12 Most Wanted Bikini For Crossdresser: A Guide To Roanyer’s Crossdresser Bikinis


Planning on having some fun at the beach, chilling at the pool, or simply soaking in some sun?


If so, you need to have the right bikini.


In my opinion, finding the right bikini is akin to striking the jackpot.


In addition to making you feel confident, a fitting and comfortable bikini can make your beach or pool outing more fun.




However, as a crossdresser, I have come to learn that finding the right bikini is easier said than done.


Fortunately, you don’t have to spend countless hours ordering multiple bikinis from different sellers, in your search of the perfect option.


To help fellow crossdressers find feminine and sexy swimwear, I have come up with a carefully selected list of 12 of the most wanted bikinis for crossdressers from Roanyer.


Without further delay, let’s dive right in, pun intended, and find something that works for you!



High Elastic Bikini – Black


Bikini For Crossdresser 


Just like the famous little black dress, a black swimsuit is a must-have!


Available in one of the most flattering colors – black – this high elastic swimsuit is a great option for truly tiny crossdressers.


The dark hue goes a long way towards making you look slimmer while accentuating your body.


Designed to be sexy and fashionable, this product is highly elastic and features adjustable straps for a snug and comfortable fit.


I also like the soft lining removable falsies (more on that below) and elegant gold-tone hardware included in the design.


Dark Blue Stripped Knotted Halter Knot


Bikini For Crossdresser 


One of the best ways for crossdressers to achieve a sexy figure is by balancing the proportions of their bodies using suitable clothing.


This is exactly what this dark blue-stripped knotted halter knot bikini does, and more.


I really like how the halter knot top provides a slimming effect by drawing in the eyes while showing off cleavage – side note, the knot gives it a cute unique look.


The halter top is also great at keeping breast forms perfectly in place – a great added bonus!


As a 3-piece bikini, this product also comes with a skirted bikini bottom as well.


I find that it helps cover anything that you might not be comfortable showing off while also adding some inches around the hips.


High Elastic Bikini Pink


Bikini For Crossdresser 


A pink bikini is bound to bring out your feminine appeal.


If your skin tans easily, or you have a darker skin tone, this high elastic pink bikini is exactly what you need to enjoy your time in the sun, while looking and feeling sexy at the same time.


It is worth mentioning that with this being a high bikini, it is best suited to tiny/slim crossdressers.


Just like the black number described above, this cute bikini comes with some awesome design features, including gold-tone hardware, adjustable straps, and soft lining removable falsies.


High Pink And Blue Bikini


Bikini For Crossdresser 


Another great option for slim crossdressers with darker skin or skin that normally tans easily, this pink and blue bikini is the perfect combination of two pastel colors.


Designed to ensure the perfect fit regardless of your body shape, this bikini comes with easily adjustable straps.


Furthermore, the soft lining removable falsies help add some much-needed oomph for those who need it.


Gold-tone hardware rounds off the stylish appeal of this awesome bikini.


High Red Bikini


Bikini For Crossdresser


The color red is associated with desire, power, and confidence.


It is also seen as the most attractive color – perhaps making this high red bikini the most sought-after product in this list!


In addition to the alluring color, I like the adjustable straps on this bikini.


You can use the straps to tighten or loosen the top as needed; or, shake things up by tying the top in different ways.


Yellow Strappy Micro Triangle Hawaiian


Bikini For Crossdresser 


Mix-and-match bikinis are among the hottest trends right now.


And, this yellow strappy micro triangle Hawaiian bikini combines a plain yellow strappy top with a patterned bottom.


If you ask me, this piece is perfect for anyone looking to make their own unique fashion statement.


The strappy yellow top features easily adjustable straps for the perfect fit, while the Hawaiian bottom is nice and comfortable at all times.


High Elastic Leopard Print Bikini


Bikini For Crossdresser 


Animal print bikinis have also been on my radar, given the fact that they are among today’s top trending options when it comes to fashionable swimwear.


This awesome installment from Roanyer is made from a comfortable soft-touch material.


It also features a smooth soft lining, soft lining removable falsies, gold-tone details, and high elasticity adjustable straps.


Black And White Leopard Print Bikini


Bikini For Crossdresser 


Continuing with the animal print love-in, this black and white leopard print bikini gives you the best of both worlds in terms of the color combination.


The black and white color combination helps you avoid any transparency/see-through issues that you may be afraid of after taking a dip in the water – if you were wearing a completely white swim-suit.


I love how this product’s unique color combination coupled with the gold-tone hardware means that you have more freedom when accessorizing your look!


Watermelon Spotted Tied Side String Bikini


Bikini For Crossdresser 


This watermelon-spotted bikini is exactly what you need to make a bold statement at the pool or beach.


Some of the design highlights of this product include adjustable high elasticity straps, gold-tone hardware, and soft-lining removable falsies.


Like other bikinis splashed with eye-catching graphics, this bikini pairs well with all sorts of beachwear accessories including bohemian jewelry, sarongs, and cover-ups among others.


High Elastic Geometric Print Bikini


Bikini For Crossdresser 


If you are really into prints, geometric patterns are an exciting way of incorporating them into your look.


What I really like about this specific bikini is how the design only includes three colors.


I’m sure that we can all agree that a design with too many colors combined with complex geometric shapes can be somewhat hard on the eyes!


This trendy bikini also comes with gold-tone details, adjustable straps, and soft-lining removable falsies.


High Elastic Bikini – Black Spots


get now! 


Black spots on a light background give this bathing suit an attractive classic look – a great option for crossdressers who understand that all prints don’t have to be bright and bold to be fun and fashionable.


Loosening and tightening this bathing suit is easy given the adjustable straps.


Furthermore, the use of black and white – two neutral colors – increases your options when it comes to accessorizing your look and expressing yourself.


Orange And Red Bikini


Buy Now! 


Looking for something that helps bring color and excitement into each new day?


This multi-colored geometric print bikini will have you looking and feeling awesome thanks to its trendy design.


In addition to the eye-catching graphic print, this bikini also comes with the Roanyer’s characteristic design highlights including gold-tone hardware, adjustable straps, high elasticity, and smooth soft lining.


Factors To Consider as a Crossdresser


Bikini For Crossdresser


Build: Broad shoulders are common among many MTF crossdressers.


This means that for you to achieve a more balanced and feminine look, you will need to look for a bikini that minimizes your shoulders and balances your proportions.


With that in mind, I advise that you lean towards halter tops, and completely avoid bandeau tops.


And, unless you are tiny/slim, you might want to avoid string bikinis as well.


Try a skirted bikini bottom, if you want to cover anything you might not be comfortable showing, and add some inches around your hips.


Fit: A perfect fit is essential for comfort and confidence.


Bikinis with adjustable straps make for easy and effortless loosening and tightening whenever necessary.


As a rule of thumb, a bikini that fits well feels tight when dry, and ensures unencumbered movement.


Padding And Ruffles: As a crossdresser, padding, and ruffles can be priceless when it comes to enhancing your hips and bust.


However, it is also important to mention the fact that they tend to soak up a lot of water.


This also means that they take longer to dry.


Be sure to keep all this in mind – especially when buying bikinis that don’t have removable padding.


Final Words


Bikini For Crossdresser 


As a cross, I can attest to how challenging finding the right bikini can be.


Fortunately, though, finding the perfect product for you is possible given today’s increasing offering of top quality bikinis for crossdressers.


Established in 2013, Roanyer has been producing and marketing top quality bikinis for crossdressers looking to achieve a sexy, stylish, and comfortable feel at the beach or swimming pool.


With the brand’s varied selection, you can be sure of finding something that matches your specific requirements regardless of your body shape and size.


All Roanyer products are shipped in discreet packaging in order to safeguard your privacy at all times.


And. with the above guide in hand, I am positive that you have everything you need to make informed purchase decisions.


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