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Tips for bikini wax

Lush body hair will affect your appearance, so clean it in time will make you look more feminze. And many crossdressers are willing to try bikini wax. What are the methods for bikini wax? How to remove your body hair correct and safe?  Here we come!  The following tips will help you.


Waxing offers the longest lasting results. You can either purchase a do-it-yourself kit or get a professional wax.

I recommend going to a salon if possible. (Do-it-yourself waxing is difficult and painful if you don’t know what you’re doing.) Most big cities offer male waxing, so you shouldn’t have any issues finding this service.

Using a depilatory cream

Using a depilatory cream is a great option for the bikini area since it’s virtual painfree. Just keep in mind that depilatories should never be applied directly to the genital area.


Shaving is a fast and easy bikini hair removal option – though there are definitely some tricks to shaving this area.

Here are 4 tips for shaving your bikini hair:

Trim first. To avoid clogging up your razor, use a scissors to trim your hair before you shave.

Use the right razor. The bikini area is tricky to navigate, so use a razor especially designed for this purpose. 

Avoid irritation. Use a shaving cream for sensitive skin. Go slow and avoid shaving over the same area repeatedly as this can lead to razor burn.

Avoid ingrown hairs. The bikini area is especially prone to ingrown hairs, which is NOT a sexy look. Exfoliate daily using a loofah or washcloth to prevent ingrown hairs.

Choose the correct method for hair removal around the bikini area. Put on your  bikini and show off your sexy body.

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