A Comprehensive Guide to Bodysuits for MTF Crossdressers


While the best part of crossdressing is the result, the makeover process is a tough challenge that involves a handful of hard decisions and experimentations, which are not quite exciting to many.


The worst part is not achieving the desired results.


Bodysuits for MTF Crossdressers 


Luckily, you do not have to go through all these problems when you can just buy a MtF crossdresser bodysuit.


All you need is to choose the right suit that corresponds with your body and needs.


You will attain the desired figure and appearance in a moment.


In this piece, we will go over everything about MtF crossdresser’s bodysuits.


So read through to the end to learn everything you need about bodysuits for MTF crossdressers.



Overview of Bodysuits for MTF Crossdressers


Bodysuits for MTF Crossdressers 


A bodysuit, in general, is a type of body shapewear used to complement one’s silhouette to enhance appearance.


It is a one-piece, close-fitting body shaper designed for contouring and accentuating specific body parts, helping the wearer achieve the desired appearance.


In crossdressing, bodysuits help us transform our body shapes, carving out the desired look and achieving a sleek appearance.


Think of a bodysuit as an all-in-one shapewear containing all the necessary features for attaining a specific figure.


Bodysuits for MTF Crossdressers 


That said, MtF crossdresser’s bodysuits have added features such as in-built breast forms and butt & hip pads for creating a realistic feminine body shape.


They may also have an enhanced waistpiece for compressing the waistline and concealing the belly, creating an illusion of a flat tummy and a slim waist.


Generally, bodysuits for MtF crossdressers are designed with all basic feminization features, including gaffing elements for ensuring a flat and smooth feminine-ish underbelly area.


This makes the suits the best shapewear option for crossdressers.


What to Look for When Shopping for Bodysuits


buy now 


When shopping for a bodysuit, a few things are a must-consider to ensure the right decision.


First, and most importantly, keep in mind your body size and shape.


Notably, your body size and shape influence the suit’s effectiveness and, worse, your comfort.


So be sure to know your body measurements and look for the best-fitting suit.


Another crucial factor to consider when buying a bodysuit is the suit’s construction material.


Are the materials used user-friendly?


Here, you should consider your skin’s sensitivity and look for a suit built with friendly materials.


Also, consider the suit’s breathability to ensure your safety and comfort.


Moreover, consider a suit built with durable and easy-to-clean and care materials.


Bodysuits for MTF Crossdressers 


Lastly, you should consider bodysuit design and style.


Here, keep in mind your particular needs.


What parts do you want the suit to enhance?


How much enhancement and contour do you need?


Look for a design tailored to your needs.


Remember, the key to buying the right bodysuit is to pre-define your needs, have clear goals, and look for a suit(s) tailored to those specific needs.


Types of Bodysuits and Which Is Best for You


Bodysuits for MTF Crossdressers 


Bodysuits for crossdressers are categorized per construction material or the suit’s style/ body coverage.


Still, there are multiple sub-types under the main categories.


In regard to construction materials, there are two main types: fabric and silicone bodysuits.


Fabric suits are often made of cotton, leather, lace, and nylon.


Silicone, bodysuits are made of medical-grade silicone materials.


Fabric bodysuits are highly efficient in that they are relatively affordable and are easy to care for and maintain.


Moreover, fabric bodysuits offer unlimited wearability.


They are wearable underneath as lingerie or as the main outer clothing article.


On the dark side, fabric bodysuits offer limited feminization.


They offer the basic feminization elements only.


Bodysuits for MTF Crossdressers 


On the other hand, Silicone bodysuits, more specifically full-body silicone bodysuits, offer full feminization.


Specifically, these suits can cover the entire body from head to toe, feminizing all body parts, including the skin.


The suits are designed with realistic features such as gel-filled butt and boobs, enabling them to deliver lifelike looks and effects.


Some also include penetrable anal and vagina, which enhance the wearer’s femininity.


The best part of silicone bodysuits is that they are well-balanced, offering perfect body symmetry.


Better yet, they integrate pretty well with your skin, offering seamless transition and giving you a natural, realistic appeal and feel.


On the flip side, these bodysuits are relatively pricy.


However, they are highly durable under good conditions – a fact that outweighs the cost factor.


In addition, they are not as fluent as their counterpart fabric suits as they are only wearable as undergarments.


Shapes and Styles of Bodysuits Available


Bodysuits for MTF Crossdressers 


MtF crossdressers’ bodysuits come in three main styles – leotard, full-body, and unitard style.


The leotard-style bodysuits resemble swimsuits.


The suits cover the torso and the crotch.


The only distinguishing properties in bodysuits are the added paddings on the butt and breast areas and waist slimming properties.


Also, these shapewears may have waist cincher properties for shaping the waist.


Moreover, the shapewear usually has a crotch opening.


They include snaps, hooks, or velcro at the crotch for easy removal.


Unitard-style bodysuits, on the other hand, have longer legs and sleeves, usually reaching the wrist and ankles, unlike leotards.


These suits are the better alternative for crossdressers with more shouting male arms and legs as they conceal male features on these parts.


Although you can go for fabric-made unitard-style suits, silicone suits are more effective in providing a sleek, more natural feminine appeal.


Bodysuits for MTF Crossdressers 


Lastly, the full-body style bodysuits resemble the typical zentai bodysuits in that they cover the entire body from head to toe.


The suits are usually made of high-grade silicone materials that enable them to provide realistic female skin texture and appearance.


The suits usually include prosthetic breasts and butt, as well as realistic collarbone, bellybutton, and vagina, among other properties that enable natural feminine appeal and feel.


Generally, with these bodysuits, all you need to complement your MtF makeover is a wig, as they also include built-in makeup.


The Roanyer’s May Suit with Arms and Feet is a perfect example of full-body feminizing bodysuits.


Where to Find Quality and Affordable Bodysuits


Bodysuits for MTF Crossdressers 


Depending on your location and personal preferences, you can shop for bodysuits online or from a local retail dealer.


Still, ensure to buy from a recognized dealer.


As for the silicone bodysuits, the best option is to order your suit directly from the manufacturer.


That way, you can buy a custom suit tailored to your needs and preferences. 


Roanyer is one of the best manufacturers and sellers of silicone-made body suits.


Here, you will get the best quality products at a reasonable price.


How to Wear a Bodysuit (Tips & Tricks)


Bodysuits for MTF Crossdressers 


Typically, all bodysuits have pretty straightforward wearing procedures.


Their elasticity gives them enough wearability.


Still, it is worth noting that wearing procedures vary, depending on the suit’s design and style.


In this guide, we will guide you on how to put on a full-body silicone bodysuit, as it seems a bit more complicated than others.


Here are the steps to wearing it.


Bodysuits for MTF Crossdressers


 Clean Up


The first and most important step is ensuring the suit and your body are clean and dry.


You might also want to apply baby powder to the suit to enhance comfort.


The powder helps absorb moisture and reduce friction between the suit and the skin.


Prepare your hair


You can braid your hair or use a hairnet or stocking cap to keep your hair in place.


I prefer wearing a stocking cap to ensure my hair is well tucked and does not come into contact with the suit.


This reduces the chances of hair sticking on the suit, thus making it easy to clean afterward.


Bodysuits for MTF Crossdressers 


 Apply Makeup on the eyes


The makeup on the eyes enhances the integration of the suit’s eye openings with the eyes, bringing about a smooth transition, hence a natural appearance.


Wear the Suit


get now


Steps to putting it on


● Put in the legs through the back opening

● Adjust the legs and feet to fit, and ensure the suit is smooth

● Pull up the suit to the chest

● Put in the arms and adjust the suit until it is smooth

● Wear the mask (the head part of the suit) and adjust the position to fit your face

● Adjust the suit until it’s all fit and smooth.


That’s it! Your bodysuit is set.


Wrap Up




Overall, bodysuits are the best shapewear option for MtF crossdressers.


They are efficient and more effective shapers that offer a smooth, natural feminine appeal.


Still, you must ensure you buy the right suit for your body to get the most out of your bodysuit.


Also, remember that quality matters.


So be sure to shop with a reliable dealer for the best quality product.


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