8 Non-Binary & Trans Gamers that You Should Know About


I’m trans and I’m really into gaming, but honestly, watching gamers stream is even better for me. I guess it’s just my thing.


I dress up like a femboy, wearing thigh-high socks, a pink cami top over a mini skirt, some blush, and lipstick, chilling in my pink gaming chair, and I’m glued to Twitch watching various trans gamers do their thing.


It’s hands-down one of my favorite ways to relax. I’ve got a soft spot for trans gamers and LGBTQ streamers, you know? They often talk about super interesting things – their life experiences, their coming out stories, and all.


Plus, a lot of these LGBTQ streamers, especially the femboys, are so cute. That’s a big reason I love watching LGBTQ gaming streamers.




If you’re curious about all these crossdressers, trans and femboy gaming streamers, then this blog is for you.


I made this list of 8 non-binary and trans gamers that you should know about.


But hey, before we jump into that, let’s understand the rise of lgbtq gamers and streamers.



Rise of Lgbtq Gamers and Streamers


I’ve to say this: as a transgender, it makes me so happy to see crossdressers and trans women making a mark in the gaming scene.


The gaming world is becoming inclusive these days, and now we’ve countless gay, non-binary, crossdressers steamers always there to entertain and represent gender diversity to the masses.


It’s awesome seeing them representing the LGBTQ+ community on platforms like YouTube and Twitch.




And let me tell you, this is just the beginning, honey.


The number of LGBTQ+ gamers and streamers is only going up from here, making a huge impact in gaming and beyond, pushing for more gender inclusivity.


Just imagine you being a boy streaming Barbie Simulator, wearing a crop top and skirt, maybe some makeup. How cool is that, right?


We’re definitely heading in that direction.


So, let me introduce you to eight amazing trans and LGBTQ+ gamers from all around the globe that you should check out!


8 Non-Binary & Trans Gamers






Let’s start with my personal favorite, Annie. She’s a transgender girl, a beautiful bisexual woman from Michigan.


Annie usually streams on Twitch and uploads videos on YouTube. She’s a proud representative of the LGBTQ community, creating amazing content.


Her goal is to challenge the negative stereotypes of the LGBTQ community that are filled with harmful conspiracies, caricatures, and misinformation.


Beyond her ambitious goals, she’s also talented in playing the piano, guitar, and drums.




I love Annie because she’s incredibly charming, passionate, classy, skilled, and humble. She’s an inspiration to all feminine men and transgender women.


Annie is changing how the public perceives transgender individuals and is also educating people by providing resources often overlooked in schools and health systems.


As for gaming, Annie loves playing Overwatch, Lost Ark, and Valorant, among other games.


You should definitely subscribe to her Twitch channel


You can check out her YouTube content here


And guess what? Her Fansly is coming very soon.




Stef Sanjati




Stef Sanjati is an amazing transgender video game streamer and vlogger. Besides streaming, she creates educational videos on transgender and LGBTQ topics.


She covers everything from femininity and dealing with dysphoria to surgery, mental health, relationships, and fashion.


I’m totally a fan of Sanjati’s makeup skills — she’s a real expert! I’ve learned so much from her makeup tutorial videos.


She also sometimes streams her makeup sessions, which I never miss.




Sanjati has become a super popular trans content creator,  with over 594,000 subscribers.


She mainly plays battleground games, which seems a bit unexpected, given her personality, but I love watching her play.

She’s a diva and a hardcore gamer all rolled into one, perfectly bridging the worlds of beauty and gaming.



You can catch her gameplay streams on Twitch


And for more of Stef Sanjati’s lifestyle content, head over to her YouTube channel

Ricki Sophie Ortiz




Ricki Sophie Ortiz is a top-tier professional video game player for the team Evil Geniuses.


She’s been participating in Fighting Game tournaments for over ten years and has won lots of championship titles.


The funny thing, though, is that she doesn’t really see herself as a ‘gamer’ since she mostly plays Street Fighter and Marvel vs. Capcom.


But in the fighting game community, she’s very popular. That’s the kind of representation the LGBTQ community needs on the world stage.




I really resonate with her because her journey is super inspiring.


Ricki was assigned male at birth, came out as a gay man in 2003, and then, in 2009, she came out as transgender.


It was tough on her mental health, and it even impacted her gaming career.


But just like the fighters in the games she plays, Ricki showed incredible strength in real life, too.


Her mental state started to improve after reconnecting with an old friend and tapping into the available resources and support groups.


In 2014, she began her transition. Isn’t that inspiring?


She’s a true role model for every crossdresser, feminine boy, and trans woman struggling with transitioning, social fears, and mental health issues.


I’d totally recommend following her on Twitch






Queen Patricia Inga Bogart, better known as QueenPiB, is a bold, confident, and proud drag queen game streamer.


It’s not every day you hear ‘drag queen’ and ‘gamer’ in the same sentence, right?


That’s what makes QueenPiB such a unique and special member of the LGBTQ community.




She’s usually playing games like Resident Evil, Haydee 2, Spec Ops: The Line, etc. But what I like about her is the way she dresses up on her streams.


She dresses like the typical drag queen from head to toe, starting with stylish wigs, big breast forms, pantyhose, bodysuits, bras, and bold makeup, all topped off with a flamboyant personality.


Most of her outfits are even inspired by gaming characters. I’m just totally obsessed with her style.


Her streams aren’t just about gaming; she also talks about LGBTQ issues and drag culture and shares her life experiences as a feminine man.


And let me tell you, she’s the funniest streamer around. I can’t help but laugh a lot when I’m watching her.


You’ve got to check out her Twitch channel






Nikatine is an incredibly talented and stunning transgender woman.


She’s got a lot going on – a gamer, content creator, roleplayer, author, Twitch ambassador, and founder of Transmission Gaming.


Oh, and did I mention she’s a Twitch partner and co-founder of Team Trans Gaming? That’s a platform dedicated to visibility for trans gamers.


If you’re into gameplay videos, you should definitely subscribe to her Twitch.


Nikatine plays games like Skylines, The Sims 4, and SpellPunk VR – all fantastic choices, by the way.


Check her out on Twitch


And don’t miss her Instagram for all the latest updates on her life. She posts some of the most beautiful pictures there.


Plus, she’s got a YouTube channel where she does gameplay videos, too.


Nikatine also runs a Discord, which you can join to be part of her community.






Jay, who is popularly known as Esmerelduhhh in the gaming community, started her streaming journey in February 2021.


She like playing role-playing games and is often found streaming Sims, which is also my favorite game.


What I like about it is her soft, feminine, and carefree style of streaming. But that’s not all there is to her.


Apart from gaming, she’s a professional musical theatre performer.


She even has a Discord for community members to connect, which is accessible by invitation.


You should definitely follow Jay on Instagram for updates on her lifestyle. And for her gaming videos, make sure to subscribe to her Twitch channel




crossdressing crossdresser


Elix is an award-winning Mexican Twitch Partner and a fabulous drag queen gamer.


You can find her on Twitch playing Dead by Daylight and Grand Theft Auto V – she’s seriously amazing at gaming.


What I love about her is her sassy, elegant attitude; it’s something you don’t often see among gaming streamers.


Watching her play with all her feminine sexiness is just so much fun.


And let me tell you, when she dresses up, she makes sure you can’t take your eyes off her – perfectly figure-hugging dresses, spot-on makeup, and that undeniable drag queen charm.


She really draws you in.


Definitely check out her Twitch for some cool gaming videos


She’s also on Instagram, and YouTube




crossdressing crossdresser


Last but not least is Luna. One of the funniest streamers on Twitch and a superb player. Luna, a 25-year-old from Australia, identifies as a trans woman.


She gained a lot of popularity as an Overwatch Mercy main but has since branched out into other FPS, MOBA, and open-world titles.


You can see her playing games on Twitch.


Luna also has a YouTube channel where she posts her gameplay videos.


If that sounds like your kind of content, you should definitely subscribe to her channel:


You can subscribe to her YouTube channel if you are interested.


You can also follow her on Instagram, where she posts the most beautiful pictures of herself.




crossdressing crossdresser


The gaming community has really stepped up as the biggest ally for the LGBTQ+ community. It’s become much more inclusive and open to gender diversity.


Yes, some gamers face challenges and struggle with mental health issues, but gaming has often been their savior in tough times.


This immense love and support from the gaming community has led to a rise in LGBTQ+ gaming streams, and some streamers have even some of them also become Esports players.


The numbers might still be small, but we’re just getting started. As society grows more inclusive and gender-neutral, gaming companies will also take this into account.


Who knows? Soon, we might see crossdressing, transgender, and non-binary characters in games.


This progress makes it easier for crossdressers like you and me to stream in our feminine styles, embracing our femininity and enjoying ‘feminine’ games.


There are already so many content creators out there paving the way for the next generation of trans and non-binary streamers.


I’d love to hear about your favorite LGBTQ+ game streamers in the comments. Until then, Saly!

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