Black Friday 2023: The Best Black Friday Deals on Roanyer


OMG, can you believe it’s that time of year again?


Yasss, it’s shopping season, babes!


And I just know you’re dying to snag something totally fab for your fierce femme side.


As usual, Roanyer is giving some major discounts, and this time it’s bigger and better than ever!


black friday 2023 


Black Friday is the event of the year, and we’re here to make it extra sparkly for all the crossdressers out there – that includes you, gorgeous!


Mark your calendars, sweetie: November 24th is the day.


Trust me, this is the real deal, not just from Roanyer but from any cross-dressing brand.


Like, ever.


Seriously, this is the moment to treat your inner diva to something absolutely stunning.


She deserves it, right?


So, what’s in store for you?


Stick with me as we are going to uncover the most epic Black Friday sale ever.


Don’t even think about snoozing on this – grab your cutest seat and hold on tight, ’cause it’s gonna be fabulous!



When is the Roanyer Black Friday Event Starting?


black friday 2023 


Chill, babe! I totally get you’re buzzing to get all the details.


So, here’s the deal: the real Black Friday sale kicks off on the 22nd of Nov and runs until the 29th.


That’s, like, a whole week for you to think it over and decide, ask for suggestions from your gal-pals, maybe take a quick look at your fab feminine figure, get clarity on what to buy, and finally grab the most stunning piece for yourself from Roanyer Crossdressing Store.


What’s so Special This Time?


black friday 2023 


Girl, seriously? It’s like, everywhere, and everyone’s talking about it, and you’re still in the dark?


No prob, I’ve got your back! So, here’s the thing: this time, Roanyer is doing something special.


I am talking about the biggest discounts of the year for all my lovely Roanyer sisters – a mind-blowing 75% off on everything.


Yes, babydoll! Breast forms, body suits, hip pants, girdles, panties, bras, wigs – all of it.


Up to 75% off.


This is your golden chance to add some feminine fabulousness to your wardrobe before the Christmas party and New Year bash.


What are you waiting for?


I’ve already picked my breast forms and Shakeable Hip Enhancing Pants to twerk on the New Year’s dance floor.


What about you?


black friday 2023 


But hold up, babe, there’s more!


Told ya this sale is the biggest black Friday sale, right?


So, Roanyer’s got something more for you and this super cool deal: be one of the Top 3 Daily Spenders and Voila!


You get a FREE Variety Set, which includes a realistic wig, a glam makeup cosmetic brush, sexy lingerie, killer heels, sultry stockings, a lifelike feminine girdle, a stunning dress, choker, necklace, ear clips – Isn’t it amazing?


Just imagine how many jaws you’ll drop on New Year’s Eve.


This sale is literally your fairy godmother, which got you all sorted for the Christmas and New Year’s parties.


black friday 2023


And get this – there are 4 Limited Time Offers every single day at crazy low prices.


So, my lovely girls out there reading this, you gotta check the site on a daily basis.


You never know when your dream breast forms will pop up at the perfect price.


I’ve already ordered my fav C Cup Breasts Large Size for just $109, and I love those cuties.


They are adorable!


Wanna Win Free Breast Forms?


black friday 2023 


LOL, right?


Such an obvious question!


But hey, remember when I said this Black Friday sale is, like, the biggest ever?


Why did I say that?


Well, coz you stand a chance to win, yes, super alluring breast forms from Roanyer for FREE FREE FREE.


black friday 2023 


Yup, now flaunt your inviting bosom and show off those curves without spending a dime.


All you gotta do is join in on our Black Friday promotion on X (you know, the new Twitter) and Instagram, and you can win free breast forms and a large voucher!


black friday 2023 


For all the juicy details?


Just click right here, babe


Black Friday Shopping Guide for Crossdressers


black friday 2023


Okay, so let me tell you what I’m totally obsessing over.


This sale is, like, once in a lifetime, and I’m not gonna miss out.


I’m eyeing the S Cup Breasts East West Shape because, honestly, these days, I feel like embracing pregnancy.


I so badly want to look like a pregnant woman, which is why large S Cup Breasts with the East-West Shape are all I want – they’ve got that real, authentic feel.


black friday 2023 


Plus, I’m definitely getting a Pregnant Belly for some cute pregnancy roleplay moments.


OMG, I can’t even wait; it’s gonna be so exciting!


Both of these products were way pricey for me, but no, because of the Black Friday Sale, they are in my budget.


You should do the same and totally jump on this, too.


If you’ve been dreaming of a bit of expensive items like large breast forms, hip pants, or a pregnancy belly, this sale is your moment.


black friday 2023 


I would also like to recommend the Femini Girdle to all you sexy gals ’cause, hello, Christmas is almost here, and we want our booties looking snatched in those red PJs, right?


I mean, who’s here for a flat, blah ass?


Not me, that’s for sure – my biggest nightmare!


And let’s not forget, right after Christmas comes the New Year’s party.


You’ve gotta get your glam on, girls, and remember, these offer isn’t gonna last forever.


black friday 2023 


To prepare for the Christmas party, fishnets are a must – they highlight your sexy legs under slutty short skirt, short skirt.


And girl, it’s high time to throw that old wig you’ve been using since you were 15.


Roanyer is giving some serious discounts, and you need to buy a new wig to get that sexy, flowy hair look.


And omg, don’t even get me started on tucking panties – Aha, no, no, no excuses, babes!


I mean, look at the panty designs and styles at Roanyer; it’s just too good and at such low prices.


I’m already picking a new pair of cute little tucking panties for myself, so don’t tell me I didn’t tell you!


black friday 2023 


If you’re one of those popular crossdresser queens of Twitter making boys totally lose it, then you’ve gotta check out the new masks at this Roanyer black Friday sale.


OMG, the discounts on face masks are beyond crazy.


I’m seriously thinking about grabbing one to get all that yummy attention.


Oh my gosh!


I love online simps – I mean, who doesn’t want to be adored, right?


Face masks are totally helpful in this case.


black friday 2023 


And hello, I’m also looking for a super cute and sexy bikini to make everyone do a double-take.


The deals on Roanyer bikinis are insane – like I wanna scoop up the whole collection!


What are you even waiting for?


Final Words


black friday 2023 


Okay, sissies, listen up ’cause I’ve got all the details you need for the Black Friday sale.


Trust me, you don’t wanna miss this – like, at all.


Otherwise, you’ll be stuck wearing a bra on a flat chest and panties on a not-so-cutie booty.


And let’s be real; no one wants that, especially us fabulous crossdressers!


So, get those fabulous fingers moving, check out the discount page, and see what’s there awaits you.


Maybe you can find your favorite breast form for less than the price of a bra set – how amazing is that?



And babes, definitely get in on the Roanyer promotion contest.


Who knows?


You might just win a free breast form, and posting on Instagram or Twitter is totally effortless and costs nothing, so just try your luck.


Plus, if you’re a shopping diva like me, make sure to be one of the top 3 spenders of the day to get some lovely freebies from Roanyer.


So, sisters, no excuses – set alarms, make notes, do whatever you want because this is a once-in-a-lifetime chance, and you do NOT want to miss out. Toodles!


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