How To Remove Body Hair for FemBoys


Discover the best ways to remove body hair specifically tailored for FemBoys in this article.


As femboys, we’re used to defying societal expectations on who we should or should not be.


This includes how it’s okay for boys to walk around and be unbothered with unruly body hair.


If you’re anything like me, you like being as smooth and as soft as a baby.


How To Remove Body Hair for FemBoys


Being hairless is a great step in your journey, especially if you want to explore some creative femboy fashion inspiration like mini skirts and short dresses.


Today I’ll walk you through the best ways to get rid of your body hair.


I’ll teach you about the temporary solutions like shaving and using creams and also the long-term solutions like waxing, using lasers, and electrolysis.


By the end of this article, you’ll have a deep understanding of each hair removal method. Afterward, you can choose the one that suits you best. Let’s dive in.



Short-Term Solutions


Electric Shaver


How To Remove Body Hair for FemBoys 


An electric shaver is an upgrade of a normal razor since it’s faster and more efficient.


Plus, you don’t need extra products when you’re using an electric shaver.


For most femboys, this is their go-to hair removal method.


That’s because shaving gives you quick results in a matter of minutes.


Now, let’s explore the factors you should consider before heading to Target and getting yourself an electric shaver.


Simply Shaving: Time Vs. Maintenance


How To Remove Body Hair for FemBoys


I won’t lie, shaving takes time. You have to be patient and precise to get all the hair out.


Plus, you have to be extra careful to avoid cutting yourself by accident.


This means that to shave your entire body, you might take between 30 minutes to an hour.


If you’re quite hairy, you can take even more time.


As you shave, the blade in the electric shaver cuts your hair at the base, which is your skin’s surface.


The root of your hair remains inside your skin and the hair grows back in about 2-3 days


This means that as a femboy if you want to keep up with this lifestyle, you’ll have to shave every now and then.


I would recommend shaving as a hair removal method for last-minute touch-ups when you want to rock sleeveless dresses and tops.


Razor Risks: Beware of Chemical Burning


How To Remove Body Hair for FemBoys


If you have sensitive skin, using an electric shaver can give you a burning sensation.


This is because of the nickel material used to make most electric shavers.


To determine if you’re allergic to the material, start by shaving less sensitive areas like your arms and legs.


Then check to see if you react to it, and if you don’t proceed to shave your underarms.


Once you learn the hacks for the best pubic hair removal, go ahead and also shave your bikini area.


But if you experience a burning sensation on your leg, choose another hair removal method for your sensitive areas.


Lastly, make sure that you clean your shaver before and after use.


Also, store it in a dry area away from direct sunlight so that the sun’s rays don’t destroy the batteries.


Hair Removal Creams


How To Remove Body Hair for FemBoys 


Let me tell you how my journey with hair removal creams began.


When I came out as a femboy a few years ago, I started shaving with an electric shaver.


I liked it because it was quick and I could shave off my hair before going out for the night.


However, I noticed that I would constantly get razor bumps on my skin.


I thought they would go away once my skin got used to it, but they only worsened.


That’s when a friend recommended me to try a hair removal cream instead.


Since then, I have reached out for the cream instead of my electric shaver.


A hair removal cream works by breaking down the protein structure of your hair.


They usually contain chemicals like potassium hydroxide that dissolve your hair.


Afterward, you can simply wash or wipe your hair off your skin.


It’s a great way to remove body hair for femboys since you won’t get any razor bumps or irritation on your skin.


But if you have sensitive skin, I’ll advise you to start slowly and test a small portion of the cream on less sensitive areas like your arms.


Then see if your body reacts to it. Then you can go ahead and use it all over your body.


Long-Term Perfection


Here are 4 long-term methods of hair removal for achieving perfection.




How To Remove Body Hair for FemBoys


Many feminine boys have a love-hate relationship with waxing.


On one hand, it’s super effective and you’ll be hairless for a good 2-3 weeks, but on the other hand, you’ll have to endure some pain during your wax session.


I remember my first waxing appointment. After shaving my hair for years, it had become thick and rough, and I was almost in tears.


My waxing person had to give me a pep-talk in between the strips to get me to finish.


But after seeing how smooth my skin was after the session, I swore to go back.


And I promise, the pain lessens the more you wax. My second time was tolerable and the third time, I barely flinched.


That’s because when you wax, you’re uprooting the hair from the root.


This makes the hair that grows back thinner and softer than the one you removed, meaning it will be less painful.


Waxing Wonders: Types & Methods


How To Remove Body Hair for FemBoys


There are two main types of waxing methods:


Soft waxing

Hard waxing


Soft Waxing


During this session, your waxing technician will apply the wax on your skin, cover it with a paper strip, and pull it against the direction of your hair growth.


Many femboys prefer this method for waxing large areas like their legs and arms.


A soft wax is quite affordable and perfect for you if you have thin and soft hair. It’s also easy to spread on your skin.


However, a soft wax can get messy and if you have sensitive skin, you may experience some redness.


Hard wax


On the other hand, a hard wax doesn’t need paper strips.


Once your waxing technician applies it on your skin, the wax hardens and it can be pulled from your skin.


It’s perfect for femboys like me who have thick and rough hair.


Plus, it’s less painful than soft wax and you can use it on sensitive places like your face and underarms.


Then once you get some tips for a bikini wax, you can use it on that area.


The only minor disadvantage of hard wax is that it’s more expensive than soft wax.


The Waxing Dilemma: Hot Vs. Cold Wax


How To Remove Body Hair for FemBoys 


After learning about the waxing methods, the final thing you need to know is the types of wax to use. The two types are:


Hot wax

Cold wax


You might be wondering, what is the difference between cold and hot wax? Here’s what you should know.


Hot wax


This type of wax uses warm melted wax to remove body hair for femboys.


Your waxing technician will apply the wax on your skin while it’s still warm and spread it to cover your hair.


If you’re doing a soft warm wax, they will add a strip on the wax and pull it.


But if you’re going for a hard warm wax, they’ll wait for the wax to harden then they’ll peel it out.


Hot wax is great for large areas with short stubborn hair, it’s less painful, and the results last a long time. However, it can get messy.


Cold Wax


Alternatively, cold wax doesn’t need warming. You can carry it with you wherever you go.


The wax comes applied on strips. To use it, press the strips on your skin then pull it in the opposite direction of your hair growth.


It’s great for days when you’re on a tight budget and can’t make it to the waxing salon.


Plus, they are less messy. The only disadvantage is it’s time-consuming as you might have to apply multiple strips on one area to get the best results.


Epilators: Painful But Effective


How To Remove Body Hair for FemBoys 


An epilator is a device that works similarly to an electric shaver, except that it pulls your hair from the roots.


This makes it more effective and your hair grows thinner and softer.


I won’t lie, it can be a little painful but if you invest in a water-friendly one, the pain will be manageable.


You can use it on yourself at home and after a few sessions, the pain will reduce from a 7 to a 3.


How To Remove Body Hair for FemBoys 


Some of the benefits of using an epilator are:


Smooth hair-free skin for like 2-3 weeks

You can do it yourself at home

The freedom to carry the device and use it whenever you want

No mess


However, you can spend a good 40 minutes on just your legs since it takes time to remove all the hairs.


If you have low pain tolerance, you can experiment with sugaring.


It’s a gentle hair removal approach that involves using a sticky sugar paste to remove your hair from the roots.


To make the paste, you’ll need water, lemon juice, and sugar. After making sure the paste is lukewarm, apply it in the direction of your hair growth.


Unlike waxing, you’ll apply the lukewarm paste in the direction of your hair growth and remove it against that direction.


Laser Insight


How To Remove Body Hair for FemBoys 


The second long-term method of hair removal for achieving perfection is using lasers.


Laser hair removal for femboys involves using light beans to damage the melanin in your hair follicles.


This prevents the hair from growing back again.


It’s a great alternative to waxing, especially if you have low pain tolerance.


During a laser hair removal section, you can remove hair from sensitive areas like your bikini line and underarms.


It can also be used on your face, chin, back, and arm. The only place you can’t use it is near your eyes and where you have a tattoo.


After a few sessions, many femboys experience permanent hair loss as the hair doesn’t grow back.


However, laser hair removal works best on femboys with a combination of light skin and dark hair.


If you have light hair like blond or red, the laser beams might fail to differentiate between your skin and your hair.


On the other hand, if you have darker skin, the beams might accidentally burn your skin.




How To Remove Body Hair for FemBoys 


The last semi-permanent method of hair removal for femboys is electrolysis.


Basically, this is a procedure where an electric current is applied to your hair.


The current weakens and destroys your hair follicles to prevent your hair from growing back.


Some femboys experience slight discomfort during the process, but it’s nothing that you can’t handle.


Actually, it’s more permanent than laser hair removal but it’s more expensive as you’ll need to go for several sessions.


Unlike laser hair removal, electrolysis is suitable for feminine boys of all hair colors and skin types.


Painless Preparation: Tips for Less-Painful Hair Removal


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Now that I’ve shown you both the temporary and permanent hair removal methods for femboys, it’s time to look at how to prepare for a hair removal session.


Here are some of my tips that work for all the methods above:


Exfoliate your skin the night before you remove your body hair.


This will help get rid of dead skin cells, leaving your skin smooth which will make the hair removal process easier


Drink enough water. Hydrated skin will have less friction than dry skin when it comes to shaving.


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Avoid drinking alcohol before your wax.


You might think that you need a little liquid courage, but since alcohol can dilate your blood vessels, you’ll have more blood flowing close to your skin surface.


This can make your skin more sensitive and the experience more painful


Consider taking pain relievers like Advil or Tylenol before waxing to reduce discomfort.


Take a warm shower before using an epilator. The steam will open up your pores, soften your hair, and make it easier to come out.




How To Remove Body Hair for FemBoys 


That’s it fellow femboys. Finding the right body hair removal method involves mixing short-term convenience and long-term effectiveness.


To find the right method, consider your preferences, pain tolerance, and desired outcomes.


Which femboy hair removal method do you use? Leave me a comment down below.


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