Breast Forms and Bra Combination Guide for Sexy Plus Size Crossdressers


What comes to mind when you hear ” breast forms and bra combo”?


As plus-size crossdressers, expressing ourselves and maintaining a sexy, natural look mean the world to us.


Thanks to breast forms and bras, they give us the feminine look we all look for.


In return, our confidence levels spike. But wearing breast form and bra is not enough.


You must wear the correct size. Also,  a breast form used with a bra should fit excellently.


Still, they should be secured properly.


Otherwise, the natural, sexy look you’re looking for would be in vain.


Breast Forms and Bra 


Breast forms and bra combinations are plentiful on the market.


They come in different designs, sizes, prices, and materials.



Unfortunately, not all are perfect. As a result, it’s not a bed of roses picking what suits you.


Breast forms made using high-quality silicone integrate flawlessly with your body.


They also mimic the natural breasts.


Bra options range from pocket and lace-deep to deep V-neck designs.


No need to fret!


Over the years, I have mastered identifying the best breast form and bra combinations for my sexy plus-sized body.


Continue reading for insight.


I will also enlighten you on the options available and what to avoid.



How to Find the Right Fit 


Breast Forms and Bra


Band Size Measurement


It’s the first thing to do. Request someone to help you.


Alternatively, you can seek the services of a professional.


Pass a tape measure around your chest while placing it straight and tight below your breast area.


Take the measurements.


Cup Size Measurement


After noting your band measurements, shift the tape measure to your breast area.


Let it cut lightly across your nipples. Then, measure from the spine to your chest’s center.


Double the measurements to find your ideal cup size.


Kindly note that you should take the measurements to the nearest 5cm.


Pick Your Fitting Breast Forms and Bra


Use the band and cup measurements to pick a breast form and bra proportional to your plus-size body.


But do not stop here. Different options fit differently.


Always keep on trying out various options until you find your perfect fit.


What to Avoid


Breast Forms and Bra 


UV Radiation, Extreme Heat, and Direct Sunlight Exposure


Breast form and bra combinations made with silicone lose electricity and become dry when exposed to UV radiation and direct sunlight.


Always store them properly. Manufacturers ship them with the right packaging for correct storage.


Please don’t throw it away.


Instead, utilize the original packaging as a store for your breast forms.


Overstretching Silicone Breast Forms and Bras


Though silicone breast form and bras can stretch enough to allow your arms and head through, there’s a limit to the extent to which they can stretch.


Avoid overstretching them, as they can tear, and the damage is irreversible.


Through experience, I have learned that gentle handling of my breast forms and bras pays off.


Washing Machine Cleaning


Silicone breast forms and bras are so delicate to withstand washing machine pressure.


Instead, use shower gel and cool water to clean them. Avoid direct sunlight while drying them.


You now know how to find the right fit and what to avoid.


Let’s dive into how you settle for the perfect bra for your outfit.


Picking the Perfect Bra for Your Outfit


Breast Forms and Bra


Picking the right bra for plus-size crossdressers is a hard nut to crack.


But it doesn’t have to be this way.


In my cross-dressing journey, I have learned that selecting the right bra that will enhance your sexy, plus-sized body is like a downhill task if you consider the following factors:


Breast Forms and Bra  


Bra Type


The first step is to know the bra type that suits your outfit and preference.


Bra options are endless.


There are those you wear as part of the outfit.


Others work excellently when worn with specific outfits.


Like the pocket bras, you can wear any outfit with some options.


Body Size


As a plus-size cross-dresser, it means you should wear a plus-size bra.


But the exact size depends on your chest and breast form measurements.




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Some lifestyle denotes the type of bra to wear.


For example, you should put on a well-secured bra and breast foams while engaging in a rigorous physical activity.


A bra with support panels would work out great.




Extra features enhance product usability. But such features on bras come with an extra cost, yet they are worth it.


Also, not all cheap bras are of low quality.


They only miss out on some features. If you are on a budget and the missing features do not affect the comfort and conformity of the bra with your outfit, go ahead and purchase.


But if you can afford extra dollars for a sleek bra, it will go a long way toward boosting your sexy, plus-sized body.


With the above information, you can choose the perfect breast forms and bra combinations for your sexy plus size seamlessly.


But how do you care for them? Based on my experience, here is a guideline:


How to Care for Your Bras and Breast Forms


 Bra care


Always keep them clean.


Dirty bras and breast foams are hubs for harmful bacteria and toxins.


Your health will be at risk, and the dirty bra or breast foam can get damaged.


And how do you keep them clean? Avoid petroleum-based lubricants on breast foams.


They break down the glue, making the breast forms loose from your body.


A washing machine will disfigure and tear the breast foams. Clean them manually.


For the bras, note their material and use the right cleaning agent.



Some materials may be better for machine washing.


Avoid exposing the breast forms and bras to extreme heat.


Direct sunlight damages the silicon material, making your breast foams disfigure.


Placing a hot iron on bras made with certain materials, like silk, will burn them.


Always use the right water temperature to clean your bras to avoid distortions.


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Ensure to clean your breast forms and bra after use.


Then, store them correctly. Always fold bras neatly and store them in your wardrobe.


The breast form should stay safe in a soft cloth bag.


Alternatively, you can keep the original packaging box and use it to store the breast forms.


Other storage areas may make the breast foams wear, break, or distort the shape.


Avoid pressing the adhesive area of the silicone breast form on surfaces containing silicone sealant.


They will stick firmly to the area; detaching them will be an uphill task.


In the end, the breast foam will disfigure or tear.


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Sweat damages breast forms. Using a reliable antiperspirant always works wonders for me.


Also, remove your jewelry before taking out your bra or breast form.


Hard jewelry, like those made with metal, can tear or scratch the breast form.


Others can pull the laces and threads from certain materials used in making the bras.


Lastly, avoid sleeping in your bra and breast forms.


It’s not only uncomfortable, but you will also distort the shapes.


As informed earlier, breast forms and bra options for plus-size crossdressers are many.


Knowing their details can help you choose what you want seamlessly.


As a plus-size crossdresser, the following options will suit your body perfectly:


Breast Forms and Bra Options for Plus Size Cross Dressers


Breast Forms and Bra  


Before you pick any breast form option and bra combination, consider your style, size, outfit, and pocket.


Still, breast forms come in the following shapes:







Also, materials used to make breast forms vary.


For example, silicone, latex, water-filled, foam, and gel compounds.


Remember to consider the brand.


Whether you are the conventional type, love to flow with the recent fashion trends, or adore the mixture of both, there’s a breast form and bra combination for you.


All these factors determine the breast form and bra options.


They include the following:


Breast Form Options


Pocket Bra Form Option


Breast Forms and Bra  


With this kind of breast form, you’ll need to use a bra with pockets to put the breast forms.


Though these breast foam options limit you to a specific bra type, they are pocket-friendly, easy to wear, and comfortable.


Vest-Like Breastplate Option


As the word denotes, this option looks like a vest.


It’s the most versatile of all options and is silicone-made.


The breast forms come attached to the vest.


You can wear them at any time, making them very convenient.


Adhesive Breast Form Option


The options consist of adhesives that attach to your chest.


For these options, bras are not necessary to keep them in place.


More so, they move like natural breasts when secured properly.


Whenever I wear an adhesive breast form option, my confidence level goes up, knowing I have a realistic effect on my chest.


This option sometimes bothers me because I replenish my glue stock frequently.


It can be tricky when I am out of cash and my glue is out of stock.


Bra Options


Breast Forms and Bra  


It’s easy to pick the right bra when you have the ideal bra foams.


You can buy them online or from a physical lingerie shop next door.


Various options you can pick to complement your sexy plus size include:


Padded Bra Options


Its substantial foam padding and underwire support will enhance your large chest and keep the breast forms in place.


Wireless and Non-padded Soft Bra Options


If it’s your first time wearing a bra, a non-padded one will be great to start you off.


Manufacturers make them stretchy or with hook closures to meet everyone’s preference.


I use them with my small breast forms.


Pocket Bra Options


Some vendors sell break forms only. Suppose you find such a place; no need to fret.


You can buy a pocket bra from a different seller.


These bra options have pockets to insert the breast forms.


A pocket bra offers optimum support for the breast forms.


Ensure you pick a bra that corresponds to the size of your breast foams.


Otherwise, you might damage them while forcing them to fit.


Breast Forms and Bra


Longline Bra Options


The bra stretches to the waistline.


If you’re also looking to streamline your figure to look sexier, this bra option is a must-have.


But you’ll spend some time securing it to your body using the row of hooks placed at the back.


Convertible Bra Options


It’s the best option to pick for various dresses and tops.


You can remove or adjust the straps at any point to achieve your desired look.


Alternatively, you can prompt your innovation with the straps to create a unique look.


For example, you can crisscross them, sling them around your neck, or arrange them on one of your shoulders.


Bras come in different fabrics, such as nylon, cotton, silk, and polyester.


Others combine with laces to spice up their look and make you look sexy.


Most of my sexy bras have laces.


You’ll also find them in different colors with textured details.


Choose a bra that fits. It should also fit your budget and taste.


Breast Forms and Bra  


You could wonder about the advantages of wearing a bra and breast forms.


They are as follows:


Benefits of Wearing a Bra and Breast Forms


You rock a natural look

Boosts your self-esteem and confidence

You can use quality bras and breast foams for an extended period

When worn correctly, they offer optimum support and comfort.


It’s not rocket science to discover that the right breast foams and bras for sexy plus-size crossdressers are a blessing.


But after fitting yours, you should avoid the following mistakes for optimal results:


Common Mistakes to Avoid After Getting Fitted


Breast Forms and Bra  


Bras stretch with time. Refrain from settling for a bra that fits you when secured on the last hook.


Choose the one that fits on its first (or loosest) hook.


That way, you can fasten it using the other hooks as it stretches out over time.


Our bodies change constantly.


Just because a bra fits you today does not mean it will fit excellently after another few months.


It’s therefore advisable to purchase new bras every six months or so.


Let’s be honest: if your breast forms are not positioned correctly in their position, change the bra and pick the right size.


It doesn’t matter whether it’s the only pretty or the last one on the market.


The unfitting bra foams will alter your sexy look, and you’ll regret it.


Remember, the focus is to keep you looking sexier in your plus size!


If the bra foams and fits perfectly but cannot meet your pocket, don’t buy it.


Instead, search for what suits your budget.


The bra straps may fit on your first attempt, but they may loosen over time.


It’s important to settle for a bra with adjustable straps.




Breast foams with the correct bra combinations give us a natural and sexy look.


We’re also able to express ourselves freely, spiking our confidence and self-esteem levels, as explained above.


You should consider size, the material used, taste, and other factors illustrated above to find your perfect fit.


When you avoid the mistakes mentioned in this article and take good care of your bras and breast foams, you’ll enjoy optimal user satisfaction.

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