What Is A Breeding Kink – 9 Tips to Explore Breeding Fetish when Crossdressing



What Is A Breeding Kink


Breeding kink is a very popular fetish in our crossdressing community.

It’s basically the desire to get pregnant like real women.

This can be extended to having a baby bump and role-playing as a pregnant lady crossdresser.

Breeding fetish is very common among feminine crossdressers and gay men.

That’s what we are going to talk about throughout this blog.

I will share my personal experience about why I have a breeding kink,

and we will also learn about tips to explore breeding kink as crossdressing men.

So let’s get started.



Why Do I Have Breeding Kink?


What Is A Breeding Kink


So many people think only women can have a breeding kink,

but I know so many gay and sissy friends of mine who have a breeding kink.

Personally speaking, I also get turned on by the idea of getting pregnant.

There are multiple reasons why I get turned on by it.


First and foremost, it makes me feel like a woman.

Just the idea of getting pregnant by a man and being his baby mama is such a turn-on.

Also, the imagined risk of pregnancy makes me feel so feminine, and it just arouses me.


What Is A Breeding Kink 


Because I like giving control to my partner and being controlled and dominated,

BDSM allows me to explore breeding kinks.

In fact, that’s how I discovered breeding kink for the first time.

Getting pregnant by a partner feels like such a submissive and feminine act.

Some sissies like the idea of forceful breeding.


I must say, if you want to feel deep femininity, you should explore breeding kinks.

Being a crossdresser, experiencing pregnancy, and the feeling of motherhood can feel like the most feminine act.

And that’s why I love exploring breeding kink, and the more I do it, the more I fall in love with it.


Tips to Explore Crossdressing Breeding Kink


Forced Breeding


What Is A Breeding Kink 


Forced breeding is basically a consensual non-consent fetish,

which means you give your partner the consent to force you.

If you don’t understand this, maybe take your time and then try.


In forced breeding, the dominant man is the breeder who is trying to breed us.

I like my man getting physical with me, pushing me around, pulling my clothes off,

and pushing me into the bed before getting on top of me.

Man on top in anal missionary or doggy style sex positions is perfect for

dominating crossdressers as he can use his full power to control us.


What Is A Breeding Kink 


If your partner wants you to be an aggressive girl while exploring breeding kink,

you can do that by pushing him around and forcing him to bed.

Cowgirl is a perfect position where we can dominate our men as crossdressers.


Losing Control Breeding


What Is A Breeding Kink


This is a very wild way to explore breeding kinks as crossdressers.

In this breeding kink, we act like we can’t control ourselves around the partner.

You and your partner can just go wild into each other and have crazy sex without the fear of getting pregnant.


Some of the losing control breeding kink scenarios you can explore are:

  • Ripping each other’s clothes off
  • To save time, you don’t even go to bed and start gushing each other on the floor, sofa, table, etc. All you want is for him to just enter you.
  • One important thing when exploring losing control breeding fantasy is to make sure you always prepare for it, like douching and lubing. As crossdressers, we should always prepare for sex without letting the man know that we prepared for this.


Pulling the Condom Off


prepare for


Another way of exploring the erotic breeding kink is pulling the condom off at the last moment.


Some extra tips as a crossdresser


What Is A Breeding Kink 


So when my man is about to finish, I like to beg him to have unprotected sex.

I say things like, “Please cum inside me” or “I want to feel you come inside me.”

Saying these in a very sexual tone makes him even more turned on,

and the ending becomes much more exciting.


Remember, breeding kink for crossdressers is mostly the imagined fear of the risks of getting pregnant.

We can increase these fearful and risky feelings by adding non-consensual condom-off sex and by seeing him pulling out the condom.

Just like any other sexual kink, pulling the condom off also requires prior discussion and consent from both partners.

My partner and I always discuss such things a day before trying anything new which involves some form of mild risk.


Breeding Submissive Fantasies


What Is A Breeding Kink


Breeding submissive fantasies are largely popular among sissy crossdressers.


Submissive breeding fantasies to explore


Act out being a submissive sissy crossdresser.


The first scenario is you being a submissive sissy slave who is owned

and controlled by your master as a fertile sissy slave.

It might sound vague, but it’s so much fun being a sissy.


What Is A Breeding Kink 


Another very popular sissy play you can explore is being a sissy-breeding wife who

only serves the husband and does household chores.

You can explore this with your partner if you are living with them.


There are so many femboys who enjoy forced and submissive femboy breeding.

In this scenario, you can act dumb and pretend to be bred without knowing what the breeder is actually doing with you.


Dominant Breeding Kink


What Is A Breeding Kink 


Many may think that since we are crossdressers, we only like being submissive and have submissive breeding fantasies.

But that’s not true at all. Sometimes, I like being a dominant baddie and love to dominate my man however I want.

Sometimes, I like to strip him and bind his legs and arms to the bed.

Then ride his dick like a total boss lady.


Anal Breeding


What Is A Breeding Kink 


Anal breeding is basically when you want your partner to cum inside your anus.

This is the feeling that we all share as crossdressers, the imagined desire to get pregnant through anal breeding.


To explore this fantasy, I follow these steps:


Starting with lying down on my back.

I sometimes make it more exciting by using a blindfold on my eyes and tying down my hands.

After this, I ask my man to place a pillow under my crotch to lift my butt.

This raises my hips upward, helping my man to nut in your butt.

The entire process is very erotic when you do it, so you must try.




What Is A Breeding Kink 


Breeding kink is a very fun and sensual fetish to explore as crossdressers.

It not only allows us to make feel feminine but also provides sexual satisfaction as a crossdressing man.

The best part about breeding kink is we can explore this fetish in various ways,

so there is no chance of getting bored of it.

Breeding kink is for every type of crossdresser, whether it’s submissive sissies,

whether it’s femboys or dominant crossdressers;

we all can explore breeding kinks with our partners in some way or the other.


What Is A Breeding Kink 


Always remember to prioritize safety whenever you are exploring breeding kink with your partner.

Starting with consent.

Always have a conversation with your partner about your feelings and desires before trying anything new.

Don’t compare yourself with porn films and actors because that’s not reality.

They can lead to some unrealistic expectations and desires that can

leave us unsatisfied and shallow so don’t get too inspired by that.

So make sure you practice safety and consent. See you next time, honey; until then, Slay!


FAQs About The Breeding Kink


What Is A Breeding Kink 


Can Only Straight People Have A Breeding Kink?


Nope. Absolutely not. Anyone can have a breeding kink.

I just explained I am a crossdresser and why I have a breeding kink.

In fact, more than straight people, I think more crossdressers and

feminine gay men have breeding kinks because it makes us feel so feminine.


Is A Breeding Kink The Same As A Creampie Kink Or A Pregnancy Kink?


Before answering this question, let me explain both the kinks.

A creampie kink is someone having an intense sexual desire for someone cuming inside,

and a pregnancy kink is someone having an intense sexual desire for

the idea of being pregnant but not necessarily getting pregnant.


Both of these may sound familiar to breeding kink, but these are actually very different.


Is Breeding Kink Common in Crossdressers?


Yes, it’s a very common and well-known kink among crossdressers because it

enables us to explore our feminine side, which goes beyond dresses and makeup.

It’s a way more authentic and deeper connection with our feminine side.

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