Silicone Breastplate vs. Silicone Breast Form: What is the Real Difference?


Understand the difference between silicone breastplate and silicone breast form. Know how to pick the right product for you!

Times have changed, and diverse and minority groups are more respected and accepted these days.

Topics like body image, gender identity, and gender expressions might be taboo before.



But now, many are encouraged to keep discussions ongoing.

In the crossdressing community, there’s been a buzz about silicone breastplates and silicone breast forms.



Understanding Silicone Breastplates



What are silicone breastplates?


Silicone breastplates are prosthetic items that mimic a natural female bust. Common breastplates come in strap or tube form.

Individuals who use this product were initially those who have undergone mastectomy surgeries.

But MtF crossdressers, transgender individuals, drag queens, and cosplayers can also use these to achieve a feminine presentation.


Where did it originate?


You know those shiny, weighty breastplate armors from the 14th and 15th centuries? They are a form of protection from combat and are often made from metal.

In our time, silicone breastplates serve pretty much the same. Personally, as an MtF crossdresser, these breast prosthetics give me the courage to be ready for any battlefield.

Speaking of prosthetics, silicone breastplates exist to complete the feminine physical build. It looks and feels like true breasts.

They are good for their aesthetic appeal. But they can also address any mental or emotional aspect that aligns with users’ motivations.

Silicone breastplates offer a complete front look that meets the varied needs of its users.

More importantly, it significantly contributes to the diverse body positivity and self-expression landscape.


Here are the key features of silicone breastplates:


Material and Design


High-quality silicone breastplates go through several careful steps in manufacturing. They are often made from silica gel or cotton filler.

Top-notched ones are filled with medical-grade silicone that’s safe for the body. It’s non-toxic and hypoallergenic.

Then, the product is cured to its design and shape.

The products’ designs can mimic natural skin tones (shades from light to dark). It can also mirror the right contour and highlight of natural breasts.



Variety and Customization Options


Silicone breastplates cater to the unique preferences and needs of the users. Still, this will depend on the manufacturer.

Just as natural breasts don’t have a homogeneous look, breastplates can come in varieties of sizes and styles.

Because of their primary design, common shapes are full-cup, partial-cups, or teardrops.

They also can’t be too big as the straps may not be able to hold the weight.

Customization, like skin tone or tattoos, will depend on who manufactures the breastplate.


Comfort and Wearability


Silicone breastplates are designed to function as a wearable garment.

Common designs envelop the breast area, neckline, upper torso, and back.

This type of design is made to be snug and seamless, hugging the body to make it look like a natural part of your body.

Materials used are often lightweight and soft. This guarantees comfort for an extended period.

Be warned, though. In my personal experience, wearing a silicone breastplate during the summertime is a hassle.

This product is also not the best during rigorous performances (this is a tip for our drag queen darlings).

Without additional support (like bras, tapes, etc.), silicone breastplates may slide down the torso (if the design is tube top) or may unclasp from the neck because of sweat and/or sudden movements.

I also realize that some silicone breastplates dig into my armpit. So be careful with the design you’re getting.



Lifespan and Care


Any product’s lifespan will depend on your usage and maintenance routine.

High-quality silicone breastplates can last for six months to two years. Here are tips to preserve its quality:

Store it in its original bag to prevent the silicone from absorbing the color of any fabric near or on it.

Store it at room temperature so the silicone won’t rapidly deteriorate.

Consider the fabric you will be wearing on top of the breastplate. Some tops may be dyed with colors that can bleed into the silicone.

After use, wash with mild soap and lukewarm water immediately. Alternatively, you can use a specialized cleaner for silicone.

Before storing the breastplate, pat it down with a lint-free towel or air dry it. This prevents moisture from accumulating, which causes an unpleasant odor.

Lastly, do a regular inspection of the breastplate.




Easy to wear, with a focus on a natural-looking feminine chest

A breast prosthesis option for mastectomy patients for post-surgical recovery

Offers the most realistic cleavage for MtF crossdressers, drag queens, and cosplayers

Best for quick wear and removal





Limited to natural chest size, at most, usually up to Cup G

Some seams are hard to cover, so users need to find suitable tops and accessories to cover the seams

Sweating within the covered area causes discomfort and affects the snug fit of the product

Not great for revealing or losing clothing without additional support


Practical Insights and Recommendations



When I started crossdressing, I bought a silicone breastplate from a friend who ordered the wrong size. It’s the strap-type, one that you clasp behind your neck and hangs in front of the chest.

It’s good for the most part, but its uses are also limited. I find it easy to put on for quick snapshots and poses at home, but it becomes uncomfortable when I wear it outside with no bra.

Since the breastplate is just, quite literally, hanging in front of me, the breasts tend to move around a lot — to places that are anatomically impossible. It’s a hassle to check every five minutes to see if they are still in place.

Even after I used adhesives, there’s still the silent horror of what if the clasp of the silicone breastplate suddenly snaps and I’m left to hold my breast for the rest of my public crossdressing?

I’m an outgoing crossdresser; I like to move around a lot. I am fidgety, can’t keep still.

So I would sweat, and the adhesives lose their adhesiveness, and I am left pressing the breastplate to my chest again and again, hoping it will stick.

Of course, I am not bashing silicone breastplates; I am only being honest about my experience with this product. Experiences may vary.


Exploring Silicone Breast Forms



What are silicone breast forms? 


Like silicone breastplates, silicone breast forms aim to mimic the natural feel, look, and movement of natural breasts. However, breast forms offer more coverage, convenience, and usage.

History will tell you that the Dow-Corning company invented the very first breast forms in the 1960s. They were introduced as an option for those who don’t want silicone injections.

Today, they are also an accessory for breast cancer survivors who undergo mastectomy surgeries.

Over time, the use of silicone breast forms expanded outside medical applications.

Today, transgender people, MtF crossdressers, cosplayers, and drag queens use it for various objectives.

Like many crossdressing and transgender products, they are used not only for presentation but also to boost one’s confidence in oneself physically, emotionally, and mentally.

Here are the key features of silicone breast forms:


Material and Design


The term breast form is loosely used today; often, many use it to refer to fake boobs. But that isn’t the case.

Borrowing from, these are the following types of breast forms:

Leisure Forms: Common materials include polyester, fiberfill, or foam and cloth shell inserted into pocketed bras

Silicone Forms: Obviously made of silicone to mimic natural breasts; heavier than leisure forms; can be inserted or stick-on

Custom-made Forms: Specially tailored for the user



Variety and Customization Options


Breast forms offer more variety and cup sizes as they come in various designs.

Aside from those mentioned above, they can also be the wearable type, with a neck, full chest, and even torso. There are even full bodysuits that can cover you from the neck to your ankle.

Silicone breast forms come in various sizes (from A to Z), shapes (oval, teardrop, bell), and designs (wide areolas, no nipple, etc.) The possibilities are unlimited.

Customization options are primarily for mastectomy patients (survivors of cancers or Female to Male transgenders).

Their surgeries might have left their chest with various bumps and other scarring that affect the fit of mass-produced breast forms. And so they can ask for specifications and requests regarding the material used, the fit, and others.

Additionally, other users may want customized breast forms to:

For cosplayers, to bring a character to life, with attention to their specific body that might be unrealistic

For drag queens, to make a performance more “absurd” and entertaining (for instance, ordering Cup Z breasts)

For Male-to-female crossdressers, to better fit our body type, for a more natural, proportional presentation


Comfort and Wearability


Like silicone breastplates, the comfort and wearability of silicone breast forms will depend on their material and design.

Separable Silicone Breast Forms are inserted into pocket bras or pressed to the chest with adhesives.

They are comfortable for lounging about or for a day out with minimal movement, such as walking leisurely or going to the movies.

The silicone material doesn’t irritate the skin, so it’s comfortable for long wear. They are also good for mastectomy patients who have only lost one breast.

Wearable Silicone Breast Forms are akin to cropped tank tops. They can come with a neck or round neck design that starts from the clavicles.

They are the man for the job when you need to do any activity that involves lots of movement. This includes sports, dancing, and other type of physical performances.



Lifespan and Care


Breast forms can last for years – depending on their material, quality, and, obviously, your care.

Because they are made of the same material, silicone breastplates and breast forms have the same care routine. So you can refer to that.

Here, I will offer additional tips:

Avoid harsh chemicals (alcohol, perfumes, and bleach are a no-no).

Be gentle, no need to scrub so aggressively!

Never throw them in a washing machine or dryer; hand washing and air drying are best.

Find any any cracks or tears? Reach out to your forms manufacturer to see if they offer repair or aftercare services.

If your silicone product develops molds, some manufacturers offer mold removal services.

Be sure that you don’t put any heavy objects on the product.

Keep the original box of the product to keep its shape.

Be sure that it’s stored away from sharp objects or direct sunlight.




Offers the most realistic boobs

With easily coverable seams

Can come with full coverage (wearable type)

Can be used in any event, even if the event requires much movement

Can be as big as Cup Z

Provides full support, doesn’t need additional bra (wearable type)

Can be customizable to the user’s specific request





Some users may find the wearable type restricting, as it can cover the neck down to mid-tummy

Sweat can accommodate inside the covered parts

Wearable silicone breast forms are generally more expensive than strap-type silicone breastplates


Practical Insights and Recommendations


In the previous section, I told you I do not find silicone breastplates fully satisfying. So I decided to save up for a pair of silicone breast forms.

The wearable type matches my active crossdressing lifestyle, so it was a no-brainer.

Because there are many options, I took the time to look at and study each. What will fit my body best? Do I get the size I want? What skin tone matches mine the closest?

So, after talking with my crossdressing friends, I settled on an E Cup for my first silicone breast forms. They complement my apple-body shape nicely.

Now, whenever I crossdress outside, I am not terrified of my fake breasts just jumping away from my chest. My breasts are connected to the fake torso the product has, so I feel secure and thus can move freely.

I can also wear tight-fitting clothing without adjusting where the boobs should be placed.



Silicone Breastplate vs. Silicone Breast Form


Because they were created with the same purpose in mind, silicone breastplates and silicone breast forms have many similarities. Still, they cater to different preferences.

To help you choose which one you should purchase, I’ll share with you the notes I compiled when I was searching for the perfect product for me.




Both silicone products aim to recreate a natural female bust.

They boost the user’s confidence, making them feel secure in their physical appearance.

Both bring out or increase one’s femininity.

Both encourage creative exploration of one’s gender expression and fashion styles.





Silicone breastplates are a whole chest piece resembling a tank top.

In contrast, silicone breast forms range from smaller pads worn and supported inside a bra to a piece that includes neck and torso parts.

A silicone breastplate color should blend with the user’s skin seamlessly as it is usually worn to be seen (think cleavage.)

In contrast, silicone breast forms prioritize size, shape, and support since they give a more subtle or dramatic enhancement of the chest beneath the clothes.

Breastplates have full frontal coverage, limiting your movement and flexibility.

On the contrary, breast forms as individual pads make it easier to move as it is only on the chest area.

Similarly, full-coverage breast forms have better support, making them more secure despite movement.

There you go! Say you’re still unsure what you should get. Here, let me give you a few scenarios to consider.


Buy a silicone breastplate if:


You plan to sit still and look pretty: Say you just plan to observe the world around you while in crossdress.

Then a simple breastplate is a-ok. I still use the breastplate I bought from my friend when I’m out just hanging out at a cafe.

You’re taking photos: A quick naughty snap to your lover? An hour-long selfie session? A professional photoshoot for your cosplay page?

All of these scenes are done in a private space, so a breastplate is okay. You can even edit any visible seams before the photos are published.


Buy a silicone breast form if:


You’re performing: This one’s for my crossdressing, drag queen, and (live) cosplayer readers.

If you paid attention to my little tale above, I shared that I am an active crossdresser. I don’t want to be constantly terrified of having accidents with my fake chests.

When you’re set to perform, then you’re expected to move around a lot. Your best bet to avoid any mishaps is to purchase a full-coverage breast form.

You’re using it for intimate play: How can you focus on your partner if you’re constantly checking if your breastplate is hanging too low or if the clasp is about to come undone?

Based on experience, wearing a silicone breast form for kinky play makes it easier to immerse myself in the scene; it’s also easier to pick very revealing clothes that turn my girlfriend on.


The Best Silicone Breastplate and Silicone Breast Form Products



Now, let’s keep being honest here. The best silicone breastplate and silicone breast form products will ultimately depend on the user.

For instance, a mastectomy patient may think that separable silicone breast forms are the best ones.

Meanwhile, a seasoned drag queen will prefer a strap-on silicone breastplate that they can easily hide with thick necklaces.

So, in this section, I’ll offer you the best ones I’ve tried:

For silicone breastplate, I have YaLuoQian’s, where I can insert my head through the neck part, and there’s a self-adhesive hook behind.

It’s not the most secure, as the self-adhesive hook degrades over time, but I still use it for casual hang-outs and quick pics.

I mainly love the cleavage it gives me and the seams that I can hide easily. I can wear racer tank tops in the summer, and it’s not as noticeable.

For silicone breast forms, it’s really hard to choose. One, because I have a ton of silicone breast forms in my inventory.

Two, I use them fairly the same amount as I love to match my breast forms with my aesthetic for a particular outing.

This took me a while, but Roanyer’s Long H Cup Breast Forms is a top pick. It covers the neck down to below my feet, and I just love the subtle abs that it has.

They are perfect for impromptu nightouts where I need to show off my assets. I can simply toss on a bra — or nipple covers if I’m feeling dauntless (and with my girlfriend’s permission, of course!), a see-through top, and top it with a thin topper.

Bonus: I can twerk and jiggle all I want because my boobs are going nowhere!


Choosing the Right Product for You


In this section, we’ll focus on you and how you can find your soulmate silicone breastplate or silicone breast form.

Here are the steps I followed to find mine:


1. Know your purpose


Ask yourself what you’re going to use the product for. For example, mastectomy patients may only need one side of separable breast forms to balance their figure after the surgery.

A casual crossdresser may opt for a simple strap-on breastplate to fit in a crowd.

A drag queen may desire a G Cup breast form for big, secured fake breasts that elevate their allure and performance.


 2. Wear duration


Will you wear it daily? Do you plan to just try it once? If you’re only going to use the product once or twice, you can skimp on the quality.

If you plan to use it regularly, it’s best to invest in something long-term.




How important are customizations for you? Are you someone who has specific needs for their breastplate or breast form? Why do you want these customizations? Are they necessary for your presentation? How?





There you have it, dear readers! I hope this guide on silicone breastplates and silicone breast forms helps you understand the difference between the two.

These two bear the same purpose and what you ultimately choose will depend on your preference, lifestyle, and objective.

Research all you want, go through each forum threads you need, and read all the product reviews you want. You’re selecting something that can potentially take your journey to the next level, so careful consideration is critical.

May your priority be comfort, transitioning, or aesthetics; I’m glad I get to impart some of my knowledge in this area to you.

It’s important to know what your body and mind needs. So be sure to make informed decisions, always!


FAQs about Silicone Breastplate vs. Silicone Breast Form



What is the key difference between a Silicone Breastplate vs. Silicone Breast Form?


The key differences are their design and practicality. Breastplates are whole chest pieces. They may hang via a strap-on or can circle your chest area when it’s a tube type.

Meanwhile, breast forms offer a wider range of fake bosom. They can be as small and subtle as small pads inserted into pocket bras to Cup Z silicone breast forms.


How do I choose between a Silicone Breastplate and a Silicone Breast Form?


This will depend on you — your goal, preferences, clothing style choices, comfort level, etc. Generally, a silicone breastplate is excellent for people and activities requiring less movement.

Silicone breast forms, on the other hand, are best for busy individuals who almost always move about.


How should I care for my Silicone Breastplate or Silicone Breast Form to maximize its lifespan?


Both require careful (but simple) cleaning and consideration. Mild soap plus lukewarm water, proper storage area, and regular wear and tear checkups are enough to stretch the products’ lifespans.


What should I consider in terms of design and material when choosing between a Silicone Breastplate and a Silicone Breast Form?


Frankly, consider what you want. Choose based on your aesthetic and practical preferences.

May it be silicone breastplate or silicone breast form, the product should match your skin tone, the shape you want, the size you want, and any customizations you’re after.


What are the pros and cons of using Silicone Breast Forms?



Most realistic boobs

Easily coverable seams

Doesn’t restrict movement

Supports big cup sizes

Doesn’t require additional support

Unlimited clothing options



Some users may feel uncomfortable at first as it covers a large area

Generally more expensive


What are the pros and cons of using Silicone Breastplates?



Very easy to wear

Subtle, very natural

Offers the most realistic cleavage

Best for quick wear and removal



Limited to natural chest size

Some seams are hard to cover

Unsecured clasps

Limited clothing options

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