Crossdresser: How to Feminize Your Face [ A Step-by-step Guide ]


Having a feminine face can be a real advantage for crossdressers. You will have so much more success when you go out and other people see your femininity rather than just another man wearing makeup and women’s clothing. Many of the techniques men use to appear more feminine are not very subtle, such as blush or lipstick that is too bright for their skin tone.


However, there are some things you can do to feminize your face without being so obvious about it. While, as a crossdresser, you probably want to appear natural and not like someone who is wearing makeup. It would be best if you used makeup that looks like your own skin color or even better than your skin tone because people notice the contrast between light and dark more than they do overall colors.



You wont find a one-size-fits-all method for feminizing your face, so importantly, you have to keep this in mind. Everybody has different skin and facial structures, so what works well for one may not work for another. You could also be applying these techniques to makeup you already own, which means it will need to be applied differently than if you were buying the same products for the first time.


This article will provide detailed instructions and a step-by-step guide that crossdressers can follow to feminize their faces. By following some simple tips as well as tricks, you will be able to create a more feminine face that is subtle yet effective.



1. Forehead Disguise


One of the first things you will notice about a woman’s face is her forehead. Women have a higher forehead because of the way they apply their hair. One technique you can use to feminize your face is wearing bangs or having shorter hair cut above your eyebrows.



  • Bangs


Surgery is not necessary. Simply growing your hair out and applying it differently will provide the effect that you are looking for. If you have bangs, then ask your stylist to cut them just above or slightly below where they naturally rest on your face. You can also get hair extensions or use clip-in bangs that are easy to apply.



If you have a thinning hairline, then avoid cutting your bangs too short, or they will emphasize that. Ensure you don’t cut your bangs at an angle, especially if you are trying to cover up balding spots because this highlights these areas.


2. Eyes



The eyes are the second most significant facial feature after the forehead. Men have a different eye shape than women. Women’s eyes are wider and rounded at the corners, while men have more almond or narrow-shaped eyes.


  • Eye make up


If you want to feminize your face, then you must apply your makeup in such a way as to add width and height to your eyes without looking unnatural.



One of the best ways to make your eyes look bigger is by using a white or flesh-colored eye shadow as a base near your brow bone and extending it out at an angle. You can also apply this same technique under your lower lash line but only do so if you wear eyeliner because otherwise, it will be too much.



Ensure that you blend the colors well, so they look natural. Avoid using black eye shadow near your eyes because it will make them appear smaller rather than larger.


  • Eye Lashes



Similar to wider eyes, women have lashes that are longer and more noticeable. You can make your eyelash line look thicker by applying black mascara on the outer two-thirds of your lashes. Applying it very close to your eyelid, will make them appear shorter rather than longer. If you want even thicker-looking lashes, then using an eyelash curler will provide the extra volume that you are looking for.



You can also buy false lashes, which is great if you don’t have time to curl your own, or they just aren’t doing it for you. You can purchase them at many department stores and drugstores in various shapes and sizes, so finding ones that look natural is not tricky.



3. Eyebrows


One of the easiest and super effective ways to feminize your face is by reshaping your eyebrows. We all have different eyebrow shapes, which can be due to genetics or simply because we’ve tweezed them so many times over the years that they no longer grow back evenly. Either way, there are simple techniques you can use to create the look you want.



If the shape of your eyebrows is all wrong, then using an eyebrow pencil or powder will help fill them in better so that they appear more natural and well-groomed. However, it’s essential to use a product that matches your hair color as closely as possible because otherwise, it may be too noticeable. To make your eyebrows appear thicker and bushier, use an eyebrow brush to comb them up before applying the pencil or powder.



If you feel adventurous, then using a heated eyelash curler will give your brows extra lift, making them look more feminine. This same effect can be achieved by tweezing individual hairs above your eyes, which also lifts them.


4. Cheeks



Women naturally have rounder cheeks than men. In order to create this look, use a blush or bronzer that is a shade or two darker than your skin tone and apply it to the apple of your cheeks.


This will make them appear more pronounced, which gives you a rosy glow, but only apply to about one-third of each cheek because otherwise, this can look unnatural. If needed, then use a highlighter rather than a bronzer to highlight your cheeks.


You can also use a bronzer on the side of your face and upper neck, where some men get shaving bumps from razor burn. This will help you achieve that sun-kissed look without any risk of blotches or scars appearing on this area because it’s less prone to accidental nicks than other areas such as your legs or arms.



Remember that if you have darker skin, it will be harder for the blush to show up, so try using a thicker cream-based product that can provide more coverage than powder products.


5. Nose


As a man, your nose is larger and more angular than flat, making it look less elegant. You can feminize your face by making your nose appear smaller and shorter while still appearing natural at the same time.

Contouring your nose is a great way to start this process, and it’s straightforward to do. You can purchase a contouring powder or cream two shades darker than your skin tone at any beauty store.


Using an angled brush, apply the product along both sides of the bridge of your nose up to where it meets with your eyebrows. This will create depth and help give you that slimming effect women’s noses have because their bridge is always smaller than a man’s.



You can also use the product on your forehead because this will help slim down your nose even more and create a natural-looking highlight effect as well. When you are finished, apply powder over the entire area so that everything blends seamlessly without any noticeable lines or edges being visible.


Women have slimmer and shorter noses than men, which is why you should never apply blush on your nose. Instead of using a powder or liquid product that will make it appear more round and puffy, use a matte bronzer to contour the sides of your nose while avoiding any areas near the tip because this makes it look larger by comparison.


When applying makeup to the nose, always start at the tip and then work your way up toward where it meets with your forehead. This will help create a more tapered effect, which you are aiming for when trying to feminize this area of your face.


Remember that if you have smaller or narrow features, to begin with, then applying too much makeup can make your nose look larger by comparison. For this reason, always use a thin layer of makeup that is barely noticeable so you can avoid making any mistakes. It’s also important to blend everything in well with the sides of your face and forehead for an overall seamless appearance when finished applying all of your products.


6. Lips



Women’s lips are fuller and more pronounced than men’s, which is why you should apply a lip-plumping product before using any other makeup. These products work by temporarily shrinking the size of the blood vessels in the area, so your lips look larger and more defined when done correctly.


Some women choose to use lipstick even though this can be difficult for crossdressers to pull off without noticing. This is why it’s better to opt for a lip gloss instead because this is more obvious and makes your lips appear wet rather than dry.


Lip plumpers are available at most beauty stores or online retailers in both liquid and cream formulations. It may take some trial and error before you find the right product for your skin type because they can irritate if not used correctly.


Instead of using a lip plumping product, you could also try applying an actual lipstick that is two shades darker than your natural complexion, so it appears to be more noticeable when done correctly. Avoid any bright pink or red colors because these are feminine and can give away your secret.



When applying lipstick, always use a brush or lip liner because this will help you maintain the shape of your lips without leaving any apparent outlines behind that are visible to others. You should also avoid using glosses on top of the product, so it doesn’t smear all over everything when you speak or smile.


7. Chin and Jawline


Women have slimmer and smoother jawlines than men, which is why you should always use a shade of makeup that’s lighter in color to highlight the area. This will help create a natural-looking effect, so it appears more feminine by comparison. Apply this right underneath your cheekbones for an instant slimming effect on the rest of the face as well.


If you’re not happy with your jawline, then apply a plumping product before using any other makeup because it will give the appearance of more definition and make this area look slimmer by comparison. You can also use a matte bronzer to contour the sides of your face while avoiding the chin completely, so it appears less prominent in comparison.



Your hair is your best accessory when it comes to making your jawline appear slimmer than it is naturally. Try wearing a shorter style in the back and longer on top with side-swept bangs to frame the face better. This will help create an illusion of having more feminine cheekbones, chin line, nose shape, etc.



By using the makeup tips mentioned above, you will feminize your face and make it look more like a woman’s. Remember that achieving this effect takes time because of how different men’s faces are compared to women’s structure, etc. You should also avoid wearing extra accessories or clothing items that may give away your true identity, such as a scarf.



Instead of wearing more feminine clothing items that are obvious to others, it’s better to wear less conservative pieces that give off the impression of being laid back and approachable rather than showing too much skin or trying too hard. If you’re still feeling self-conscious about your appearance after applying makeup and styling your hair in a particular way, then take off your makeup and start over again until you’re satisfied with the results.


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