3 Big Reasons Why Men Wear Bodystockings


Discover why cross dressing men wear bodystockings.  Unveil tips, benefits, and styles for a confident, feminine sissy look.




Hey sisters! So, you know, as a feminine sissy man, I’m always attracted to feminine fashion and lifestyle. But you know what, I’ve realized that there’s something very about feminine intimate wear that just excites me more.


It makes me feel very feminine, and guess what? Bodystockings is one such outfit which are at the top of that list. Do you feel the same way? I don’t know what it is about the body stockings that are so tempting to me. Is it their sexy one-piece look, the sheer material, or just how revealing they are? And guess what else I found out? A lot of us cross dressing men find body stockings super hot and tempting.


So, I did some more research on this topic, which I will share in this blog; I’m gonna talk all about body stockings. Why do they have such magnetism for us cross dressing men, and what are the awesome benefits of wearing body stockings? Stick around, ’cause it’s gonna be fabulous!



What is Bodystockings?




Bodystocking is basically a one-piece sensual piece of clothing worn to cover the entire body, yes, from the torso to the legs, and some designs also cover the arms.


Yeah, you’re right; these are like pantyhose but with a full-body design instead of just the legs.


The other day, I was watching a try-on haul, and the girl in that video was referring to bodystockings as a ‘unitard,’ but she was wrong, babe.


A unitard is worn as an outfit or an article of clothing, but a body stocking? Nah! Bodystocking falls in the category of lingerie. Got it?


Also, I’ve seen so many crossdressers confuse body stockings with bodysuits, catsuits, leotards, and other types of dancewear.


Are you one of those? Babe, these are different things.


The one basic clear difference between a bodystocking and a bodysuit is that bodystockings are extremely sensual and revealing outfits.


Bodystockings are exotic and made for those intimate moments.


Advantages of Wearing Bodystockings


Where do I even start, babe? There are so many fab advantages of wearing bodystockings for girls like you and me, such as:




  • When I am feeling a no-panties day, I go with body stockings. Yeah, we totally can wear them without panties. Let’s be honest here, we sissy men have a love-and-hate relationship with panties; I mean, we like them but not always, so bodystockings are a good alternative to panties while it still gives that enticing feminine feel. Some girls wear panties under body stockings, but we don’t necessarily need to wear panties since they’re designed to replace them.


  • Another awesome thing? Many bodystockings are crotchless – a total relief to all the sissies on this planet.


  • Wearing a body stocking also provides a hygienic barrier between our body and outer garments.





  • Let’s face it, babes, bodystockings have serious sex appeal. They’re literally made to turn on your partner with just one glance. Their sheer material and form-fitting nature? Totally irresistible.


  • And don’t forget, body stockings are great for layering under our clothes, giving that extra warmth without the to much. Plus, in the feminine fashion world, body stockings can be layered in really creative ways for some unique and edgy looks.


  • Lastly, made from stretchy materials like nylon or lycra, body stockings are comfy to wear, adapting to our body’s every feminine move without any restriction.


Why Men Wear Bodystockings




  1. First off, donning a body stocking is a statement, babe. It screams, “I’m a stylish and fashionable sissy man.” Not everyone thinks about wearing body stockings, so one who wears them instantly stands out from the crowd, making a  bold choice. Plus, it’s all about embracing femininity. When we wear them, they give us that feminine shape, contouring the legs for a smoother, more elongated look – a huge confidence booster for crossdressing men like us.





  1. And let’s talk about embracing femininity. Wearing body stockings is super empowering as a crossdresser. It’s a fashionable way to explore and express our femininity.





  1. I don’t know about you, babe, but for me, the smooth, silky fabric against my thighs feels like heaven and kind of turns me on in a feminine way. A lot of my sissy friends feel the same. They say it makes them feel sensual and feminine the moment they slip into a bodystocking. I think all of us sissy men get this. Girls might not understand because, to them, it’s just bodystockings, but for us? It’s bliss. It’s a deeply personal and fulfilling part of embracing our feminine identity. OMG, I feel sorry for those girls. LOL!


5 Best Bodystockings for Sissy Men





Lace Floral Fishnet Bodystockings


OMG, this is probably the sexiest bodystocking made just for sissy men. Why is it sexy? Babe, I mean, look at it!


The entire body stocking is lacy with a floral design – how feminine is that? And it’s so easy to wear.


This body stocking will accentuate our curves and give us that sissy bimbo look.


I’m telling you, these men won’t be able to resist when they see us in this bodystocking.





Sexy Soft Bodystocking


You like nude even I like nude, and you know what? Roanyer made this body stocking just for us, babe.


Yes, it’s a stunning and alluring nude-colored body stocking. OMG, imagine you’re wearing this, your curves smooth, flawless, and irresistible.


The material of this bodystocking is very smooth and soft, made to give our sissy skin a tantalizing feminine feel and a seductive feminine silhouette.


I’m ordering this now to feel confident in my femininity. When are you doing it?





Semi-Sheer Bodystocking


I would say this body stocking falls into a more formal category, providing a perfect mixture of allure and elegance.


We can wear this for layering in winter under a skirt. Oh, Christmas is coming, and I’m definitely wearing this with my mini-skirt when going for Christmas shopping.


I wouldn’t recommend wearing this in intimate settings; this one is made more to be paired with formal outfits.


Yeah, you can wear this if you’re doing an air hostess roleplay with your pilot in your cockpit (wink-wink).



lingerie for guys


Sexy Crotchless Bodystocking


The Sexy Crotchless Bodystocking from Roanyer is a unique and sexy piece of lingerie made for sissy men. Why do I say that?


Babygirl, it’s designed with a crotchless feature, yeah. So, for those moments when we are going for a full risqué appearance, crotchless bodystocking is definitely the top choice.


Heads up, girl! The Sexy Crotchless Bodystocking is limited in stock and going for a whopping 75% off in the Black Friday Super Sale.


It’s selling fast, so act quickly and present yourself to your man like a tasty treat with crotchless body stockings this Christmas.



lingerie for guys


Medium Grid Bodystocking


Just like the semi-sheer, this bodystocking, with its medium grid design, offers a balance of elegant coverage and sensual allure.


But this is not formal wear, and I’ll tell you why. If you look at this bodystocking closely, you’ll see small shiny stonework, which first makes the stockings very cute and, secondly, makes them more sexually appealing.


This means we cannot wear them outside – nah, babe, only in the bedroom.


How to Care for Your Bodystockings




1. Babe, we’re like the biggest enemies of our bodystockings ’cause our long sissy nails can cause runs and snags while slipping into those sexy pieces.


We’ve all been there, right? How do we avoid that? Here’s a hack: put on a pair of cotton mini gloves. Yep, it’s that simple.


Wearing soft gloves while putting on the body stocking can help prevent those pesky runs caused by long nails.


2. Always pick the right size to avoid tugging while putting on the bodystocking, babes.


As sissies, we should often opt for a slightly smaller size to reduce the chance of runs, and, honestly, it makes us look more feminine – speaking from experience here!


3. Freeze your bodystocking before the first use – Pinky promises it helps extend their life.


Wet your body stocking, gently squeeze out most of the water, then pop it in a freezer bag for at least 24 hours.

lingerie for guys


4. Okay don’t wanna sound like your mommy here, but babe, when washing the body stocking, place it in a lingerie bag.


Always remember to use a mild detergent in cold water on a gentle cycle.


Don’t forget to add the fabric softener! This is important because adding a fabric softener presents the sexy shape of a body stocking.


5. And most importantly, never use a dryer for body stockings. This will totally ruin them. Always hang them to dry.


6. Last but not least, it’s important to wear body stockings very carefully.


What I do


Because the fabric is delicate, I gently slip one foot in, then pull it up to about knee height.


Repeat with the other foot, and make sure there’s no twisting and that it fits snugly on my hips and thighs.


I ensure there’s proper tension in the material and no wrinkles.


When pulling the bodystocking up, I do it slowly and smoothly.

If I am wearing breast forms, I’ve to be extra careful and work my body stocking up and over them, then insert my arms.

Here comes my favorite part. I stand in front of a full mirror to check for any wrinkles or twists and then embrace my sexy look.


Final Words


lingerie for guys


So, I’ve told you everything about body stockings, why we like to wear them, the advantages, and all that jazz.


Now, all that’s left is for you to order your favorite pair of body stockings and wear them.


Remember the tips I gave you about ordering – yeah, go one size smaller for that sexy, accentuated feminine look.


Make sure you wear them carefully and handle them with care after use.


Whether it’s for wearing under a slimline evening dress, or for that moment at the end of the evening when the dress comes off… One thing’s for sure: both you and your handsome are in for a treat!

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