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Building confidence when going out as a crossdresser

Author: Miss Samantha Pink

For a man to go out dressed a woman or dressed in women’s clothing is very daunting thing to do. Once the fear factor has been met head on, then the ultimate reward outweighs the worries and concerns about the experience.

Most crossdresser’s dream are about finally going out in public and showing the general public how beautiful they look and be proud of who they truly are. Some don’t want to go out in public and just rather stay safe at home away from prying eyes and negative feedback. 

It took me a long time to go out in public fully dressed as a woman and I was constantly changing my mind and felt guilty, saying to myself that I was not allowed to do it and not good enough. To be honest the general public are too busy in their own life’s to worry about what anyone else is doing or wearing in their life’s. You only live once so live your own life and be the real you and you might even start to love yourself one day soon. 

Of course, you will get the haters, the negative people, the judgemental ones that no matter what you wear, even if it’s male clothing or unisex items, they will always have something to say to knock your confidence and make you feel unworthy. 

Don’t let them get to you, you ignore them or just smile and carry on with your experience and don’t let them see that you are upset or angry. If you react it can get nasty and you may put yourself in a bad situation, just walk on and surround yourself with people that understand what you are and don’t judge what you wear or how you look and act. 

There are support groups out there that help answer the many questions that we all think about and help push the negative thoughts and feelings to one side and stay positive and keep living your other life as the real you. Roanyer has loads of fantastic articles and stunning realistic products to help any man become the woman of his dreams. 

Once you get everything you need to go out fully dressed as a woman in public, spend some private time to get your personal look as stunning as possible, once you start loving yourself then you will discover certain people like you will like or even love you too. Going out is a massive achievement to overcome, but once you do it and get used to doing it, well you will realise what all the worry and fuss was about.  Yes, it’s difficult for most people and most people won’t ever go out fully dressed, it’s up to your own confidence. All I say about going out make sure you watch yourself to remain safe, don’t get into any unnecessary confrontations and carry spare underwear in your handbag in case of any emergencies. 

From my own personal experience once you are out in public, you will be so nervous and feel like everyone is looking at you. That is normal for the first time but you should embrace that feeling and be proud of who you are showing yourself off to the general public. Not everyone is going to agree with what you are wearing, make sure that you dress decent and cover important areas up. Either show off your stunning smooth bare legs or legs in nice tights or wear a long skirt and show off your lovely collarbone and smooth chest area. Hold your head up high and walk with confidence, wearing heels that are comfortable to walk in or just go high as possible as long as you can walk in them safely. You don’t want to fall over and hurt yourself and put things back. Practice walking in your heels up quiet country roads and walk like a woman. There are a few articles on Roanyer that give you advice on waking like a woman in heels and what type to wear. 

The more you do go out dressed as a lovely woman the more you will find it easier but always be on your guard, as some people can be nasty and that’s their opinion. Also know that you have the right to wear whatever you want and there is no law against it and you are not harming anyone. 

Enjoy the experience and take things in easy steps and go to places that you feel comfortable with and smile and be happy as your real self. You don’t even have to have any clothes on show, even wearing a nice pair of panties under your man clothing is quite exhilarating and personal, as only you know that you are wearing them, unless you bend over to tie your shoelace. Just be happy as the real you and don’t be ashamed of who you are, because you are special x

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