Top 10 Celebrity Crossdressers Currently


Explore the world of celebrity crossdressers with our list.


Discover their stories, strengths, and the impact they’ve made in breaking gender norms.




Why Celebrity Crossdressers Matter



Crossdressing, or the practice of donning clothing typically associated with one’s opposite gender at birth, is rich in history.


It spans cultures, an accumulation of centuries that celebrate it as a medium for one to express themselves.


Among the vanguard in this shifting tide are celebrity crossdressers.


These people use their prominence to fight off stereotypes.




They dismantle taboos and urge acceptance. When these individuals show off their identity openly, they start a ripple effect.


They inspire others to do the same.


Distinguishable MtF (Male to Female) crossdressers are particularly influential in this regard.


They offer an alternative view of femininity. They define and expand what it means to be a woman.


Top 10 MtF Celebrity Crossdressers in 2023




In a world that often seeks to box us into predefined categories, celebrity crossdressers remind us of the beauty of authenticity and the importance of being true to oneself.


They highlight the diverse tapestry of human experience, encouraging acceptance and understanding of differences.


Through their visibility, they’re not only changing the narrative around crossdressing but also playing a pivotal role in shaping a more inclusive society.


And so, here are notable MtF Celebrity Crossdressers you should know about:


Hunter Schafer


Hunter Schafer, known for her riveting performance in the acclaimed TV series Euphoria, is another influential figure with inspiring MtF stories.


Initially assigned male at birth, Schafer experienced a pivotal moment during her ninth-grade year when she was diagnosed with gender dysphoria.


Her journey towards embracing her true identity as a trans woman unfolded throughout her teenage years.




It was not a path devoid of obstacles, but Schafer persevered.


In her ongoing exploration of self-identity, she has consistently utilized her preferences as a powerful tool for self-expression, demonstrating the courage to be authentically herself.


On the red carpet, on the runway, and in her personal life, Schafer blends femininity and androgyny effortlessly, creating a style distinctly her own.


Hunter Schafer is not just a celebrity MtF transition.


She stands as a beacon of defiance against societal norms, inspiring others to wear their identities with confidence and pride.


Her journey underscores the reality that fashion extends beyond mere garments–it’s a profound proclamation of one’s selfhood and uniqueness.


Hari Nef


Hari Nef has a lot going on for her. Her successful career is something many look up to.


As a model, writer, and actress, she’s an outstanding fashion figure.


Hari Nef made history in 2015 as the first openly transgender woman to be signed by IMG Models, one of the world’s leading international modeling agencies.


Nef’s presence in the fashion industry has been both groundbreaking and transformative, challenging traditional norms and championing diversity on global platforms.




Beyond modeling, Nef’s acting prowess has been recognized in popular television series like Transparent and You.


Off the screen and runway, Nef is an outspoken advocate for transgender rights.


She uses her visibility to shed light on the pressing issues that the transgender and crossdressing communities face.


Jamie Clayton


Best known for her role in the Netflix series Sense8, Jamie Clayton has not only won hearts with her acting prowess but also her candidness about her journey.


Jamie Clayton, born in 1978, debuted in the television show Hung and later joined the cast of the Emmy Award-winning series Dirty Work.




Her breakthrough role as Nomi Marks, a transgender blogger and hacker in Sense8, has been widely acclaimed for its authentic representation of the transgender community.


She’s a vocal advocate for trans rights.


Her efforts in portraying transgender characters, paired with her enthusiastic participation in raising awareness about trans and crossdessing issues, make her a model role for many.


Indya Moore


Indya Moore is an acclaimed American actor and model.


Best known for their role as Angel Evangelista in the groundbreaking series Pose, Moore’s influence extends beyond the screen.


So much so that they became one of the 100 Most Influential People in the year 2019.


Born biologically male, Moore identifies as transgender non-binary and uses they/them pronouns.




Through their personal style choices, they challenge the conventional binary concept of gender.


Their bold, androgynous looks serve as a statement of self-expression and liberation.


Moore’s audacious embodiment of femininity, blended with a unique flair, resonates with many individuals on their own journeys of self-discovery and acceptance.


Their story is not merely about the clothes one wears.


It’s a testament to the diversity of human experiences, a form of self-empowerment, and a powerful tool for challenging norms and stereotypes.


Carmen Carrera


Carmen Carrera, first introduced to the public on RuPaul’s Drag Race, has since embarked on a successful modeling career.




Her beauty and confidence pour out in everything that she touches. Truly, she’s a powerful icon in the crossdressing community.


What’s even better is that she utilizes her platform to champion trans rights.


One of her noteworthy works is her documentary, Out of the Closet.


In her career, she’s one of the first transwoman who has walked the runway for major fashion designers.


Leyna Bloom


Breaking barriers in the fashion industry, Leyna Bloom was the first trans woman of color to feature in Sports Illustrated.


Her achievement is not just a personal victory.


It’s a significant milestone in the journey towards greater inclusivity.




Leyna Bloom’s rise to fame goes beyond the glossy pages of Sports Illustrated.


An accomplished actress, she made history at the 2019 Cannes Film Festival as the lead in Port Authority, the first film featuring a trans woman of color in a leading role.


Andreja Pejić


Andreja Pejić, a renowned model, was one of the first openly transgender models to hit mainstream fashion.


She shattered stereotypes and paved the way for many aspiring models in the crossdressing community.


She started as an androgynous model, but her daring approach to fashion and aesthetics, coupled with her unique versatility, quickly positioned her as a game-changer in the industry.




In 2014, Pejić underwent gender reassignment surgery.


After, she continued her modeling career, now as a woman.


This transition was another daring step in her life, one that was ultimately lauded for its courage and authenticity.


Laverne Cox


Her role in Orange Is the New Black pushed Laverne Cox to the limelight.


Since then, she has taken home many awards.




Such include the Screen Actors Guild Award and the GLAAD Media Stephen F. Kolzak Award.


Cox has consistently used her influence to offer relevant information about the unique challenges faced by the trans community.


She spotlights issues such as healthcare inequality, discrimination, and violence.


In 2014, her groundbreaking documentary The T Word highlighted the stories of seven transgender youths, bringing unprecedented visibility to their experiences.


Named one of TIME’s 100 Most Influential People, Cox’s efforts continue to inspire and empower.


Kataluna Enriquez


Kataluna Enriquez, a beauty queen and model, made headlines when she won Miss Nevada USA 2021, becoming the first openly trans woman to do so.


Her victory sent a powerful message about acceptance and diversity in beauty standards.




Kataluna Enriquez’s impact reaches far beyond her success in pageantry.


She is also a fashion designer, using her platform to shed light on the experiences of the transgender community.


Notably, for her Miss USA competition, Enriquez designed and wore her own dress, symbolically representing her transition journey.


The gown, featuring a rainbow motif, was a powerful statement of her identity and advocacy for LGBTQ+ rights.


Laura Jane Grace


Laura Jane Grace, acclaimed leader of the punk rock band Against Me!, stands out in our list of top MtF celebrity crossdressers currently.


Born as Thomas James Gabel, Grace publicly came out as a transgender woman in 2012, a courageous move that made headlines worldwide.


Grace’s style mirrors the bold rebellion of punk culture.


She challenged societal norms of gender and identity.




Her wardrobe is a compelling mix of the traditionally feminine and the edgy grunge aesthetic.


Whether she’s rocking a band t-shirt with a floral skirt on stage or a tailored suit in an interview, she embraces her femininity with a hint of punk edge.


But Laura Jane Grace is more than her fashion choices.


She is resilience and authenticity embodied, using her platform to advocate for transgender rights and visibility.


Her story reaffirms the notion that identity is a spectrum, and it’s our unique place on that spectrum that truly defines us.






These prominent celebrity crossdressers’ efforts shattered stereotypes then and now.


Their courage to be their authentic selves fostered society’s understanding of transgenderism and crossdressing.


Each of them, in their way, paved the way for today’s transgenders and crossdressers to be more accepted.


FAQs about Celebrity Crossdressers


How has celebrity helped promote acceptance and understanding of crossdressing?


Celebrity MtF crossdressers have played a significant role in promoting acceptance and understanding of crossdressing by living their truth in the public eye. Their visibility and openness about their journeys have fostered dialogue and learning around the topic. I


Can crossdressing be a form of self-expression for anyone, not just celebrities?




Of course! Anyone can do crossdressing to express themselves. It’s not limited to celebrities.


Crossdressing is a channel to explore and express one’s gender presentation. Learn more>>10 Fun Activities for Crossdressers: Embrace Joy and Self-Expression


How can I find fashion inspiration from celebrities without feeling overwhelmed?


Start by identifying a few celebrity MtF crossdressers whose style resonates with you.


Study their fashion choices and how they put outfits together. Remember, it’s not about copying every look.


Rather, it’s about finding elements that speak to you.


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