Spider Gag: A Beginner’s Guide to Using and Introducing Them in Your Playtime Routine



pider Gag


Today, I have something special for you. I’ll teach you all about spider gags and how to use them to spice things up in your playtime routine.


But before we dive deeper, let’s start by exploring what these spider gags are.



What Are Spider Gags?


pider Gag


I remember when I was getting into BDSM for crossdressers, and I came across a mouth gag.


Instantly, I knew that I wanted to try it with my submissive partner.


I can’t tell you exactly why, but there was something about it that made me feel powerful and sexy at the same time.


Although there are many gags you can choose from, my personal favorite is the spider gag.


It looks like an O-ring that you fit around your sub’s mouth.


Then you secure it at the back of their head. It also has fixed hooks that keep the O-ring in place.


pider Gag 


I like the spider gag because it’s not as restricting as other mouth gags.


Plus, it has holes that make it easier for your partner to breathe through their mouth when they wear it.


Once you put the spider gag on your partner, they won’t be able to talk.


You’ll get to watch them drool like a baby and completely submit to you.


How hot is that?


Understanding the Purpose of Spider Gags


pider Gag 


The spider gag is not just great for doms who love being in control.


It’s also perfect for submissive crossdressers and sissy boys who love being dominated.


And if you’re still in doubt, let me give you 3 reasons why you should try a spider gag with your partner. 


Heightens the Sensation of Submission


If your partner loves giving up control, then a spider gag can help them feel helpless and completely submit to you.


Once they have the gag on, they won’t be able to talk and you can boss them around.


This helplessness is a huge turn-on for many subs, especially those who struggle with giving up control and overthinking.


pider Gag 


Gives the Dom a Sense of Power and Control


As a dom, the spider gag can give you a sense of power and control.


Almost as if you’re a King ruling over a runaway slave.


Plus, you can order your partner to respond to your questions and watch them make animalistic grunts that are sexy to hear.


pider Gag 


Communication and Trust Between Partners


Wearing a spider gag and letting you dominate them is a clear sign that your partner trusts you.


It’s an act of vulnerability that you should never take for granted.


Since they trust you, hold up your end by protecting them.


A great start is always staying with them while they still have the spider gag on.


Although they can breathe with it, my advice is that you play it safe and stay in the room to make sure they’re always comfortable.


Choosing the Right Type of Spider Gag


pider Gag 


Now that you know the purpose of a spider gag, I’ll guide you on how to choose the right spider gag for your sub.


Here are 3 things that you need to consider.




You can easily find spider gags made from different materials such as:


  • Metal: If your partner is “stubborn” and doesn’t like doing what they are told, then a metal spider gag is perfect for them. The metal material makes it more restrictive and the experience more intense. However, it can get cold or hot pretty quickly, depending on the weather


  • Leather: A leather spider gag will be softer and warmer on your partner’s skin compared to a metal one. However, it can easily get soggy from the drool.


  • Silicone: If it’s your first time experimenting with a spider gag, my advice is that you go for a silicone one. It’s less restricting, making it perfect for beginners. And it’s also soft and comfortable to wear for hours and hours.




pider Gag 


If your partner has never worn a spider gag before, start with a small size that comes with a strap that you can adjust.


You can personalize it by measuring their head and customizing a gag for them.


Think of it as an investment into both your pleasure and theirs as well.




pider Gag 


The last thing that you want is to buy a basic spider gag that’s not even great to look at.


If you buy a design that you like, you’ll spend more time playing with it rather than a boring one.


Although the structure is basically the same, you can easily find spider gags with decorations like:


  • Studs and spikes
  • Different colors to match your sex toys
  • A locking feature that makes it more restrictive


Introducing Your Partner to Spider Gags


pider Gag 


It would be a shame for you to only know about the intense pleasure a spider gag can bring you and your partner without trying it out.


But as a dom, I know that bringing up the topic can be nerve-wracking.


Here’s how you can do it.


Initiate Communication


pider Gag 


Set aside a time when you’re either indoors or not in the presence of other people before you bring up the subject.


If it’s hard for you, you can suggest a movie like Fifty Shades of Grey.


Then you can ask your partner what they thought about the mouth gag scene.


Remember to reassure them that their feelings and opinions are valid, so they shouldn’t just say they like it to please you.


Then find out if they are open to exploring it with you.


Set Boundaries and Establishing Safe Words


Playtime Routine with roanyer 


After your partner gives you the green light to order a spider gag for them, it’s time to talk about consent, boundaries, and safe words.


Since they won’t be able to talk, you can discuss how they’ll communicate with you if they feel uncomfortable.


One tip that I use is placing coins on my sub’s hand and asking them to drop them off if they need a break or if they want me to completely stop.


You can even use safe sounds (since they won’t be able to talk) such as 3 deep grunts.


This will signal that they’re in distress. Then you can safely remove the spider gag from their mouth.


Remember to respect your partner’s requests and not overlook them.


This will help them continue trusting you and you can both have a pleasurable experience.


How To Use Spider Gags To Spice Up Your Playtime Routine


Playtime Routine 


We are now at the fun part: spicing up playtime with the spider gags.


Here are 3 ways you can do it.


Bondage and Restraint Scenes


Picture this, your submissive partner is on their knees with their hands tied to their back,


a spider gag on their mouth and they’re looking up at you like you’re some sort of God.


If that’s not the sexiest thing ever, then I don’t know what is.


Many crossdressers and sissy boys already love being tied up,


so adding a spider gag makes the experience even more exciting.


You don’t have to go all in and use ropes and metal handcuffs.


You can start with softer things like scarves and soft fabrics.


Then you can go ahead and have some naughty fun together.


Sensory Deprivation and Sensory Play


Have you ever heard that if you block one sense, the other senses become heightened?


It’s a bit like how blind people have great hearing.


So if you want to spice things up, sensory play can help you take things from 0 to 10 in a matter of seconds.


One way you can do this is by blindfolding your sub while they still have the spider gag on.


This will help build anticipation as they’ll never know what you’ll do next.


Then tease them by licking, sucking, and kissing different parts of their body.


This works well when they’re on the bed and you have full access to their body.


Another way to do this is by blindfolding them and using a feather to gently touch them.


Then watch how they squirm and writhe in pleasure.


Playtime Routine


Role-Playing Scenarios


The last hack is trying a few role-play scenarios.


And what better way than to choose characters that have power dynamics such as:


  • A police officer and a sexy driver who was speeding
  • Boss and a new employee
  • Professor and a student who needs to pass their exam
  • Landlord and a tenant whose rent is overdue


With these scenarios, it’s obvious who’s in charge and you can take it as a chance to order your sub around.


Feel free to make them crawl to you while wearing the spider gag.


And make sure that you make really good use of the spider gag while they’re on their knees.




Playtime Routine 


That’s it, love. I hope you enjoyed my article and you’re on your way to ordering a spider gag for your next sexy playtime.


Make sure that you clean it after every use and let it air dry.


Until next time, cheers.

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