Inspiring Trans/Crossdresser/NB Characters in Media!

10/25/2021 BY Tina Munova

Hello, their lovelies! How are you doing today?


In need of some entertainment?


Looking for something new to watch on those lazy nights?


Are you tired of how crossdressers/trans/non-bi are depicted in popular media?


Despite that, there is a general sense of political correctness nowadays, and many characters are written with little to zero insight.


That’s why I thought I could write about some characters in fictional media that are trans/crossdressers/non-binary that I found very heartwarming and inspiring.


Inspiring Transgender/Crossdressers/Non-Binary Characters in TV, Films and Games!


Why did I choose this topic? Because I always felt uncomfortable with how these characters are portrayed in most parts of the mainstream media.


In particular, MtF crossdressers are mostly used as a fun gimmick. An easy laugh. Movies/shows like that tend to reinforce an unhealthy stereotype that’s far from accurate.


In this article, I will give insight into some of my favorite crossdressers/trans/non-bi characters in TV series, films and a little more.


All of these have found a way into my heart, and I hope they will do so in yours too! So if you are up for something new to watch, read some of my suggestions below. I sure hope you find something you like!



1. How crossdressers/trans/non-binary characters are portrayed


As I said before, I believe that in the mainstream media nowadays, CD/TG/NB characters are portrayed very poorly. But that’s nothing new. Even though political correctness is pushing the main franchises to include more characters that fit this description, it seems that they are doing it with no thought or passion. They are just trying not to fall behind; each day is more obvious.


Inspiring Transgender/Crossdressers/Non-Binary Characters in TV, Films and Games!


Historically, characters with these traits were banned, overlooked or ridiculed. Then, when the first screened appearances occurred, the tone in which these were portrayed was very different for the women and the men. When a lady crossdressed, it demonstrated courage and a strong will. Usually, fighting for a right that, because of their gender, was out of reach. On the other hand, when men crossdressed, it was a reason to laugh. A demeaning (bad) joke at best.


That happened for a long while until very recently. As society grew and the world became a (most of the time) more tolerable place for everyone, these characters became somewhat in demand.


That’s why big empty-hearted corporations started incorporating more TG/CD/NB characters in their productions because they were afraid of losing money and their position in the market. But most of them are as bland as they come, present in the story just to avoid losing any public. That’s why I thought sharing these gems I found with you would be a great idea.


Before we start with the fun part, some considerations first. Because I don’t want to spoil anything for you, I will let you know before any major plot point, if any. And lastly, due to regional differences in the streaming services’ catalog, it’s almost impossible for me to make a comprehensive list of where to watch these selections. That part is up to you! Get your loungy outfit, your favorite snack, and it’s showtime!


2. Cardcaptor Sakura


Inspiring Transgender/Crossdressers/Non-Binary Characters in TV, Films and Games!


Cardcaptor Sakura started out as manga (Japanese comics) from 1996 to 2000, and later an anime series with seventy episodes and two movies produced between 1998 and 2000. Written and drawn by an all-female group, CLAMP, it tells the story of Sakura Minomoto, a bright and kind ten-year-old girl who discovers she possesses magical powers when she releases the magical cards that were sealed in a great sorcerer’s book.


Each card has a specific ability and must be sealed again to prevent a catastrophe. It’s a very intense, happy and heartwarming show that I’m sure you’ll love. From the first moment, you can see how well the characters in this anime are written: funny, mysterious and lovable. You may find yourself laughing and crying simultaneously with each episode. But worry not, for it is not tears of sadness.


This series also features a lot, and I sure mean A LOT of different wardrobes that Sakura wears for her adventures that will inspire something in you without a doubt.


Inspiring Transgender/Crossdressers/Non-Binary Characters in TV, Films and Games!


In this show, many characters crossdress. Touya, Sakura’s brother, for instance. He is a brave, understanding and protective brother. Even though he constantly teases his little sister, he accompanies Sakura through her magical journey with his best intentions from the shadows, trying not to get in her way. He is an amazing athlete, an excellent cook and a fantastic friend.


In a very charming episode, he is depicted playing Cinderella for a school play. Even though he is unhappy about it, there isn’t a single negative remark during the show’s runtime. He plays his part with his heart into it and proves what a heroic person he is during the events of the episode. He is an excellent person and an inspiring big brother.


Inspiring Transgender/Crossdressers/Non-Binary Characters in TV, Films and Games!


But that’s not the end; time to talk about the show’s star, Sakura-chan! Sakura is one of the most charming characters ever! She always tries to protect her loved ones and finds the courage to fight her fears. She has a bubbly and naive personality, in the cutest way, and she’s a very athletic young girl. We can watch how she grows during the show and develops bonds with friends, family and rivals! Even though she is confronted with a wide variety of hard and stressful situations, she manages to handle them with the amazing strength of her true and honest heart.


With the eventual help of her rival-turned-friend, Syaroan Li, a powerful and honest Chinese boy, a direct descendant of Clow Reed, the creator of the cards Sakura is trying to capture. Even though he appears tough, he has a very true and motivated heart, being a hero in his own way. In season two, it’s the turn of Sakura’s class to perform in the school play. And, luck has it, she ends up with the role of the prince, and her rival Syaoran Li, with the role of Sleeping Beauty. Then again, they all put their best effort into performing and saving the day while wearing the cutest outfits ever! With their uniqueness, each character will find a way to inspire you to be more confident about yourself and etch their names on your heart!


There is one more character in this show, but before we go on:


Inspiring Transgender/Crossdressers/Non-Binary Characters in TV, Films and Games!


For those who have seen it and those who don’t care about spoilers: Nakuru Akizuki is a teen girl that, when confronted by a pair of hers on why she chose to wear the girls’ school uniform, claims ‘’it’s much cuter’’ and further continues saying she has no gender and clothes shouldn’t matter. She is an entity created by the reincarnation of the magician Clow. She has a cheerful and happy personality and is very confident about her powers. I found her self-assurance something to look up to, and reminds me to enjoy dressing up even more!

Watch here>>


3. Fate/Apocrypha


Inspiring Transgender/Crossdressers/Non-Binary Characters in TV, Films and Games!


I won’t lie; when I found this anime, I didn’t expect much from it, but I was surprised by how much I liked it and its characters. Part of the TYPE-MOON’s Fate franchise, this show is about a great war between two sides searching for the wish that the grail grants the winner. The integrants of both factions (masters), Red and Black, not only fight with magic and armies of their own, but they also can summon a hero of past times (servants) to fight at their sides.


The show is fun and easy to watch but sometimes gets a little gory. Many characters here have a well-constructed arch, and either you will love some and hate others for all the right reasons. It features phenomenal chaos in proportions that only anime can achieve if this is your cup of tea.


Now it’s that time again:


Inspiring Transgender/Crossdressers/Non-Binary Characters in TV, Films and Games!


Because the show toys with the gender identity of one character, in particular, I decided to write under the spoiler banner. We are talking about Astolfo, the Black Ryder, one of the Twelve Paladins of Charlemagne. Astolfo is a trustworthy ‘’servant’’ with an unimaginable capacity for empathy towards others. Besides, she is incredibly cute!


From the first moment she materializes from the past, she exhibits a lovable upbeat, charming personality. I found Astolfo’s unbreakable will defend others motivating, even when she risks her life. I trust you will love this character as much as I did.


4. The film Girl by Lukas Dhont


The Girl is a Belgian film directed by Lukas Dhont, starring debuting actor Victor Polster. Written by the director and Anjelo Tijssens narrates the story of Lara, a 15-year-old girl who dreams of becoming a ballerina and struggling with gender dysphoria. Word of warning, although not painfully tragic, the movie has some very dark moments that may depress you a bit if you are not in good time. Maybe stick with a more joyful suggestion, like Cardcaptor Sakura.


Inspiring Transgender/Crossdressers/Non-Binary Characters in TV, Films and Games!


This movie has many facets: for one, we get to appreciate Lara’s point of view, fears, hopes and wishes. And it comes all unfiltered. It will surely put you through a whirlwind of emotions. Good and bad. On the other hand, we can watch as her loving and caring father struggles to get across Lara’s feelings and open up her heart. A beautiful story of parenthood and adolescence.


Inspiring Transgender/Crossdressers/Non-Binary Characters in TV, Films and Games!


In this film, we follow the emotional development of Lara; facing many obstacles in her path to happiness, but she goes on with a determination worthy of admiration. She pushes herself constantly in pursuit of her dream of being a ballet dancer, which is not easy. Filled with many moments of raw emotion, Polster’s performance speaks with an open heart, making it easy to feel what Lara is going through.

5. And It is playtime!


For all those gamers reading this, even though they are classics, I couldn’t avoid mentioning some of my favorite characters in games.


● Final Fantasy VII


Inspiring Transgender/Crossdressers/Non-Binary Characters in TV, Films and Games!


I will start by addressing Cloud Strife, the main protagonist of Final Fantasy VII, one of the best-selling RPGs games of all time. Cloud is a former soldier who joins an eco-terrorist group trying to dismantle a nuclear reactor in Midgar. Cloud is a skillful swordsman, and a brave person with an honest heart, even though he tries to hide it under a harsh personality.


Inspiring Transgender/Crossdressers/Non-Binary Characters in TV, Films and Games!


Without ruining anything for you, there’s a part of the story where to infiltrate a brothel; Cloud needs to crossdress. A little tip: when you get to this part of the game, be sure to check everywhere before infiltrating because different outcomes depend on how well you find some items. And if you are not really into retro gaming, now you can play FFVII’s remake with fully updated graphics, which looks incredible.


● Kirby


Inspiring Transgender/Crossdressers/Non-Binary Characters in TV, Films and Games!


One more honorable mention before we wrap this up. There is one character whose gender has always been subject to speculation, Kirby! Even though in the American market, it was presented as male, the creator, Masahiro Sakurai, cleared all doubts about it being genderless.


Kirby is a cute pink ball from the planet Popstar that possesses the power to absorb enemies and objects to gain their powers. Facing all challenges with joy, I find Kirby’s ability to be a metaphor for taking the best of all around us and learning the lessons life throws our way.


This adorable little character is present in various games of all genres that are very friendly, even if you are not the most experienced gamer girl! Check what game from the catalogue is better suited for you; I’m sure you will find one you love!


Inspiring Transgender/Crossdressers/Non-Binary Characters in TV, Films and Games!


And that’s it for today, or should I say “cut!’’?

I sure hope that you give it a try to some of these and like them as much as I did!

What do you think about these choices?

And of the characters?

Have you watched or played any of these?

Do you have any to add?

Please let me know in the comments; I would love to hear from you and read what you like!

Remember to live fully, love yourself and great things will come!

I’ll be seeing you all soon!

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  1. Hello Ronyer I am a big fan of yours you inspire me to be my more beautiful self, but you forgot to mention the Oran Host Club it’s a very inspirational and corky cross dressing anime

    1. Thank you for your addition, my dear❤ We will introduce this one in the next article about crossdressing anime!

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