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Minor details that will help you to pass

Written by Elise Wren

So you are a crossdresser, and you want to be out in public. In this case, you will probably want to pass as girl, as many crossdressers want to. You start with a realistic makeup, a nice outfit and voice practicing, and you think you are ready to leave your home, but then you notice one thing: you walk and pose in a very manly way, and it looks really odd for a girl. So how can you behave, walk and pose in a manner that suits a woman? Well, it is somewhat stereotypical, but there is a common way of body language that is more common in females, and here is a tutorial on how to achieve it.

1- Take shorter steps

Girl steps are typically shorter than boy steps. You will want to start walking in a slower pace, but not too slowly. Shorter steps can make your walk more fluid, but if you are going too slow, someone might think you are struggling or something. Just try to play a bit with your legs, and find your own pace. Moving slowly enough will highlight the movements of both your legs and your hips.

When walking as a girl, relax your muscles. It will help you gain a better control over your steps, and you shall be able to coordinate your feet better this way. Men usually walk with less care than women, and are usually taking wider and uncoordinated steps, so if you want to be distinguished from them you need to take your time and pay attention on your movements.

2- Put your weight in a foot at a time

To help creating a little “swing” on your hips when walking, you should start putting your weight on only one foot at a time, and try to narrow your stride. You can do so by positioning your feet inwards when walking, and putting them one in front of the other. Doing so will make your hips swing within your steps, just make sure that you are not exaggerating and it will look natural and fluid.

3- Fix your posture

Make sure to pull your shoulders and your belly backwards, and your chest forward. You do not want to look “flat” and “square” like men naturally do, so rearranging your posture can help you emulate feminine curves. Also, pushing back your shoulders can help they look less broad. However, making your posture look like a woman’s might be tricky and quite hard, so you could really use the help of a corset, waist trainers or a female posture corrector.

4- Body language

Learning feminine body language is a little bit simpler than it seems. First of wall, watch your arms. Keeping your arms wide and loose is a typical example of masculine attitude, so make sure to keep them moving near your hips and close to your sides.

5- Sitting properly

Remember: Legs closed. It is quit uncommon for a woman to sit down with her legs spread, because a lot of people consider that to be improper. Another point to make here is that keeping your legs closed is very useful to help you hide things down there. Also, you can cross your legs if wearing a skirt or a dress, but make sure to tuck properly so you do not hurt yourself.

6- Try heels

High heels can help you learn things faster, because its harder to get good at. If you train walking on heels, you will soon be ready to walk like a girl whenever you want to.

7- Practice

Training and exercising brings perfection. You can practice your walk and movements in front of a big mirror to see how you are doing, but its always great to ask a female friend for help, advice and feedback. Filming yourself can also be a great idea to track your progress and to see how your skills are evolving. Take your time to analyze the footage and show it for a friend you trust so you can get a better feedback. This way you will know what you are doing right and what you are doing wrong, so you can perfect your female movements.

8- Final words

So, these tips are about some minor details, but they will surely make a difference when you try to go out and pass as a girl. Be sure to pay attention on these details, and as soon as you understand how to emulate these behaviors (that are typically associated with women) you will be one step closer to pass as a real girl in public, but don’t be ashamed if you think its too hard: you can just be yourself and that will be enough!

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