15 Best Transgender-Friendly Magazines and Publications


If you’re anything like me, you probably spend it scrolling through Transgender-friendly TikTok accounts.


But over time, this screen time can affect your productivity by lowering your attention span.


ransgender-Friendly Magazines


Luckily, I discovered a better alternative: transgender-friendly magazines. These are publications centered around our LGBTQ+ community that feature stories affecting us. The good, the bad and the ugly.


Today, I’ll share with you my top 15 trans-friendly magazines that you can scroll through the next time you have some minutes to spare.



Why Read Transgender-Friendly Magazines


I remember when I was coming out as a transgender a few years ago, I felt so lost.


I didn’t know anyone else who was going through the transition, so I had no one to ask questions like,  How do I tuck? and ‘Is tucking dangerous? 


That’s when I stumbled upon a transgender-friendly magazine and I kid you not, my life changed.


ransgender-Friendly Magazines


I finally felt like I had found my online community and a place where I could get answers to the million and one questions that I had.


Transgender-friendly magazines are not just a good pass-time.


They are life-changers, especially if you want to determine if you’re a transgender and learn everything you can.


Through these magazines, you can learn about the challenges Transgender people like us go through so you can remain cautious and protect yourself.


You can also learn about the achievements of other trans people and know that we can be unstoppable if we choose to love and believe in ourselves.


Out Magazine » Gay & Lesbian Travel, Fashion & Culture


ransgender-Friendly Magazines 


If you’re looking for a magazine to give you all the juicy tea about your favorite LGBTQ+ celebrities, then you should try Out Magazine.


The magazine features  stories of celebrities such as:

Drag Queen RuPaul

Transgender actress Laverne Cox

Queer actress Ariana Debose


Plus, the magazine publishes 30 posts per week covering other topics such as travel, music, and even politics.


Metro Weekly Magazine


ransgender-Friendly Magazines 


We both know that the world hasn’t always been transgender and LGBTQ+ friendly.


That’s why it was shocking for me to find out that Metro Weekly Magazine has been around for more than 25 years.


It was launched in 1994, making it the longest-running LGBTQ+ publication. The magazine puts out an average of 8 posts per day.


They feature stories for their LGBTQ+ community on topics such as nightlife, food, music, and even business news.


The Advocate


ransgender-Friendly Magazines 


If you’re recently transitioned and you’d like to educate yourself on the issues affecting transgenders, then you should read The Advocate.


The magazine covers up to 4 posts per day on important LGBTQ+ news such as:


Transgender bathroom policies


Drag queens who advocate for safe spaces for the community


Conversion therapy


The Advocate also covers political views that affect our LGBTQ+ community.


OutSmart Magazine


ransgender-Friendly Magazines 


If you’re looking for a popular award-winning transgender-friendly publication, check out OutSmart Magazine.


They feature about 8 posts every week on topics such as lifestyle news, entertainment, books, music, art, and personal finances for the LGBTQ+ community.


Some of their famous stories include how  Gabriel Attal made history by becoming France’s Youngest and First Openly Gay Prime Minister.


The Gaily Grind


ransgender-Friendly Magazines 


Featuring only one post per week, the Gaily Grind Magazine comes packed with the latest LGBTQ+ news.


The transgender-friendly magazine is perfect for you if you love keeping up with Celebrity trends and politics that affect fellow transgenders.


IN Magazine | Canada’s Premier LGBT Lifestyle Magazine


ransgender-Friendly Magazines 


This is one of my favorite transgender-friendly magazines.


If you’re looking for a fun publication that you can spend hours scrolling through, then you should check out IN Magazine.


You’ll find interesting stories on LGBTQ+ city and nightlife, relationship advice, fashion, art, and even health.


Plus, they publish four posts per week and their website looks great. Be sure to check them out.


Lavender Magazine


ransgender-Friendly Magazines 


Have you ever come across a great online magazine that you wish you could print out and keep a copy just for yourself?


With Lavender Magazine, you can order a print copy for your transgender-friendly magazine collection.


They publish several times a day and bring you the stories no one talks about.


Some interesting ones I came across were, being deaf and part of the LGBTQ+ community and transgender health care.


They also publish some fun posts such as how to colorfully decorate your home and pride journeys in different parts of the world.


Rage Monthly Magazine


ransgender-Friendly Magazines 


If you’re from South California, you’ve probably heard of the Rage Monthly Magazine.


It is famous for publishing LGBTQ+ lifestyle and entertainment content.


Some topics they cover are music, food & drinks, and queer shows on TV.


They also feature upcoming LQBTQ+ movies in the theater such as the long-awaited Mean Girls.


Get Out! Magazine


ransgender-Friendly Magazines 


With such a bold name, I would expect nothing less from great content from this transgender-friendly magazine.


Get Out! Magazine was launched more than 10 years ago to be the voice of the LGBTQ+ community in New York City.


The magazine covers stories such as LGBTQ+-friendly venues, where to go for a fun night out, and monthly events to keep an eye out for.


Instinct Magazine


Remember when everyone was obsessed with the Netflix LGBTQ+ show Heartstopper?


Well, you can read all about this show in the Instinct Magazine.


They also feature posts about other shows like Young Royals and the most recent Saltburn movie that left all of us gasping.


You can also read juicy news about LGBTQ+ artists like Troye Sivan, Billie Eilish, Lil Nas X, and transgender musicians like Ryan Cassata and Skylar Kergil.




Roanyer new!


If you live in the UK, you’ve probably heard about Attitude Magazine.


It’s based in London but features the stories of LGBTQ+ across the entire United Kingdom.


It’s also famous among the queer community in the US.


As you scroll through their website, you’ll come across pop-culture posts, must-watch LGBTQ+ movies and shows, and gay people in politics.


Plus, the magazine also features style and fashion content and holiday destinations for the LGBTQ+ community.


Gayming Magazine


Roanyer new!


If you’re a geek like me and you love spending your time playing video games, then you’d love the Gayming Magazine.


The magazine is the only LGBTQ+ and transgender-friendly geek magazine in the world. How cool is that?


They publish at least 2 posts per day covering:


Cosplay recommendations


Upcoming LGBTQ+ video games


Pride comics


QSaltLake Magazine


Roanyer new! 


QSaltLake Magazine is one of the OGs for the transgender community.


They’ve been publishing stories for the LGBTQ+ community since 2004.


Moreover, the publication has an old-fashioned look that makes you feel like you’ve traveled back in time.


QSaltLake has cool features such as an editorial cartoon and book recommendations and reviews.


They also publish 11 posts per week.


GO Magazine


If you’re on a budget but you still want to catch up with the latest LGBTQ+ news in the US, then you should check out GO Magazine.


It’s a colorful and fun publication that features posts on sex and dating, events in your city, and advice for queer women.


The magazine publishes at least one post per day. It’s so popular that it’s distributed in over 20 cities in the country.


Roanyer new!


Hotspots! Magazine


They say, ‘save the best for last,’ so the final publication I’ll hook you up with is Hotspots! Magazine.


Based in Florida, it’s one of the largest LGBTQ+ publications in the state.


Not surprisingly, they publish more than 10 posts per week to keep up with the demand from their loyal fans.


You can find juicy stories such as annual pride events, monthly events in Florida, and my favorite: Hotspot Hotties.


This is a weekly feature where they interview a member of the LGBTQ+ community and a magazine fan who is hot enough to be a model.


Final Thoughts


In my opinion, reading magazines and publications has always been and will forever be cool.


It’s a great break from scrolling on your phone.


Plus, reading transgender-friendly magazines is not just a good pass time, but it also educates you about our community.


If you don’t have a support system or a group of transgender friends to talk to, these magazines can give you the comfort you need.


Plus, you can pick and choose which one to read based on your mood.



For example, if you want great LGBTQ+ movie recommendations, you can read the Attitude.


If you want to learn about state laws affecting trans people, you can read the Advocate.


And if you want to find fun local events near your city, you can read Get Out!


As trans people, it’s important for us to see our stories written and to have people represent us.


It shows us that despite any challenge that we may come across, we can excel and do anything.


So I recommend that you read at least one of these transgender-friendly magazines once a week.


You’ll thank me later. All the best love.

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