How To Hide Your Adam’s Apple: Rookie Mistakes To Avoid


Fix your Adam’s apple problems.


Like many MTF crossdressers, I have a very protruding Adam’s apple that’s hard to conceal.


Since I started crossdressing 6 years ago, I’ve made many mistakes when it comes to trying to hide it.


How to hide Adams Apple 


Luckily, you don’t have to go through the same struggles as me.


As your crossdressing sister, I’ll share with you the 6 rookie mistakes that I made.


These include wearing tight clothes, not contouring my neckline, neglecting neck accessories, choosing short unflattering wigs, overlooking scarves, and having bad posture.


I’ll also share some tips and tricks for overcoming each of these 6 mistakes. Let’s get started.



What is an Adam’s Apple



Adam’s apple” is made of cartilage and it protects your voice box. It is the common term for what doctors call the laryngeal prominence of the thyroid cartilage.


It’s the cartilage that wraps around the front of your voice box (larynx) and helps protect your vocal cords from injury.


An obvious Adam’s apple is therefore sometimes considered a secondary sex characteristic of males.


A secondary sex characteristic is a physical feature that may show up differently based on your sex and that usually becomes obvious at sexual maturity.


Concealing Your Adam’s Apple for a Feminine Look


How to hide Adams Apple 


Before I walk you through the rookie mistakes I made when trying to hide my Adam’s apple, let me start by explaining to you why you should consider concealing your Adam’s apple.


You see, as an MTF crossdresser, our testosterone hormones affect the size of our Adam’s apple during puberty.


This is the time when our voices deepen, and our Adam’s apple starts being noticeable.


Basically, it’s meant to protect our vocal cords, but it can be a clear giveaway that you’re not a woman.


How to hide Adams Apple 


By reducing how visible your Adam’s apple is, you can easily pass as a girl.


I don’t have to tell you how confident that will make you feel.


Although some crossdressers and transgenders go for surgery to reduce the size of their Adam’s apple.


But honestly, I wouldn’t recommend it to you.


It’s quite expensive and if the surgery goes wrong, it can because it’s quite expensive and can damage your vocal cords.


My advice is that you take the second-best option which is learning how to minimize its size and cover it up.


Avoid These Mistakes When Covering Your Adam’s Apple


How to hide Adams Apple


Now that you understand how transformative hiding your Adam’s apple is for your feminine appearance, here are the 6 mistakes that you should avoid.


Wearing Tight Clothes Around Your Neck


How to hide Adams Apple 


I remember going through a phase where I was obsessed with mock necktops.


I thought they made me look slimmer but boy was I wrong.


Looking back at those pictures, my Adam’s apple was protruding like a ripe apple ready for plucking.


So learn from my mistake and opt for looser fitting clothes that draw attention away from your neck.


I’m talking about dresses with a deep V-neckline that will leave people staring at your amazing boobs, not your neck.


How to hide Adams Apple 


You can also go for loose-fitting high-collar shirts and cotton turtlenecks during winter.


Plus, if you want to hide your Adam’s apple while looking cute and sexy,  go for tops with cute ruffled collars that are very flattering.


Not Contouring Your Neckline


How to hide Adams Apple 


The second mistake I made in my crossdressing journey was limiting my makeup to only my face and not contouring my neck.


I would walk around with a stunning face beat but my Adam’s apple was visible to anyone a few meters away.


Obviously, this gave me away a few too many times. Even on the days when I was rocking my C-cup silicone breast forms.


To avoid this, I would recommend that you master the art of contouring your neckline.


Here’s how you can do this and look more feminine in just 3 steps:


How to hide Adams Apple


  1. Start by choosing a contouring powder or cream that is two shades darker than your neck.
  2. Then apply a test patch on the back of your hand to see if you’re allergic to it.
  3. Finally, apply the powder or cream on your neckline and blend with your makeup sponge.


The reason I recommend choosing a darker shade is because dark colors make things appear smaller.


So it will reduce the appearance of your Adam’s apple. Try it out and thank me later.


Choosing Short and Unflattering Hairstyles


How to hide Adams Apple 


In my 2nd year of crossdressing, I started playing around with different hairstyles like pixie cuts and bob wigs.


It didn’t help that I could only afford the cheap ones that didn’t flatter my face so much.


Although these short hairstyles are great for shaping your face, they draw attention to your neck.


That’s because they end at your jawbone and leave your neck exposed.


How to hide Adams Apple 


So if you’re trying to hide your Adam’s apple in public, go for longer wigs that match your skin complexion.


For example, if you have dark skin, a long wavy black wig will mask your Adam’s apple and make you look like a sexy goddess.


On the other hand, if you have a lighter complexion, a stylish long and blond wig will do the trick.


Not Wearing Stylish Scarves and Neckerchiefs


How to hide Adams Apple 


I used to hate the idea of wearing scarves because they would leave my neck feeling itchy and uncomfortable.


But over time, I realized it was the wool material that affected me.


At that time, I needed to buy clothes at a cheaper price and I had no one to guide me on things like fabrics.


Now I know better and I recommend that you invest in silk scarves and neckerchiefs.


Not only will they hide your Adam’s apple, but they will also be gentle on your skin.


Plus, the silk material is breathable and great for both winter and summer.


As you shop for scarves and neckerchiefs, my advice is that you go for vibrant colors like red, purple, and pink for a stylish and feminine look.


Neglecting Your Neck Accessories


Read Now! 


Trust me when I say that you would never catch me dead without a pair of stylish rings and earrings, but my neck would be as bare as a desert.


This meant that my Adam’s apple would always be out for the whole world to notice.


But as the years went by, I met a fellow crossdresser who loved dressing up in goth clothes.


Gradually, they introduced me to the fascinating world of chokers.


What amazed me was that I couldn’t tell right away that they were an MTF crossdresser.


Their Adam’s apple was practically invisible beneath the choker.


To achieve a similar look, invest in a high-quality choker. Pick one that is adjustable so that you can choose the level of tightness around your neck.


But if a choker isn’t really your style, another great neck accessory you can go for is a long v-neck necklace.


You can either choose a normal one-piece or a layered necklace.


Then pair the necklace with a low-neck dress or top and I promise you this combo will draw attention away from your neck, and to your amazing boobs.


Slouching and Having a Bad Posture


Crossdress Now! 


The final rookie mistake that you should avoid as you try to hide your Adam’s apple each time you’re in public is slouching.


Each time you slouch your back, your neck appears shorter and this makes your Adam’s apple noticeable.


But standing up straight makes your neck appear longer and your Adam’s apple looks smaller.




So practice walking with your back straight and maintaining good posture when you sit.


A good trick that I use is practicing my posture even when I’m at home.


You can also invest in great office chairs if you work from home or a comfortable pillow set that will help you keep your spine straight.


Once you’re used to doing this at home, you’ll notice how natural standing, sitting, and walking straight will be for you each time you’re in public.




Buy Now! 


As a crossdressing sister, one of the things I love is being authentic with you about the mistakes that I’ve made, so you can learn from them.


Sometimes I wish I had someone to guide me, but I’m also grateful that I’ve had to go through this, so you don’t have to.


So please learn from my 6 rookie mistakes as you crossdress and master the tips of disguising your Adam’s apple.


Plus, the tips that I’ve shared with you will work all year round and if you follow them, you’ll see the difference.


That’s it for today. Don’t forget to comment your answer to the questions I asked earlier down below.


I’ll make sure to read them All the best in your journey to being the sexiest, prettiest, and feminine version of you.


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