Best Transgender Names: How Did You Choose Your Feminine Name?


This article will walk you through the process of choosing unique transgender names. Here are 13 trans names that you can choose from.


Transgender Names - Feminine Name 


A new name will mark a new beginning for you. It’s like being given a chance to be reborn as the female you want to be.


Let’s start with understanding why picking the right name matters.



Why Transgender Names?


Transgender Names - Feminine Name


A feminine transgender name can help us embrace our femininity.


But before choosing the first name that you think of, my advice for you is to research the meaning of the name.


Check if it suits your personality and your new lifestyle as a trans woman.


If you’re currently transitioning to a trans woman, you don’t have to go through the process of choosing a name by yourself.


There are many resources and tips on how to choose your femme name.


In the next section, this big sister will walk you through 5 tips that you can use to come up with meaningful transgender names.


Tips for Coming Up With a Unique Transgender Name


Taking Inspiration From Popular Female Names in Media or Literature


Transgender Names - Feminine Name 


If you’re a movie fanatic and there’s an actress you love who exudes grace and femininity, you can take inspiration from their names.


It could also be one of those Inspiring Trans/Crossdresser/NB Characters in Media.


Another way to approach it is to use the name of one of your favorite characters in a book.


If there’s a name that struck you and it’s both beautiful and unique, do some research to find its origin and meaning.


Then you can decide if you’ll take it up as your own.


Using Family or Loved Ones’ Names To Honor Them


Transgender Names - Feminine Name 


If you’re close to your mom, or any other female figure, such as an aunt, feel free to take after their name.


A friend of mine took up her mom’s name after she had passed away and I thought that it was a beautiful way to commemorate her.


But I understand that some of us have rocky family situations, so feel free to use a friend’s name.


Like that one best friend from middle school that you lost touch with, or a neighbor who moved away but was always kind to you.


Incorporating Traits or Qualities You Admire Into Your Name


Transgender Names - Feminine Name 


The best part about choosing a name is researching what it means and aligning it with your personality.


So be honest with yourself about what you like, what you don’t like, and even how others perceive you.


If you’re ambitious and a go-getter, a name like Scarlett would suit you. But if you’re calm and reserved, Lily would be a better fit.


Choosing a Name That Fits Your Personal Style and Fashion Sense


Roanyer New Transgender Names - Feminine Name


Does your fashion sense make heads turn wherever you go? If so, then you can go for a bold and memorable name like Rose.


But if you prefer being effortlessly chic and graceful, then a name like Aurora would fit you better.


Considering the Cultural and Historical Significance of Names


Roanyer New Transgender Names - Feminine Name 


A mistake I’ve seen many transgender people like me make is choosing a name without knowing its cultural and historical significance.


Something as simple as how a name is pronounced can be an irk to many people.


This makes things weird, especially when you travel to the country where the name originates from.


Examples of Amazing Transgender-Friendly Names


Roanyer New Transgender Names - Feminine Name 




Aurora is a Latin name that means dawn or beautiful.


It’s the perfect transgender name for you if you’re an early bird and you love watching sunrises.


It’s also great for you if you love fun activities and you find yourself drawn to beautiful things like dainty but cute jewelry.


With the name Aurora, you’ll be signaling to the world that you’re fully embracing your femininity as a trans woman.




The name Scarlett is derived from the color red. It symbolizes both strength and great passion.


It’s the perfect trans name for you if you’re ambitious and a go-getter.


It’s also perfect for trans people like me who wear their hearts on their sleeves and are not afraid to love deeply and fearlessly.


Roanyer New Transgender Names - Feminine Name




Has a friend or any loved one ever called you feisty before?


If so, then Aiden would be the perfect transgender name for you.


Aiden comes from both Irish and Gaelic origins and it means ‘little fire.’


The name suits trans women who are not afraid to challenge authority, speak their minds, and go after the life that they want.


Plus, Aiden is a gender-neutral name, making it perfect for you if you don’t want a drastic name change.




Luna is a Latin name that means the moon.


In Latin, the moon represents spirituality as it was seen as a god, alongside the Sun.


It’s perfect for trans women who have a goddess complex and are very confident in their skin.


Luna also suits you if you love going clubbing and having fun with your friends.


Roanyer New Transgender Names - Feminine Name 




You know that cheesy pickup line in movies where someone says, ‘You are my world.’


They can simply say ‘You are my Emma’ since Emma means whole and universe.


It’s derived from the German word ermen which means whole and universal.


The name Emma is perfect for you if some people might have called you cocky, but it’s just confidence.


That’s because you prioritize self-care and self-love.


And you make a home within yourself and know that you’re your entire universe.




We’ve all heard of the name Lily before. It’s derived from the Latin word Lilion which means innocent and pure.


It’s common among trans people in North America, Italy, Spain, and the Portuguese.


Lily is the perfect trans name for you if you are kind-hearted, honest, and an overthinker like me.


You also love dressing elegantly and you embody your feminine identity with ease.


Roanyer New Transgender Names - Feminine Name 




Rose is one of the most common transgender names in the U.S. and it’s for a good reason.


It’s derived from a Latin name called Rosa that means timeless and blooming.


Rose would be the perfect trans name for you if you have a bubbly personality and a timeless fashion sense.


You love dressing up in lingerie just because you want to.


Plus, people around you enjoy your company because you make them happy and bring joy into their loves




Although the name Brooke is unisex, it’s common among trans women in the US.


Brooke/Brooklyn has both German and English roots and it means a small river or a stream.


It symbolizes natural beauty, peace, and simplicity.


It’s the perfect trans name for you if you like living on the down-low, you love nature and you avoid conflicts with your loved ones.


You’re generally a calm and collected person who draws people in because of your peaceful aura.


Roanyer New Transgender Names - Feminine Name 




Have you ever met someone and you could right away guess that they’re an only child?


That’s because they are spoiled to the T and exude a lot of love.


If this was your childhood or if you’re in a relationship with someone who adores you, then Aimee/Amy is the perfect transgender name for you.


The name Aimee/Amy has a French origin and it means ‘beloved.’




If you’re catholic or if you have a catholic background, you’ve probably heard about Saint Cecilia.


Cecily is inspired by the Saint’s name which means  ‘heaven.’ It’s a unique name among trans people and will definitely help you stand out.


Read now! 




If you love literature and are a huge Shakespear fan, then Imogen might be the transgender name for you.


Many people believe that Imogen came up as a misspelling of the name Innogen in Shakespeare’s play Cymbeline.


Today, the name means maiden or daughter and is perfect for trans women who are creative, generous, and mysterious.




If you love wearing long dark wigs or natural hairstyles, then the name Kiera would suit you.


It’s derived from the name Ciara in Greek which means dark or black.


It’s also perfect for trans women with beautiful dark and glowing skin who are not afraid to flaunt it.


Roanyer New crossdresser 




As usual, I saved the best for last. I love this name because it sounds similar to Queen and gives me the perfect ego-boost.


Quinn is an Irish name that means wise.


It’s perfect for you if you’re always dishing out words of wisdom (even if you never take them yourself) and you love taking charge.


Plus, you love rocking long nails and being the center of attention


Final Thoughts


Roanyer New crossdresser 


Picking the perfect transgender name for you can take days or even weeks of brainstorming and researching.


Don’t rush the process though, take your time to explore these 13 transgender names option.


And remember that the final name that you choose should make you feel like the confident queen that you are.


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