Chastity Devices 101: Important Things Every Crossdresser Must Know


Hello, lovelies! How are you today? Planning on taking feminization a step further? The best way to do so is easier said than done: chastity!


By forgetting the necessity and the possibility of making a mess in your panties, femininity takes a whole new dimension.


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Chastity Devices 101


Besides making you more in contact with your feminine self, chastity provides a new concept to living sexuality, removing sexual pleasure.


The strong male urges in MtF crossdressers can ruin their experience.


Here, we will see the safe and best way to achieve those changes in your life.


We will discuss safe periods to wear a chastity device and the best options in the market.


Besides, here is some inspiration to make sure you keep your regime!


You’ll discover how useful one of these can be in some situations!



1. What is Male Chastity, and How Does it Work?


Chastity Devices 101


In simple terms, chastity is refraining from the sexual impulse to take part in related activities.


Religions worldwide include practices of the sort to devote that energy to studying their beliefs.


Deities aside, devoid of easy access to self-pleasuring, you’ll focus on other things, like keeping the house clean, working, and using the time for something more productive.


2. What is a Chastity Device?


Chastity Devices 101


As the phrase implies, it is a lockable device designed to avoid access to the genitalia.


This is the common name of the one for those who have a penis.


As this is mainly an MtF’s cross dressers blog, we’ll discuss these more in-depth.


This artifact can either contain the bits or not, but it is always locked over the phallus.


Preventing one this way to masturbate and forcing one’s focus to move into something else.


If you have something in your mind you want to achieve and can do so by dedicating to it; you can train your will to do so with a chastity device.


3. What does Male Chastity mean in the Present Day?


Chastity Devices 101


Male Chastity has evolved into a distinctive realm of desire and fascination in today’s society.


It encompasses a range of interests and preferences, often categorized as a kink or fetish.


It serves as a mechanism through which one partner can exert control over the other by deliberately delaying or withholding sexual release.


This practice involves the submissive partner wearing a chastity device, typically a secure cage restricting the movement and arousal of the male genitalia.


By preventing self-stimulation, these devices ensure the submissive partner cannot engage in sexual gratification.


The cage remains locked, with the dominant partner exclusively holding the key.


As a result, the duration of the submissive partner’s innocence and the denial of their self-gratification rests solely in the hands of the dominant partner.


The specific length of time that the submissive partner spends wearing the device can vary greatly, offering many advantages based on different periods of confinement.


4. Is a chastity cage a must if you crossdress?


A chastity cage is not a mandatory requirement for cross-dressing, but it can certainly add an element of excitement and enjoyment to the experience.


For some crossdressers, incorporating chastity play into their activities can enhance the sense of femininity and submission.


Wearing a chastity device can provide a physical reminder of their submissive role and add an extra layer of control and anticipation.


It can create a psychological shift, allowing the crossdresser to fully embrace their feminine persona and relinquish control to a dominant partner if desired.


Furthermore, chastity can also help in exploring power dynamics and role-playing scenarios.


Creating Your Own Chastity Routine


It can foster a sense of vulnerability and trust between partners, as the submissive partner relies on the dominant to unlock the device and grant them sexual release. This power exchange can be highly erotic and emotionally fulfilling for those involved.


Ultimately, whether or not to incorporate a chastity cage into crossdressing activities is a personal choice and should be based on individual desires and comfort levels.


It is important to prioritize open communication, consent, and mutual enjoyment when exploring such dynamics in any relationship or sexual practice.


5. Is Wearing Chastity Safe?


Chastity Devices 101


If you take care of your hygiene and check regularly, you can wear a chastity device for a couple of months without a problem.


Finding the right one initially can be hard, as many options exist.


They come in different materials, too, so you may be more comfortable with a plastic device than a metallic one.


If the material doesn’t cause any allergic reaction, you keep the area clean and purchase the right size, so wearing them periodically is safe.


6. Selecting the Right Size


To prevent lesions in our penises, we must be sure we go for the correct size.


Even though a chastity device prevents full erections from happening, there has to be a little room for the genitalia to move.


Brief moments of arousal will make it twitch down there, just to be reminded that there’s no way to go down that road.


This space allows the area to ventilate properly and a comfortable “redressing” of the member.


7. How Do I Know My Size?


Chastity Devices 101


Measuring your size is very easy, but you should do this process several times and average them.


I’d say 5-10 to be sure is enough. These measures must be taken while it’s flaccid.


Use cold water if necessary to aid you in the process. If you are not afraid of walking to a store for it, the sales assistants can help you.


But if you are ordering online as most, you must know the measure of your girth, length, and ring size.


Another thing called gap size allows the device to be more comfortable. Follow these steps to find out your chastity device size:


Chastity Devices 101


  • Step 1: With a measuring tape, measure the diameter of the base of the penis, the tip, and the thickest part of it. Please take note of it; this is the circumference.


  • Step 2: Measure the length of it from the base to the tip and write it down. This is the length; remember to consider extra room for the penis to move and breathe.


  • Step 3: Wrap the tape around your scrotum and phallus to measure your ring size. The tape should be tight enough to make it hard to slip a finger but without cutting off the blood flow.


  • Step 4: Take the same measure while fully erect to know the parameters and allow some movement and proper blood flow.


  • Step 5: The last two steps must be done while the testicles are filled with semen to ensure a safe experience.


8. How to Start


Chastity Devices 101


The best thing to set in your mind if you want to go down this path is inspiration.


Set yourself an objective that healthily improves your life and helps you connect more with your feminine energy.


Once you are clear about this, you can start planning for it.


We’ve already seen how to take the necessary measures to buy one online.


The next step is selecting the right device for you and buying it.


Besides the right size, the most important aspect is the material they are made of.


Let’s see a little about it.


9. Materials Used for Chastity Devices


Chastity devices come in various materials and must do a lot with personal preferences.


Most common include metal, silicon, leather, and different types of plastic. Each has its pros and cons, as discussed below:


● Metal


Chastity Devices 101


This material ensures a comfortable fit and a secure lock for all sizes.


Stainless steel is commonly used to make them.


Very hard to remove, if not impossible, without the key; these devices are usually the most expensive.


And you don’t wanna be cheap about it.


When it comes to metal, if it is not a trusted company, it can come with sharp edges that can cause you harm.


These devices provide a strong mental component when you remember wearing them.


Restrict access to the genitalia in a very secure way. If you know you are allergic to lesser-grade metals, check the surgical steel option.


● Plastic


Chastity Devices 101


Usually Ideal if you are buying your first chastity device or coming from a silicone one.


But then again, don’t let your wallet get the best of you. Make sure to buy from a serious business to prevent unwanted complications.


Best plastic chastity cages are made of medical-grade polymers that are safe to wear.


Many models are perfect for long-time wear before you jump to a metallic one.


These are very lightweight, which makes them very comfortable to wear.


● Silicon


Chastity Devices 101


As with the plastic ones, these lightweight and cheap materials make them perfect for beginners.


Their downside is that they are not as restrictive or difficult to remove without the keys as the previous options. But then again, if you are just starting with this, it can become a perk.


● Leather


Chastity Devices 101


Another material that proves an excellent point of start for newcomers.


You can use them for long periods and are less restrictive than other options.


This type of material can’t be worn to the shower.


Even though they provide good airflow in most parts, the leather can make you a little sweaty in contact with your skin.


Check regularly, especially if you are trying for the first time.


10. Tips for Wearing a Chastity Device


Chastity Devices 101


  • Even though you buy the right size, it can be hard to make it fit sometimes. First, don’t force anything into anything. Use cold water or ice to reduce the size of the equipment and lube to squeeze it into the chastity device. It takes a little getting used to the feeling, but if it continues to produce discomfort after an hour of wearing it, remove it. Clean and dry the area, and try again whenever you feel comfortable.


  • The best time to wear a chastity device at first is whenever you are comfortable, and in this case, with a feminine activity in mind. You can get all dolled up to exercise your girly booty in your workout outfit by wearing the device, for instance. Avoiding distractions while working is also a great scenario.


  • Start as slowly as you find yourself enjoying the experience. You will find out that you love it! Maybe an hour or two is perfect to begin with.


Chastity Devices 101


  • Once you get the hang of it, be careful not to leave your genitalia locked for extremely long periods. It can produce injuries and cut off the blood flow if one is careless.


  • The stimulation of the prostate is key to a healthy lifestyle. So, ejaculation is advised every month/month and a half if you think long-term. Nevertheless, you can do without removing the cage. You may have to get creative.


  • It is always recommended you consult with a doctor about this and the medical repercussions it can have. This article is intended to bring the first glance of information to those who ended up here.


Chastity Devices 101


As you can see, there are many benefits to wearing a chastity device.


It can force you to take a different point of view of your free time and, more intensely, live your femininity.


If you are lucky enough to have a partner to share this, you can incorporate it into your sexual life!


What do you guys think?


Are you up for some time in chastity?


If any reader wears one, I would love to know!


Leave a comment below so we can share experiences.


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  1. I want a device and be locked up and denied any orgasms so I become more feminine and obedient

  2. I recently purchased a chastity device. I came with no instructions, so I had to determine how it worked. One part on the device had been broken. I had to do a little adjusting to get it to work. I put the device on me, and I noticed how good it felt on. Somehow, I was lucky and got the correct size. Since wearing it, I noticed me looking at female clothes. I guess the female side of me is taking over. I want to wear panties now and other female clothes. I am fighting doing just that, but I think it will happen.

  3. What is the best device to use to force me to sit to pee and keep my front flat. I was thinking of a cb6000s, but not sure. I am a crossdresser so if I can find something that hides my bulge, it would be better. Some of the steel belts look good too, especially with the anal attachments that may be available. Also, where is the best place to order online? Thank you!

  4. I have a chastity device, and now that I’ve become accustomed to wearing it while donning women’s clothes, it makes me feel utterly feminine.

  5. Thank you so much! This article has really helped me with my chastity concerns. I used to face issues with getting erections while wearing women’s clothing, and it bothered me a lot. Now, after reading this, I feel more confident about trying out a silicone chastity device.

  6. Chastity really made a difference for me, helping me fully embrace my feminine side. It brought about a psychological shift, and now I can wholeheartedly embrace my feminine persona.

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