Furry sex: The world of furry fandom


The number of furry fandoms is on the rise as individuals aim to explore their sexuality and interest in the world of diversity and freedom of expression.


Furry fandom involves a community that is passionate and curious about anthropomorphic animal features.




They are in most cases of human characteristics or use various forms like drawings, comics, and costumes in various media.


For many furries, it is an aspect of self-identity development and exploration through sexual activities.



What does it mean to be a furry, and what is furry sex?




We may define furry as not only a hobby or fandom but a way of loving and being fascinated with anthropomorphic animals.


Similarly, they have a personal fursona, which describes them in their preferred creature.


Through this, it allows them to exhibit their creativity by being able to become multiple personas in relation to the furry community.


Furry sex refers to any furry sexual fantasies or activities involving semi-anthropomorphic characters.


Such a varied activity may be as simple as a role-play or more complex with costumes and props.


Yet, furry sex is not only a singular practice or means but describes the overall bundle of sexual moves that rule the furry universe.


Differences between furry sex and role-playing




Please note that although BDSM/Furry sex includes some role play aspects of the kink, it does not mean all of them are the same.


Role play here implies the portrayal of a certain character during coitus.


For example, this can involve dreaming of another personality for itself or something complex such as bondage, submission, and masochism games.


However, furry sex is about having sex with such creatures as bears or rabbits that possess human-like genital characteristics.


It usually involves people wearing animal costumes called fur suits and having sex while being their fursona.


The sexual act between the furries may vary from just cuddling and petting to more extreme oral or vaginal sex.


Furry sex games




Here are some of the known furry sex games:


Corruption of Champions


The game contains several sections that make it interesting to play, with the main section referred to as Mareth.


While playing the game, we may choose the size and the complexion of the cartoon we would like to play with.


The game will provide us with maximum pleasure as it lets us explore our fantasies and desires.


Fursona 5


We owe the success of Fursona 5 to the fact that it combines both role-play and adult content.


We can imagine characters with fur while playing the game, explore all the worlds of interactive stories and sex scenes, and participate in different events and quests.




Love and corruption


When we participate in this game, we will explore and discover several races and creatures in the world of furry fandom.


We should also note that the major role of the game is that of a man hence we should ensure to take the role seriously and make decisions that will result in the right path.


Paws & Pleasure


Another noteworthy name is Paws & Pleasure, which contains a sandbox for the players to socialize, play, and have sex with their furries.


Furry fans would enjoy the game world as it allows a variety of players in-game experiences.




Jen Adventure Game 


Jen Adventure Game is excellent for those who prefer a storytelling approach.


The game can make us become addicted since it has various adventures and different puzzles to solve.


This game has a beautiful story and explicit adult content that makes it possible for people to understand more about love in that world of furries.


What should we consider when looking for a furry sex doll?




Here are some factors to consider when choosing a furry sex doll:




Furry sex dolls have their characteristics to make the whole activity better.


Furry sex doll has some features like body size appearance, and color complexion among others.


Some doll types make it possible for a person to create a furry fantasy doll with a desired face, body, and genitals.


For instance, they could have built-in vibration mechanisms or detachable components for hygiene reasons among others.


Price range


The prices of furry sex dolls depend on the quality and customizations offered.


Basic models might be affordable, while highly sophisticated dolls having complex additions tend to be too costly.


Create a budget and list what features should be considered necessary when purchasing.




Their advantages and disadvantages


As with most products, furry sex dolls also have their pros and cons.


However, they offer a natural form of a furry fantasy, allowing us to practice our wishes and fulfill our sexual desires.


The dolls can be friends to those persons who find themselves alone or who have trouble communicating on an emotional level.


Nevertheless, furry sex dolls come with some disadvantages as well.


In most cases, they are costly, making it difficult for many people to acquire them.


The maintenance of these furry sex dolls is difficult and hence requires a lot of our time.


Besides, some posit that indulgence in this practice can lead to disassociation from actual physical and emotional relationships among humans.


Furry sex dolls




Over the past few years, the furry sex doll has earned great appreciation in the furry community.


Such dolls are tailor-made to have features similar to the anthropomorphized animals’ representations and give people a concrete shape for their furry dreams.


It’s about time that we examine what furry sex dolls mean and some of the aspects needed for consideration before purchasing one.


What is it?




Fuzzy sex toys which we also refer to them as plush dolls or plushies, are sex toys with animal characters made of various materials like fabric, foam, or silicon.


Since they are customizable, they become anthrophoric because they seem like animals.


Furries should look no further than many types and designs of furry sex dolls that come in a range of shapes and sizes with which furries can be perfect companions for sexual experimentation.


Examples of Furry Sex Dolls




Examples of furry sex dolls include;


Furry Fox Fantasy


This is a furry sex doll that has a realistic fox design covered with soft fur and customizable parts.


It comes with different features depending on our choices such as different types of hair, eye colors, and eye poses, which one can set to their taste.


Playful Kitty Companion


The fantasy of this sex robot is that of an anthropomorphic cat.


For this reason, it features an impressive level of action that heightens realism when engaged in play sessions involving intimacy.


Its soft silicone and lifelike eye enhance its appeal.


crossdressing crossdresser transgender 


Wolf Lover’s Dream


The wolf lover’s dream doll attracts people who love wolves.


This is a premium-quality silicone design that has some beautiful detailing. Users get the feel of it.


Such a customized option allows an individual to create a personalized wolf companion as desired.


How to take care of furry sex dolls


crossdressing crossdresser transgender 


Here are some tips to help us take care of our doll:


Clean regularly


We should clean our furry sex doll the same way we clean ourselves using appropriate cleaning agents per material.


While cleaning, we may use antibacterial soap and water to remove and kill germs.


Do not soak the doll overnight, as soaking in water will destroy and interfere with the materials and the texture of the sex doll.


Ensure to reach out to all the holes of our dolls, such as the vagina and anus, using a soft sponge to remove all waste and cum deposited in the holes.




With just as much care, such hair may get messy and tangled after a few days, like real natural fur.


We are advised to use a soft brush or a rake comb while washing the doll’s hair.


We should proceed with caution when beginning at the sides of the leaves close to the root.


Avoid pulling or twisting them. The brush avoids spoiling the image of the dolls and makes them look good with soft fur.


crossdressing crossdresser transgender 


Fixing and Repair


For any damage or wear out, correct it as quickly as possible to prevent worsening the situation.


Additionally, we can take the doll’s broken body parts to an expert or manufacturer for further assistance like stitches for torn vulva and anus.


Avoid sharing


We all know that sharing is caring, but not with our furry sex dolls. Sex dolls are meant to be used by one person alone.


This helps in reducing the risk of transmitting sexually transmitted infections or other fungal infections like UTIs.


In case we decide to share our sex dolls, let us use protection and also maintain a high level of hygiene of our dolls.




crossdressing crossdresser transgender 


Furry sex is a unique but very complex element of this subculture, where individuals can examine their sexual desires and identify persons in the specified category who share identical feelings or longings.


The options for furry sex dolls and furry sex games are only increasing in this day and age.


However, whenever we consider engaging in furry sex, we always think about the pros and cons.


The whole furry community can engage in furry sex but it might not be what others would consider entertaining.


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