smaller scale, it can actually motivate the person to crossdress, aiming to match its image with the desired body, but if it happens on a higher intensity, the person might give up trying and feel demotivated to ever crossdress again.

To overcome that, you need to learn that people exist in many different shapes, appearances and sizes, and that what we associate with each gender is merely a concept that society made up, so you don't have to be afraid to be yourself. If crossdressing makes you happy, go for it and do what you love, always remembering that you are unique, and that everyone is different. However, if you suffer from extreme dysphoria, try talking to a therapist and consider hormonal treatment, always putting your health above everything else. 

2-Social pressure

This one is way more common on conservative countries, where people tend to be less open minded, and those places can end up being hostile for crossdressers. Social pressure happens when a person feels coerced not to do something by the pressure society puts on it, and that can be many times the case with crossdressing. If you live in a society that considers crossdressing to be “wrong”, chances are that you might feel ashamed to do it, and it often results in lack of motivation.

The best way to deal with this kind of situation is to open up with a person you trust, so you don't have to face that challenge alone. You can consider meeting new people that accept you, and make new friends talking to more open minded people. If you live somewhere where no one would understand or accept you, try meeting new people online, but always be careful with who you talk to and what you say to them! The most important thing to remember, however, is that there is nothing wrong with crossdressing, and if you like to do it, no one will be affected by that.


A lot of beginner crossdressers go through this one. When you are getting started with something and you are not experienced enough, you can easily become afraid of failing and rapidly lose motivation in doing that, and that’s not different for first time crossdressers. 

Even though that's the most common thing to happen when it comes to demotivation, the solution for this one is also the easiest one. You need to remember that perfection comes with practice, so all you need to do is to crossdress frequently. The more you practice, the more skilled you shall become at crossdressing, and you will soon see the results by yourself. If you are still insecure, ask for a friend you trust to help you and give their opinion on how you look. Searching online for makeup and crossdressing tutorials can improve your skills and help you to learn faster, so keep an eye on specialized websites just like this one where you are reading this article, so you can find useful tips and apply them on your crossdressing routine! 

So after all, I hope you find those tips useful, and that all of you can find the motivation you need to crossdress! Never forget to be yourselves, and don't let anything put you down, so keep it up and dress like the women that you're supposed to be!

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