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How to store your crossdressing stuff safely

Written by Elise Wren

If you are into crossdressing, you surely have something that requires storage. Your wigs, your makeup, your clothes and your shapewear: you will need proper storage for all of these items, for many reasons. The type of storage really depends on how many of these things you have, and if you care or not for it to be discovered by other people, but it is also a matter of taking good care of your stuff.


1- Quick storage (short term)

In a case on which you are in a hurry and want to hide your things as soon as possible, you might want an alternative to conventional storage methods. Reach for a travelling bag, or a large backpack, and gently fit your clothes, bras, corsets, girdles and any type of shapewear that you have into it. A wig is a little bit more complicated to store, because you surely don't want it to entangle. You can overcome that kind of situation by using hair nets to protect your wig and then putting it on a small cardboard box. For extra protection, you can hide that bag and the box in your closet or on the trunk of your car.


2- Long term storage

Once you are settled on a safe place where you can store your crossdressing stuff in a more elaborate way, you should start to think about getting a closet, a wardrobe or a dresser with some drawers. This is surely going to help you to store and organize most of your clothes, and also your shapewear. Waist trainers and girdles can be easily folded and stored in a drawer, but if you have something like a corset or silicone breastplates or suits, consider getting a mannequin, as it can also be used to display your favorite wig.


Speaking of wigs, they might be the most delicate of all your crossdressing items, so they require some special attention. Depending on the quality of your wig, it might be a quite expensive investment, and you will want to take good care of it so you won’t end up with a ruined or entangled wig. so, what can you do to protect your precious hair? First of all, avoid storing wigs on bags or plastic packaging, as well as folding it. If possible, get some mannequin heads or a foam head mold as a support for your wig, because they really aren't expensive and are basically the best way to display and store your variety of wigs in a safe and organized way.


3- Travel storage

f you are going out on a trip and want to keep your crossdresser items close to you, it is highly recommended to get something discrete, that won't attract unwanted attention or suspiciousness. Get a bag or a backpack for your clothes, and you can even store them with your masculine ones if you feel ok with it. For your wig and shapewear, try some kind of box. A medium sized cardboard box can fit all of your undergarments, and a smaller one can fit your wig, but don't forget to use hair nets to prevent it from entangling! if you are already carrying too many things, consider getting a handbag and combine it with a backpack, so everything becomes easier to carry around. those tips are quite useful if you plan to travel em femme, or if you just want to make sure no one finds your stash while you are away


4- A consideration about hiding your stash

Of course, a lot of crossdressers end up feeling forced to hide their crossdressing items for fear of being discovered. It's very common to see these people recurring to cardboard boxes, hidden storage spaces and a lot of other tricks to keep their stashes away from people that they don’t want to discover about their femme persona. They go as far as renting lockers out of their homes to hide that stuff. As odd as it seems, the best workaround would be to come out and tell someone that you crossdress. However, you don't need to go telling straight up everyone, just find someone you can trust and that you feel that would accept you. Having a trustable friend that knows about your femme self is going to open a lot of new doors to you. You can use their house to store your stash, Order items online and set the delivery to their address and even ask for their help to dress up.


If you are married and are hiding the fact that you crossdress from your significant other, things can get a little more complicated. Relationships should be built on trust, and if you hide it from your partner for too long, something will start to look off. Coming out to your loved one is the best thing you can do, but make sure to take your time and expect any kind of reaction. If the person loves you, you are going to be accepted and won't have to betray their trust anymore, nor will you have to worry too much about hiding a big secret.

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