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How Embracing a Breast Form Helped Me in My Feminization Journey


Explore the transformative journey of embracing a breast form and its empowering impact on my feminization journey


The single most difficult yet most important thing for transgender women is embracing themselves and transitioning to their true identity.


I know because I have been there. Accepting my true identity fully was quite a challenge.


Fortunately, it can be pretty easy to transition with the right tools.


Breast forms are among the best and safest tools that can significantly facilitate your transformation journey.


a-Breast-Form Feminization-Journey


In this piece, I am going to talk about breast forms and how they helped me in my feminization journey.


First, a little background.



My Reflection on Being a Transgender Woman


So, I was born and raised in a religious family. And according to “our” religious beliefs, there is no such thing as transgender.


You are either a male or female, man or woman. And whichever you are assigned at birth is your gender, and you have to conform to that gender norm.


And so, having been labeled male at birth, I was raised and taught the ways of masculinity.


The thought of being transgender never crossed my mind throughout the early years of life. It was a taboo, after all.


Still, this didn’t mean I was all gender-conforming. I used to love “girl’s” plays, talks, manners, etc…


a-Breast-Form Feminization-Journey


Generally, I loved everything girly. And although my dad was against it, he was a believer in the significance of playing to a child’s development.


That, plus the fact that most kids in the neighborhood were girls, forced him to allow me to interact more with girls.


Slowly I grew accustomed to feminine mannerisms and behaviors and eventually adopted some feminine traits and behaviors, including dressing, feminine walking style, and talking.


Unfortunately, I had to get rid of these behaviors (or at least keep them a secret) as I grew older, as I had to stick to my “gender”.


Some feminine traits, such as sensitivity, desire for love and attention, gentleness, tenderness, and being emotional, however, stuck with me.


It wasn’t until college that the thought of being a transgender woman struck me, and I decided to self-examine to see if I was really living as my true self.


a-Breast-Form Feminization-Journey


This was after one of my friends pointed out that I behaved like a girl. I still remember the “Dude, he even looks like a girl…” remark by another friend within my group.


These remarks sparked a debate within myself about being trans.


To cut the long story short, though not quite pleasant, the debate changed my entire perception and beliefs about the LGBTQ++ community.


It also heightened my curiosity in discovering my true gender identity.


How I First Discovered Breast Forms


a-Breast-Form Feminization-Journey


I first discovered breast form online while learning about transgender life and the transitioning process.


More specifically, I discovered the forms from Roanyer’s blog post top crossdressers must-have shapewear, which mentions the magical transformation that silicone breast form offers.


Essentially, the incident in college did not only heightened my curiosity to know more about living as a transgender person.


It also intensified my desire to crossdress and to socialize with transgender and other people who identify with the LGBTQ++ community.


a-Breast-Form Feminization-Journey


I have to admit, though…


It took me a while to accept that I was a transwoman despite portraying nearly all signs I was a transgender woman.


I used to think I just loved cross-dressing and being close to or associated with the opposite gender.


My First Time to Try On the Breast Form


My first time trying on a breast form was also my first experience crossdressing in public.


It was on the weekend, and I wanted to step out of the shadows.


I wanted to do things differently. I wanted the world to know who or what I really am – a trans woman.


So I wanted to go out in public, to feel and experience the universe the feminine way. And I wanted to look and feel authentic.


a-Breast-Form Feminization-Journey


Before then, I had embraced my femininity and wanted to explore it fearlessly. So, I had taken time to learn all there is to know about feminization.


I had taken courses, read numerous articles, and heard stories and experiences about living as a transgender woman.


And so, I knew exactly what I needed to attain a full feminine appearance without surgery or hormone therapies.


I am not a fan of surgery or hormones, for that matter. So, the procedures were never an option.


I had also ordered some body shapers online (breast form, butt and hip enhancers, and feminine girdle, among others) a few days earlier, and the order was fulfilled that morning.


All that was remaining was trying them on.


Here, I must admit I needed help, particularly from a more experienced t-girl.


Despite having crossdressed privately for a long time, I still had no confidence in my makeover experience.


So I invited my girl Doreen to assist – I needed to pass out as a cisgender woman.



Still, I couldn’t wait to try my new body shapers. So I tried them on hours before Doreen arrived. Breast form was the first pair of body shapers I tried on. And…


The Transformation I Experienced was Breathtaking. It was magical; a feeling I never felt before.


Generally, all my anticipations and desires came true. The breast form transformed me into an entirely new being.


I was now the woman I had wished to be – a natural woman with natural feminine features.


The breast form made me feel authentic and more confident. I remember staring at my reflection in the mirror for nearly an hour.


And when Doreen came, the feeling intensified. Her compliments made me want to experience this even more.


a-Breast-Form Feminization-Journey


Being a makeover expert, Doreen assisted me with makeup and outfit selection. Her fashion and makeover expertise enhanced the effectiveness of my breast form.


With some little makeup touches and a choice of the most ideal bra and outfit, Doreen helped me create a natural-looking cleavage, which significantly enhanced my feminine appearance.


a-Breast-Form Feminization-Journey


Fast forward, that night out with Doreen was a classic transformation and a moment of self-discovery.


The breast form’s life-like design and effects made navigating public spaces pretty easy.


They helped draw attention from my admirers to the feminized chest, enabling me to avoid eye contact with them.


How the Breast Forms Completed My Overall Feminine Look


Boobs are basically primary features that differentiate a male from female. Besides, the feminine body is defined by curves.


Without these curves, one can never look or feel authentic, regardless of having feminine facial features.


Boobs are some of the essential elements that make the curves.


a-Breast-Form Feminization-Journey


With a flat chest, masculinity was more shouting than femininity.


A breast form helped me conceal masculinity and offered a decent feminine shape, changing my overall appearance to the desired feminine look.


a-Breast-Form Feminization-Journey


Additionally, the breast form’s natural shaking effects and appearance, complemented by their snug fit, enabled them to integrate seamlessly with my body, providing natural feminine curves.


This, plus the fact that I had had an ever desire to look more feminine, made me feel whole and authentic.


How I Felt More Feminine and Confident


a-Breast-Form Feminization-Journey


When it comes to gender transformation, looks and feelings go hand in hand. How you look influences how you feel, and vice versa.


Even though I had a strong desire for femininity, I felt having a flat chest made me look and feel more masculine.


transgender crossdresser


A breast form changed my outlook, making me appear more feminine aligning my look with my feelings.


It also gave me some sense of pride, enhanced self-acceptance, and empowered my feminine expression significantly.


How They Boosted My Self-Esteem and Self-Acceptance


From a young age, my desire for a feminine body was not something I would put off, regardless of my parents and religious beliefs. It was rooted deep inside me.


transgender crossdresser


In addition, my facial appearance, mannerism, and behaviors were absolute telltales for my true gender.


However, my masculine features complemented the odd religious teachings to force me to conform to male-gender norms.


These and other factors had scrapped all my self-esteem, making it hard to accept myself.


transgender crossdresser


A breast form changed all that by providing me with my everlasting desires.


Additionally, the forms attracted the attention and adoration I had desired my whole life toward me.


They made me feel special and wanted, enhancing my self-acceptance and confidence.


Final words


When it comes to MtF transformation, accepting who you really are is the most crucial thing you do.


Stop trying to be who society wants you to be and be you.


Getting rid of our masculine features and appearance is the second most essential step in our feminization journey.


The best way to get rid of masculine features is to conceal them and accentuate our feminine traits with body shapers.


A breast form is among the best shapewears for trans women and MtF crossdressers out there.


transgender crossdresser


One thing I love most about silicone forms is their natural, realistic appearance, which enables them to blend naturally with the wearer’s body.


Their realism offers a more natural and lively look and feel, making it extremely easy to create the desired curves.


More interestingly, there is a breast form for everyone regardless of their body type, complexion, or preferences.


This means that anyone can transform their appearance instantly and effortlessly. Try them today and experience their transformative power first-hand.

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