Complete Crossdressing Guide to Feminization Hypnosis


Transgender women, cross-dressers, and other trans-feminine people have one desire in common. To feel more like a woman. Everyone has a feminine side, and there are many ways for us to connect with it.


Doing so helps us to fulfill this desire as we manage to unleash a more feminine version of ourselves. One of them is hypnotic therapy. It’s also known as “feminization hypnosis.” It’s effective and can be done with privacy, but some of us aren’t aware of it. Because of that, I wouldn’t be surprised if you have doubts about what it is or how to get started.


Complete Crossdressing Guide to Feminization Hypnosis


Like most forms of therapy, feminization hypnosis requires a routine. But it brings you decent results if done properly. It helps you to reconnect with your feminine side. And as such, it is recommended to most trans-feminine folk. But you must get used to doing so regularly if you want to achieve the best results. You can start with simple YouTube videos and later progress to meetings with a professional hypnotizer.


I’m aware of the doubts cross-dressers have about feminization hypnosis. And as such, I’ve come up with some explanations to keep you informed. My goal here is to answer the most common questions about this kind of therapy so you and other sisters may have access to this useful tool. After that, I hope that you can keep up with your cross-dressing routine, unleashing your inner woman through this method.



1. How does it work?


Complete Crossdressing Guide to Feminization Hypnosis


The professional Hypnotist, which we can also refer to as a Hypnotherapist, induces your brain into a state of deep focus. You’ll experience intense concentration, and the therapist will guide you by repeating certain verbal cues. For all purposes, you’ll be in a kind of trance, quite similar to sleep, yet you’ll be completely aware of what’s going on. What I mean is that you’ll be conscious but susceptible to the therapist’s commands.


Complete Crossdressing Guide to Feminization Hypnosis


During the general hypnotic therapy, the hypnotherapist will make some suggestions. Those may help you to achieve your therapeutic objectives. While you’re in this trance-like state, your brain is more susceptible to accepting advice and proposals. Some of which you would be more likely to ignore or forget in a normal state. In short, we may say that hypnotherapy helps open the seeds of certain thoughts in your mind. In the case of feminization hypnosis, those thoughts are the ones that help connect you with your inner feminine side.


2. Who should do it?


Complete Crossdressing Guide to Feminization Hypnosis


Anyone who wants to feel more feminine should try it. Transgender women, for example, may find hypnotic feminization therapy useful. It helps them to deal with dysphoria and self-doubt. For cross-dressers, it may provide an intense feeling of femininity.


This way, it enhances their experience while cross-dressing. And for non-binary and other types of trans-feminine folk, this type of hypnosis may increase their freedom. I mean, if they feel too limited by being born with a male body, this therapy may help them to overcome such limitations. It’s all a matter of getting in touch with your inner femininity so that you can feel more comfortable with who you are.


Complete Crossdressing Guide to Feminization Hypnosis


All of these people have in common the desire for validation of their feminine selves and as such, should try feminization hypnosis. That’s because the first person who must validate you as a woman is yourself.


3. Why should they do it?



As I said, they should try it as a means of feeling comfortable and validated as women. But there are several other reasons as well. First of all, it’s an accessible therapy that requires only time and dedication. Some trans people can’t afford a psychologist to help them deal with this kind of issue. And HRT is often avoided by cross-dressers, as the results are too permanent.


But in the case of Hypnotherapy, the cost is lower, and the results won’t interfere with the masculine side of cross-dressers. Besides that, it can be done at home through video calls, allowing for a higher degree of privacy.


Complete Crossdressing Guide to Feminization Hypnosis


Another encouragement for you to do feminization hypnosis is that it may help you learn certain techniques. As your mind becomes more open to getting advice during the trance and hyper-focus, it may be easier to understand and remember certain tips. It’s a way to feminize your habits and behaviors more naturally, as you won’t have to “pretend” while dressing up.


Complete Crossdressing Guide to Feminization Hypnosis


Last but not least, hypnotherapy may help you build more confidence. It might encourage you to take your transitioning or cross-dressing to the next level.


Most therapies help people overcome confidence and self-esteem problems, and it’s no different with this one. But once you add it to the other benefits we’ve discussed, you’ll see how much this kind of therapy can help you. As such, there’s no reason for you not to try it.


4. How to get started


Complete Crossdressing Guide to Feminization Hypnosis


Now you know what feminization hypnosis can do for you, but how do you start it? Well, for experimentation purposes, you can find some hypnosis videos on the internet. They will introduce you to some of the techniques. Most of them are free to watch and may be suitable for a variety of purposes. Some of them are casual and intended to help you connect with your inner femininity.


But others are more explicit and dwell on the “novelty” side. Those are more suitable for sexual experimentation and cross-dressing adventures. But the problem with videos, in general, is that they won’t provide you with the full benefits of actual therapy.


Through them, you’ll only touch an aspect of your personality that you can embrace once and for all. Because of that, I recommend these videos as a way of familiarizing yourself with the idea of therapy. Or, at least, as an introduction to feminization hypnosis.


Complete Crossdressing Guide to Feminization Hypnosis


After experimenting with videos, you’ll get a taste of what hypnotherapy has to offer. I hope it’s enough to convince you to seek a professional hypnotherapist. From here on, the steps may vary according to the healthcare system in your country. That, and the availability of professional hypnotherapists near you. If you’re in the United States, you can try contacting the National Board for Certified Clinical Hypnotherapists.


Otherwise, I recommend you check on a local board of certified professionals online. These are some general directions that you can use. But feel free to use any other method you find more practical since directly contacting a therapist, you know. After that, they will do a general evaluation of your case and give you further instructions.


Complete Crossdressing Guide to Feminization Hypnosis


With that in mind, it would be pertinent for me to list a few videos you can watch. They are supposed to help you better understand the steps I’ve mentioned until you manage to reach the last one.


For a general course about feminization hypnosis, I recommend the “Cara Institute of Advanced Hypnosis” channel on YouTube. It has a lot of videos that may help you experiment with hypnosis. After that, when you start seeking a professional, this other video from Doctor Mike Mandel may help you as well.



5. Creating a routine


Complete Crossdressing Guide to Feminization Hypnosis


This kind of therapy requires commitment, as you won’t turn into a woman after a single session. It’s a progression, and as such, you get better at it with time. So, the best way to make sure you achieve your results is by creating a routine and keeping in touch with your hypnotherapist.


A good tip is for you to show up at least once a week, as it allows the therapist to track your progress and the sessions to remain effective. However, I understand it may not always be possible since it depends on several factors. Some of them, for example, are the availability and cost of your therapist, as well as your work schedule.


Complete Crossdressing Guide to Feminization Hypnosis


Nonetheless, the more you show up, the better.  To avoid losing the grip, you may keep watching some hypnosis videos at home between sessions as a complementary activity. Doing all of that will ensure you keep in touch with your inner woman, allowing you to unleash your femininity to a greater extent.


6. What to expect


Complete Crossdressing Guide to Feminization Hypnosis


Well, it depends on both your commitment and goals. If you’re a cross-dresser seeking adventure, expect new experiences and discoveries. Feminization hypnosis will make you feel various new sensations. It will take your cross-dressing sessions to a whole new level. If you’re a transgender woman seeking passability, hypnotherapy will help you to behave like a woman more naturally.


It’s a matter of making you more familiar with your inner femininity to a point in which you can access it at will. But keep in the more you commit yourself to it, the more satisfactory your results will be, so expect accordingly. Feminization Hypnosis isn’t magic. It’s a scientifically proven method of therapy and requires efforts from both you and your therapist to be effective.


Complete Crossdressing Guide to Feminization Hypnosis


Feminization hypnosis is real, and it works. Not only that, but it’s also a valid form of therapy. One that helps cross-dressers and transfeminine folk to get to know their inner women. Putting you into a trance, the hypnotist plants certain thoughts inside your mind. These thoughts and advice are a way of improving your femininity, enhancing your confidence, and validating you as a woman.


But all of these benefits require dedication and commitment, as science isn’t magic. Of course, if you want to be adventurous, some occasional videos may fulfill your desires.


But if you seek long-term results that increase your passability, seek a therapist and keep a routine. Have you ever had any experience with Hypnotism? We’d love to know about that, so make sure you share your stories in the comments below!

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