Crossdresser Fucked by Man: My Sexual Experience


I’m a young, 21-year-old, 5’7” tall crossdressing sissy with white skin, and feminine slender body with small boobs, and a small clitty and tight cute ass.


Living in India as a crossdressing sissy, not many people know about this side of me – only a few close ones, like my sissy girl gang and the love of my life, Sunny, my boyfriend.


Crossdresser Fucked by Man: My Sexual Experience 


So, today’s story is all about my man and how he fucked me for the first time. Yeah, babe, my first-ever sexual experience with a man. This is going to be a super erotic story, so hang on tight.



My Man and His Sexuality


Crossdresser Fucked by Man: My Sexual Experience 


My boyfriend Sunny is a hot and muscular gay man with a sexy beard, tanned hairy body, and tall height. He is like 6ft tall.


OMG, I felt so turned on the first time I saw him doing squats in the gym. At that time, I didn’t know he was gay.


But later on, when he realized my femininity, oh girl, he approached me like an alpha, and guess what?


I was sold, babe. Who wants to miss out on such a gay specimen?


Crossdresser Fucked by Man: My Sexual Experience 


My girlies are so jealous that I got him, and I understand that he is too hot to be true! Not only that, he’s got a big heart and a big shout-out to his hairy cock!


I love his cock more than him, and he knows it.


Because he is so big and muscular, I feel so small, like a sissy around him, and that’s why I am so addicted to Sunny.


He makes me feel so hot and feminine and seductive. Not that I am bragging, but I guess we are the hottest gay couple, in my humble opinion.


Crossdresser Fucked by Man: The Foreplay


Crossdresser Fucked by Man: My Sexual Experience 


I vividly recall just a week into our relationship, he invited me over to his place.


After a few drinks, he surprised me with a proposal. Yeah, babe, totally unexpected.


I felt feminine and cute when he gifted me a leopard print lingerie and told me to wear it in his sexy, commanding voice.


Slipping into the lingerie, I felt sizzling hot. Stepping out of the room, I could tell he was turned on.


He noticed my sensual aura, and suddenly, there was this intense sexual energy filling the room.


And you know, we just naturally started to make love.


You want details, Umm, but just between you and me, okay?


Seeing his Cock for the First Time


Crossdresser Fucked by Man: My Sexual Experience 


For a crossdresser, seeing another man’s cock is a very hot moment, at least it was for me.


It became even more special because I was in love with that man.


We were kissing each other, and I started moving my hand down from his hair to his big, hairy chest, to his sexy abs, and then I reached his underwear.


Sliding my hands into his underwear and pulling out his hard cock, I touched his cock for the first time.


I slipped down his underwear and looked at it. “Oh my, it’s so thick and hard, so many veins. Sss-ahhh-sss!”


I got excited looking at his big, sexy cock and couldn’t wait to take it in.


To this date, it’s one of the sexiest moments of my life.


Intense Making Out


Crossdresser Fucked by Man: My Sexual Experience


I have some of the hottest and most playful moves, which I learned from sissy porn films.


I watch sissy porn a lot, like a lot. After seeing his big cock, I got excited and playful.


My feminine instincts kicked in to please my man, and I started biting and licking Sunny’s ears.


I bit his lips; it was intense, babe! That’s all I can say. I was turned on like a horny bitch.


We Tried 69


Crossdresser Fucked by Man: My Sexual Experience 


After making out for a while, he wanted to eat my clitty.


My face melted with cuteness when he said that.


Men don’t do that because of their fragile male ego, but not my man.


We laid down in 69, and Sunny, with his big, hard, manly cock started to mouth fuck me and suck my soft, little, limpy, and girly clitty at the same time.


His cock was going down my throat; I was gagging, still taking it all in.


I was in heaven.


He Licked My Bussy (Boy Pussy)


Crossdresser Fucked by Man: My Sexual Experience 


After a bit of 69, Sunny roughly turned me over and started licking my busy.


“Meh, it was ok-ok.” I didn’t like it that much, but hey, he was enjoying it.


I liked the position, though; when he was licking my ass, I was in a doggy-style position.


Oh my god, he went deep with his tongue. He spat first; I literally needed no lube after all that licking.


My goodness, he licked her so well and perfectly. My bussy was dripping, babe.


Hard Face Fuck


Crossdresser Fucked by Man: My Sexual Experience 


Face fuck is my thing, I just love it, and my man just nailed it with his big cock.


At one point, his cock was so engorged and thick, it was swelling to its full.


I took it like a pro sissy and started sucking it. I could see Sunny was feeling it.


He even complimented me for that. I took his cock deep in my throat.


Later, he was holding my head with his hands to resist my head movement and got aggressive with hard face fucking in my mouth.


“Blagh! Blaghh! Blaghhh!” I had tears in my eyes. He also slapped his dick on my tongue…my goodness! What a man!


Crossdresser Fucked by Man: First Time


Lube is a Must


Crossdresser Fucked by Man: My Sexual Experience 


Although my bussy was wet, lube is a must for any crossdressing sissy for an extra slippery and playful experience.


Trust me, babe, lube just makes the whole experience 100x better when it comes to anal sex.


Also, safety too. Most gay boyfriends don’t know this, so tell your boys to use a lot of lube, got it?


I gave him the lube bottle to put in my ass, so before he got down to fucking my ass, he lubed up my hole and his cock both for a smooth experience.


I also like it when it’s wet down there.


I later asked him to lube me again, and he did that like a gentleman. Check out the importance of lube when doing anal sex.


Finally, I Got Fucked


Crossdresser Fucked by Man: My Sexual Experience 


I was lying on my bed, raised my legs, and Sunny gripped them and penetrated my ass with his thick, big cock.


“Aaah-oooh-Aaah!” I felt it, babe!


I closed my eyes to feel the femininity that I had to suppress for years.


I could feel every inch of his cock inside my ass. “Sss-ahhh-sss!”.


It felt so hot and so close to being a woman. While I was cherishing his cock inside me, he started pounding me.


He was inside me till his balls. He was going hard and deep, and I started moaning like a slut.


My sissy ass engulfed every inch of his big and thick cock inside.


His strokes were so strong on my ass, way too much, babe! My goodness, he railed me!


I Ride the Cock


Roanyer Now! 


I wanted to ride his cock, that’s like my ultimate fantasy.


I sat on his cock and jumped up and down, looking into his eyes, my clit swaying, making it flip-flap.


We were looking pretty cute as a couple.


I moved back and forth and sideways, took his cock balls deep, and then started riding it again.


I think every sissy should learn how to ride a cock.


Yep, babe, it shouldn’t be only on the man to fuck you; you, too, should be able to get fucked by your man.


I learned to ride a cock by practicing riding a dildo first.


I think you should do that, too, order a dildo and lube today and learn how to ride a man’s cock.


Got Fucked in Doggy Style


Roanyer Now!


Getting fucked in doggy style is what you ask from a man.


I told Sunny to fuck me in doggy style, and it was such a treat.


I could literally see myself in the mirror getting railed by my man in doggy style.


He grabbed my hair and started thrusting. “Whoa-oh-oh-ahh”.


In doggy style, I could feel his dick going deeper, I was touching my clit at the same time, and I could feel my prostate stimulation.


The sensation was building up and up; I was moaning, “Mmm!” “Hah!” “Yes, Yes, Yes!” and “sigh!”. I came.


Oh my god, babe, I had a sissygasm. I got a little emotional.


Sunny gave me what I deserved as a cross dressing sissy.


It was such a great experience, especially when he pulled out and cums all over my face.


I felt his warm, thick, and tasty cum on my lips. It felt so good.


After-Sex Cuddles


Roanyer Now! 


I loved the way he cuddled me and made love with me after we both came.


We were just kissing each other again and again, and Sunny lay by me, his hand on my body, spooning me like a little sissy.


Oh my gosh, he’s so romantic.


Final Words


Roanyer Now! 


Sunny and I are not together anymore, but still, that man holds a special position in my heart since he was the first guy I got fucked by as a cross dressing sissy.


He made my first sexual experience a perfect one.


We both were in it; there was a perfect build-up and, after that, steamy action.


He made me moan like a slut. I was gasping, breathing, and totally feeling a sissygasm building in my body.



His dominating nature and attitude made me feel like a feminine sissy, which was fantastic and much-needed for me.


If you are a sissy-loving man reading this, listen up, big boy, your sissy might not tell you, but she wants you to dominate and make her feel small and vulnerable.


So man up and play it rough, you know.


And you, sissy, I want you to steal the show, so dress sexy and learn how to ride a cock.


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