My Favourite Kinks and Fetishes as a Sissy Crossdresser



My Favourite Kinks and Fetishes as a Sissy Crossdresser


Hello, cuties! My name is Phalak, and I am a young, crossdresser sissy from India.

I’ve been a closeted crossdressing sissy and would prefer to keep it a secret because, darling,

being closeted just adds that extra thrill to my experience as a crossdresser.

I identify as a non-binary crossdresser sissy who lives to give pleasure to everyone.

Embracing my sissy identity, I adore being feminine and submissive, and I love being perceived as a hyper-sexual girl.

When it comes to my sexuality, honey, I am gay and drawn to men—umm, not the small twinks but the big, hairy gay men.

But babe, this is just the tip of the iceberg. Being a submissive, crossdressing sissy,

I have so many sexual fantasies that I’m dying to share with you. It’s going to be a spicy read, babe.



My Favourite Sissy Crossdresser Kinks and Fetishes


Oral Sex


My Favourite Kinks and Fetishes as a Sissy Crossdresser 


Oh, babe, I absolutely adore oral sex. There’s something just so special about going down on a man;

it makes me feel so much more submissive, like a little sissy. Although there’s no direct physical pleasure for sissies in oral sex, t

he sheer joy of satisfying my man, giving him control by bowing down at his feet, and showing him that his pleasure matters more to me,

darling, that’s what makes oral sex my favorite sexual fetish.

Okay, let me share something with you; I am a very sexual sissy, so taking a man’s cock in my mouth,

licking it with my tongue, and gobbling his balls is just divine.

To be totally honest with you, babe, I find it incredibly hot, and I never get tired of it.

In fact, the more I do it, the better I get at it. Now, I can easily deepthroat and use my mouth to give a man the best orgasm of his life.


My Favourite Kinks and Fetishes as a Sissy Crossdresser


Also, I love oral sex because, unlike anal, it requires no prep. It’s reasonably safe, effective,

and fun for both parties, and it’s my number one move!

Of course, any reward that cums with it is an added bonus, but more on this later!


Different Roleplays


My Favourite Kinks and Fetishes as a Sissy Crossdresser 


One of my biggest kinks as a sissy is roleplaying. I believe that for us sissies, indulging in roleplays is a shared passion.

I’ve roleplayed countless scenarios for multiple partners, and they always drive me wild, especially because I get so lost in that mindset.

For us sissies, sex is more sentimental, just like it is for many women. Our journey to sissygasm starts with emotions, right?

Sex for sissies is all about the mental before the physical, and to stimulate that mental,

sexual area, I explore sissy roleplays and let my imagination run wild.


My favorite scenarios include playing a newlywed bride and roleplaying as a pregnant lady etc.

Some roleplays are very detailed and intense, while others are simple and inspired by porn.

But I make sure every single one is fun and super hot to enact.


My Favourite Kinks and Fetishes as a Sissy Crossdresser 


I usually love to dress up and do makeup for the part, along with modifying my dialogue and body language accordingly.

My partner and I typically discuss the details of the roleplay a couple of days in advance so we can prepare for it. Yes, I’m that professional.


Roleplays with me tend to get kinky and naughty, with some consensual non-consent,

some roughness, some incest fantasies, some corruption of the innocent, and a whole lot of submission from me.


Anal Sex


My Favourite Kinks and Fetishes as a Sissy Crossdresser


As a sissy, my ass is my pussy, and thus, anal sex is a must.


I keep myself very clean down there to prevent any mishaps, and I absolutely love taking it up in my ass.

I like to fulfill my man’s sexual desires by giving him my ass and letting him drill me deep.

Here’s a little secret, babe: after years of getting fucked in the ass, my bussy has adapted quite well to it.

Now, it’s less painful; my ass automatically craves something inside it and feels empty without something in my butt.

In fact, anal play with butt plugs and dildos has become so easy for me. All I need is a bit of lube to fulfill my desires.


My Favourite Kinks and Fetishes as a Sissy Crossdresser


I adore it when my partner is pounding my tight sissy hole, and I can’t control myself any longer, and my clitty cums hands-free from just being fucked.

I love being penetrated in multiple positions—the longer, the better.

Doggystyle, missionary, cowgirl, reverse cowgirl, lotus, standing and pinned against the wall, riding them on the couch, etc., I love them all.


Feeling a man penetrate me bareback is something else.

There’s so much raw and primal sexual energy attached to that.


Impact Plays (Getting slapped and spanked)


My Favourite Kinks and Fetishes as a Sissy Crossdresser 


I’m a submissive sissy, and getting slapped and spanked is what I live for.

OMG, every time he spanks me, it makes me bite my lips in horniness. I like being spanked mostly with bare hands.

I’ve tried with other tools like paddles, shoes, belts, floggers, etc.,

but I’ve found the hand to be the most intimate and humiliating while still causing enough pain and discomfort.


I enjoy being spanked hard on my bare ass, so much so that the spanks turn my ass red.

Him spanking me as a punishment and making me cry for my mistakes just elevates the entire experience.


My Favourite Kinks and Fetishes as a Sissy Crossdresser 


I’m really turned off by bodily harm of any kind and don’t like permanent markings being left on my body.

So, while I’m okay with the dominant using other objects for spanking,

I prefer they do it carefully to avoid permanently marking my skin or making it too painful, as I’m not into extreme pain.


In terms of other impact play, I also love the dominant slapping my face,

my tits, my little sissy clitty, or anywhere on my body he feels like at any moment during sex.

It turns me on and puts me in my submissive role right away.


I especially love being slapped on my face when I’m giving my man oral.

Isn’t it hot to pleasure someone with your mouth, and then they slap you because they feel you’re not doing a good enough job?

It’s so humiliating and turns me on a lot!


Degradation, Humiliation, and Healthy Abuses


My Favourite Kinks and Fetishes as a Sissy Crossdresser 


There’s something about humiliation and abuse that just makes me go weak in the knees.

Now, I adore different types of humiliation, but mental games are my fav, babe.

For example, my man commenting on my body, slut-shaming, making fun of my sexuality and gender identity, etc., I just love it.

I also like being verbally abused, especially if he uses feminine terms like whore, slut, bitch, etc.

These words just put me in a submissive state and gave me a wild turn-on.


My Favourite Kinks and Fetishes as a Sissy Crossdresser 


Another thing I cherish as a sissy is degradation. Degradation, for me, is like helplessness, and I love this feeling when I am with a man in his bedroom.

I enjoy it if he spits or ejaculates on my body. It’s like total submission of my body to the man.

I allow my partner to get a little creative with degradation and force me to perform embarrassing tasks like getting naked,

making me lick his feet, recording videos, etc.


Dirty talk is also a favorite, moaning my name while doing things to me, abusing me,

calling me dirty names, or telling me how much of a bad, bad slut I am, etc.


Safety Tips for Sissy Crossdressers


Saying No in Uncomfortable Situations


kink and fetish 


As a sissy crossdresser, I’ve encountered situations numerous times where there were things I didn’t want to do but felt pressured into doing.

Like I remember this one time I went on a date, and the guy wanted me to top him, which was a complete no for me.

So, what I’m saying is saying no in uncomfortable situations is very important.


Setting Boundaries


My Favourite Kinks and Fetishes as a Sissy Crossdresser 


Setting boundaries is crucial. Actually, I have a list of things that I tell my partner even before meeting them,

so they don’t have any expectations like making me bleed in unnatural circumstances, anything involving underage is a strict no,

permanent body damage or harm, or markings of any kind, extreme pain and torture, penis insertions are a few from my list.


Prioritizing Physical and Sexual Safety


Roanyer fetish 


Anything that even comes close to compromising my physical and sexual health, I stay miles away from.

I don’t entertain them in any way. Some of these kinky men have a no-condom fetish—red flag, baby girl, that man needs to grow up.

It goes without saying, babe, safe sex is the most fun sex.

I like to give my partner a safe word before any of our sessions so that, in the between, we have sex;

if it ever gets too much to handle, I can stop that hunk right away.

I only choose smart, sensible, and healthy men to ensure they are decent enough to understand my consent and my needs as a sissy.


Final Words


Roanyer kink 


Okay, babe, now we’ve come to the end of the blog.

Here’s the thing, as sissy crossdressers, we experience so many emotional changes, and this also impacts our sexual needs.

At least, that happens to me a lot.  My kinks and fetishes change a lot.

In my early crossdressing days, I used to think I was a lesbian, but now I am nowhere close to that, and that’s the beauty of being a sissy crossdresser.

We, as sissy crossdressers, are exploring our feminine sexual desires every day.

But the basics stay the same, babygirl, like prioritizing our physical, sexual, and mental health before going to his place.

So, that was all about my kinks and fetishes of a sissy crossdresser.

Why don’t you tell me about your fetishes? Comment down below; I’m eager to know some of the wild things you have done or want to do.

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