Matching Your Breast Form With Different Bras: Secret to Becoming a Hot Crossdresser


Hey lovelies,  knowing how to match your breast form with the perfect bra can make a difference that feels like night and day.



A bad-fitting bra will leave you feeling constrained. It will mess up your breast form and even put you in a bad mood for the evening.  However, the right bra can help you show off your amazing cleavage and leave you feeling like the confident queen that you are.


Let’s start with the different types of breast forms.



Different Breast Form Types




Breast forms come in different types, each offering its benefits.

The types include full-form, partial-form, stick-on, and shell form. Let’s delve into details and explain what each offers.





If you’ve always wanted to have large breasts then a full-form is perfect for you.

A full-form breast form will give you all the coverage you need while also giving your chest a nice lift.

The best part is that a full-form breast form can come in all the different shapes such as oval, tear-drop, and asymmetrical.



Partial Form

A partial breast form will give you a soft and natural-looking lift.

You can wear them for that extra boost without having to wear a full set of breasts.


Stick-On/ Adhesive Form

Wearing a stick-on breast form is one of the fastest ways to enhance your chest and get a good lift.

This is because wearing it is as easy as sticking and peeling. This makes it perfect for last-minute outfit changes.


Shell Form

A shell breast form covers your entire neck, shoulder, and upper back.

It gives you that seamless look and I promise no one will be able to tell if your breasts are real or not.


Different Types of Breast Form Shapes



You can think of breast forms like very realistic-looking breasts.

They look and feel like natural boobs and they even come in different skin tones to give you that je ne sais quoi look.

Plus, you can choose from several shapes such as:


Oval/ Triangle shape

This breast form shape will give you the fullness of traditional C and D-shaped breasts.


Tear-Drop Shape

This is the shape that is the closest to natural boobs. It will give you a natural-looking and very appealing chest.



Asymmetric Shape

If you can’t wait to show off some lovely cleavage, then an asymmetric shape will give you just that.

The breasts are designed closely together to create that natural cleavage look when you wear a low-cut blouse.


Custom Shape

Instead of shopping for a breast form that’s already in store, you can get your own custom-made design based on your measurements and what you like.


Benefits of Matching Your Breast Form With the Right Bra



Here are 4 good reasons why you should always match your breast form with the right bra.


Enhance Your Overall Appearance and Confidence

The confidence that you’ll have when you’re wearing the right bra for your breast form will be unmatched.

You can rock any outfit that you want and know that your breast form is supported and it looks very flattering on you.


Better Fit and Comfort

Your breast form is meant to leave you feeling comfortable even when you wear it for hours on end.

This might be easy for you if you’re wearing a stick-on breast form since you’ll barely feel its weight.

But if you’re wearing a shell breast form, the right bra will support the weight and ensure the breast form fits you well.



Prevention of Sagging or Discomfort

If you love wearing a full or shell-breast form, you have to be extra careful since they’re heavier than the rest.

A good bra will help you prevent the breast form from sagging and causing you discomfort.

Plus, the right bra will also give you a natural lift that will leave heads turning wherever you go.


Creates a More Natural Silhouette

Have you ever noticed a crossdresser across the street who was wearing a bra that was sticking out through their clothes and they kept adjusting it?

Well, I have.

A well-fitting bra that matches your breast form will make your entire look come together seamlessly.

Plus it will give you a natural silhouette and the confidence to strut in the streets.


Tips for Matching Your Breast Form With the Right Bra




Know Your Body Shape and Size

We all have different body shapes and sizes.

The breast form that looks great on you might not look good on me. And that’s okay.

There are up to 12 feminine body shapes for crossdressers.

And once you identify your body size and shape, you can go ahead and pick out the right breast form and bra for you.



Consider the Type of Bra

Gone are the days when we, as crossdressers, only wore either a sexy laced bra or an old-fashioned granny bra (sister to the granny panties).

Now, there’s an entire fashion world consisting of the best bra types for crossdressers.

Some great examples are the classic push-up bra, a plunge bra, and a strapless bra.

Since we have many choices to choose from, the best way you can approach this is to match the breast form with the right clothing.

For example, a stick-on breast form would look flattering on a strapless bra and it’s perfect for dinner dresses.



Pick the Right Size

Over the years, I’ve seen some of my friends making the mistake of picking a bra that was either too big or too small for them.

Proper sizing of your breast form delivers a perfect fit.

A bra that’s too big won’t give you the support that you need while a small bra might be too tight and make you feel uncomfortable.

So before you buy a bra, measure your breast form with a tape measure.

Then add half an inch to the number. This will be the perfect size for you.




Check for Compatibility

Bra-type compatibility is something that I cannot stress enough.

And it’s something that crossdressers don’t talk about enough since it’s a psychological need.

Let me give you an example.

Some crossdressers love showing off their cleavage, but if this makes you uncomfortable, then a full-coverage but sexy bra might be a better choice.


Matching Breast Forms With Different Types of Bras



Now that I’ve dished out my tips for matching your breast form with the right bra, let’s get into the nitty-gritty of exactly how you can do this.


Full Coverage Bras: For a Larger Breast Form

I know I know. You’re probably thinking that a full-coverage bra is something close to the granny bras we talked about.

But times have changed. And crossdressers have access to beautiful and sexy full-coverage bras.

These bras are perfect if you like large breasts and want to invest in a  sexy S-cup breast form.

The full-coverage bra will not only give you support and coverage, but you can also wear it with a see-through blouse to make your outfit extra spicy.


Push-Up Bras: Smaller Breast Form

Smaller but sexy B Cup breast forms go perfectly with push-up bras since they compensate for the lack of size with extra sexiness.

These breast forms are the famous stick-on form and the partial form.

As you shop for a push-up bra, my advice is to look for one with adjustable straps.

With these, you can adjust the level of support that the bra will give you. 



Plunge Bras: Teardrop-Shaped Breast Form

Have you ever seen those deep v-necked dresses in a crossdressing store and wondered what kind of bra you can wear it with?

The answer is a plunge bra.

A plunge bra is designed with a low-cut neckline to help crossdressers like you show off some skin while giving you the support you need.

It’s perfect for a  C-cup teardrop breast form that looks like the normal shape and size of natural breasts.


Strapless Bras: Adhesive Breast Form

A strapless or adhesive bra is perfect for a stick-on/ adhesive breast form.

Since this breast form is smaller, it doesn’t need as much support as a full-form breast form.

Meaning that you can do away with the straps and rock your outfit with a sexy strapless bra.

The strapless bra will give you the support you need for your A-cup breast form and also help you show off your amazing back in a backless dress.



Final Thought

My favorite thing about breast forms is the variety they come in. As of now, I have all four types at home.

If you’re a beginner, my advice is you start with the one that’s the most comfortable for you.

And as you continue cross-dressing, feel free to explore at least two more options.

This will help you spice up your wardrobe for different events and occasions.

For example, you can wear a full-form breast form at work and an adhesive breast form when partying.

Plus, it’s fun to play around with the breast forms and shop for the different bras to accompany them.

So keep exploring, and at the end of the day, the breast form and bra type you choose should bring out the sexiest and most confident version of you. Cheers.

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