Crossdressers Sissy Alter Ego Characteristics


It is no secret that the best way to become a crossdresser is to start with an alter ego or persona. Your subconscious mind will get used to this character and accept you as that person. As your confidence grows, your internalized self-image will also be enhanced.


1-Crossdressers Sissy Alter Ego Characteristics


Being an MTF crossdresser is becoming the best feminine self you can be to fulfill your fantasy. When you crossdress and become a sissy, you can alter your ego to life. You can play whatever character you have always wanted. Maybe, you are a sexually frustrated sissy, a naughty sissy, a sissy maid, etc.

Before you delve into the lifestyle of a crossdresser, understand the characteristics. These guidelines can help friends and family understand how you explore crossdressing fringes. I’ll tell you more about these alter ego characteristics.



1. The Sissy Who’s Always Getting Into Trouble


2-Crossdressers Sissy Alter Ego Characteristics


If you’re a sissy who’s always getting into trouble, you want to be different, want to stand out from the crowd and be noticed by others.


You know how it feels to get made fun of by your friends, or even worse, just ignored. You don’t want that to happen again in your life, so you try to ensure that it doesn’t. But sometimes, it still happens!


It’s hard not to get noticed when you’re always getting into trouble. This is especially since no one wants to be around someone who always gets into trouble. And when others are looking for someone to get along with and have fun with, they don’t want a troublesome one. Therefore, when you are someone causing problems, you won’t be a good choice.


3-Crossdressers Sissy Alter Ego Characteristics


That’s why you need a good alter ego. You want to be someone who will act like a typical girl or sissy. Once a while, you may seem troublesome, but underneath that façade is something else entirely, a glamorous and delicate sissy. You don’t want the troublesome you discovered by those around you.


2. The Sissy Who Is Always Sexually Frustrated


4-Crossdressers Sissy Alter Ego Characteristics


She may dress like a girl and act like one, but deep down inside, she feels like she’s not good enough.

The sissy can be sexually frustrated because she’s always told that she needs to be sexy for men. The society also expects you to make them happy with your body. This can make her feel unattractive and depressed.


The sissy might also have a hard time finding love. You may have a masculine appearance. Therefore, you’ll often find yourself attracted to women instead of men. However, it’s unlikely that you’ll ever truly find happiness in this relationship.


5-Crossdressers Sissy Alter Ego Characteristics


Also, the “sissy who is always sexually frustrated” has a lot in common with the “sissy who doesn’t know their own body.” They’re both attracted to their gender but feel they can’t be themselves. They’re attracted to other men and women. But, they don’t feel comfortable acting on those attractions. They don’t know how to express themselves, either sexually or emotionally. When they try, it comes across as awkward or weird.


The “sissy who is always sexually frustrated” is often a joke. This can be a punchline for something that’s supposed to be funny. But there are plenty of sissy out there who are struggling with this issue in their day-to-day lives. But since they cannot find help for it, they end up confused.


3. The Sissy Who Wants to Have Fun


6-Crossdressers Sissy Alter Ego Characteristics


Sissies are the best kind of crossdressers in this case. They’re not only fun to be around, but they can also be surprisingly useful. They can do many things that make life easier for everyone else. They’re great at cleaning up after themselves. Also, they’re always willing to help out in any way they can and always have an upbeat attitude about life.


But don’t get too comfortable with your Sissy alter ego just yet! Because you still have some work to do if you want to live up to your full potential as a sissy. Here are some of the biggest tips and tricks that will help get you on the right track:


7-Crossdressers Sissy Alter Ego Characteristics


  • Be prepared for anything! If something goes wrong, panicking is no point—take a deep breath and keep calm. If someone gets mad at you or humiliates you, remember that it’s all part of the fun!


  • Don’t let other people’s opinions control your life! You know what’s right for you, and nobody else does!


  • Make sure everything matches up properly when you put on your makeup. Therefore, it will look natural but beautiful nonetheless. This will also help keep your makeup from looking like “paint.”


8-Crossdressers Sissy Alter Ego Characteristics


  • Use a light hand with your eyeliner so that it doesn’t look like you have drawn on eyebrows or lashes.


  • You can wear different lipstick colors in combination with one another. But make sure they are all the same shade. This will ensure that each application is equally bright. It will also give your face a youthful appearance.



4. A Sissy Who Wants to Be a Baby


9-Crossdressers Sissy Alter Ego Characteristics



If you’re a sissy who wants to be a baby, you should know that a baby has some important characteristics. Here are the top five:


10-Crossdressers Sissy Alter Ego Characteristics


● They sleep all the time!
◆ Cry all the time!
● Eat all the time!
◆ Can’t get enough of being held and comforted by their parents or caregivers (or other adults).
● They don’t have any sense of self-worth or identity. This is because they depend on those around them for everything. They don’t know how to take care of themselves or what they need to do on their own.


A sissy who wants to be a baby is usually shy and may have difficulty finding their voice. They may also feel like they don’t belong in the world around them. As such, they want to be protected by someone who can improve everything.


11-Crossdressers Sissy Alter Ego Characteristics


Sissies are often emotional. Due to their upbringing, they may have had trouble healthily expressing themselves. They also tend to be very sensitive, especially when it comes to their own needs being met.

A sissy who wants to be a baby may feel they need extra help to get out of their shell. This is especially if others have hurt them in the past.


5. A Sissy Maid


12-Crossdressers Sissy Alter Ego Characteristics


Sissy Maids incline to be maids. They tend to be more feminine than other types and take great care of their appearance. Sissy maids are often very sweet and caring. They are also often very good at cooking, cleaning, or other domestic tasks.


13-Crossdressers Sissy Alter Ego Characteristics


A Sissy can be very feminine, but they’re also different from the stereotypical woman. A Sissy Maid might dress in high heels, have a ponytail, and have long nails. They might even wear makeup and spend time on their hair.


14-Crossdressers Sissy Alter Ego Characteristics


Sissy Maids can be submissive or dominant, depending on how you want to play with them. They’re often helpful and kind. They’ll also do anything for the people who love them. Besides, they are willing to put up with their femininity for princess treatment.

Also, sissy maid knows the boundaries between real life and her alter ego persona.


The Sissy Maid is a versatile character. You can use it to be more authentic and believable. It is a simple feminine character with low cost but high utility.


15-Crossdressers Sissy Alter Ego Characteristics


A sissy alter ego is a character you pretend to be as a way to explore your own identity and gender. It can also be used to explore the world of femininity. You can also use it to express emotions or thoughts you may not feel comfortable in public.

Sissy alter egos usually begin by dressing in feminine clothing. This can include high heels, dresses, and makeup. You’ll also wear makeup and accessories such as jewelry or wigs. The makeup should be subtle so that it doesn’t draw too much attention away from your face. But, it should still give off the impression that you are more femme than most women would be in that situation. This type of makeup includes eye shadow and gloss on their lips.


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  1. Thank you, kind and wise being for this quick clarification of some various crossdresser persona types. This is the first tone I have found such an article that goes into even this much depth on this phenomena.
    Before now I have had trouble explaining or even classifying some of what I had come across in my own self examination of myselves. (yes, I pluralized the term [myself] deliberately. It is part of my journey to reintegrate myselves more fully into a whole and healthy being. My Intention is to truly heal and grow ot of my traumas that have fragmented me.
    But I digress. Please pardon me?
    I have found myself encountering some characteristis of some of the personality types mentioned on this article within myself and your article had helped me to classify and identify which characteristics I may wish to strengthen or correct.
    Blessed be

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