How to Have Sexy Lips as a Crossdresser


With lips, the goal is often to achieve a fuller, more feminine look. This can be challenging because of how central the mouth is to the seductiveness of a crossdresser’s appearance. It doesn’t take much dryness or flakiness to create a look that’s rough and haggard and anything but desirable. If your lips tend to have a bloodless natural appearance, you’ll definitely want to add some color to give them a vibrant, sexy look.


How to Have Sexy Lips as a Crossdresser


Achieving a sexier mouth as an MTF crossdresser may seem overwhelming to the beginner, but it’s much more manageable when broken into several easy steps. This involves proper exfoliation, the perfect color for your unique look, and taking advantage of your body’s natural lip line.


If you follow these basic steps and learn from the wisdom of experienced crossdressers, you’re sure to have feminine lips that couldn’t be sexier.



1. Make sure to shave


It’s impossible to pull off sexy, ladylike lips when you’re rocking some serious five o’clock shadow. Carefully and thoroughly shave your beard, mustache, and any other facial hair that you’ve got going on. Any and all hair on the face will only serve to ruin the canvas of your crossdressing look.


How to Have Sexy Lips as a Crossdresser


Some men prefer electric shavers over manual razors, and it really just comes down to a matter of personal preference. Whether it’s a simple disposable safety razor or classic-style straight razor, you should make sure to take your time while shaving to avoid razor burn or missing any stray hairs. Use shaving cream to avoid dry or irritated skin, and take care not to cut yourself. It’s never a good look for a crossdresser to have bits of bloody toilet paper stuck to their face.


2. Don’t skimp on exfoliation


The process of exfoliation is ultimately quite simple. By using ingredients that are abrasive on the skin mixed with moisturizing oils, dead skin is removed and clogged pores are cleansed. The right exfoliating solution will do all this without feeling scratchy and also helps prevent the lips from drying out.


How to Have Sexy Lips as a Crossdresser


My preferred method for exfoliating the lips is by dipping a cotton swab into a homemade solution. This solution can be made from a variety of ingredients, but the most popular ones include sugar, cinnamon, and coffee grounds.


For emollients, you might consider using honey, petroleum jelly, shea butter, or lip balm. A variety of oils such as coconut or olive oil also work quite well. Since all of the ingredients are compatible together, you’re free to mix and match. Experimenting with different ingredients is the best way to find what works best for your body.


Once you have your solution, use the cotton swab to dab the mixture onto your mouth. Apply water to your mouth if necessary and apply the exfoliant in gentle circular motions. Using a cloth or tissue, you can then remove any excess exfoliant from your face. It’s also great to follow this routine up with a lip balm or lipstick to help each lip retain maximum moisture.


3. Find the right lipstick for the right occasion


Not all looks are created equal, and not all lipsticks are equally appropriate for every look. The best option for lipstick might change completely based on the type of event you’re attending or the overall vibe of your look. It’s crucial for any crossdresser to look at the big picture when weighing the lipstick options.


How to Have Sexy Lips as a Crossdresser


One thing to keep in mind is that nude lipsticks almost always serve to make the wearer feel prettier and womanlier. It’s tempting to go for the bold purples, browns, and reds – and it’s definitely true that those loud choices are a lot of fun – but it’s not actually what will create the most feminine appearance. Subtler choices like nude, berry red, and light pink often help you look more ladylike.


How to Have Sexy Lips as a Crossdresser


At the same time, it’s important to create your own look by following your unique sense of style and individuality. Even if you’ve never seen a particular type of lipstick used with a particular ensemble, even if it seems like too bold of a choice, it’s okay to be guided by what looks good to you. This is your look, after all, not someone else’s.


4. Find the perfect shade


Selecting the particular shade for the unique mouth that you were born with partly comes down to a matter of taste; the other part comes down to basic fashion sensibility. It’s important to be color-coordinated but not overly color coordinated. Matching lipstick to footwear, for instance, is often a fabulous way to pull your look together from head to toe.


How to Have Sexy Lips as a Crossdresser


Ultimately, the shade you choose has to fit your personal style and your physical look. You can speak volumes about your personality through your shade of lipstick, whether it’s flashy and seductive red or the subtlety of a nude flesh tone. It may take some experimentation before you find the lipstick that works best for you, but once you find it, all the trial and error will be well worth it.


Skin tone is obviously an important consideration with lipstick choice. Darker skin tones are best complemented with copper brown, chocolate brown, rose pinks, taupe, or magenta. Depending on your outfit, you might also go with fuchsia or peach.


Those whose skin is on the fairer end of the spectrum do well with dusty reds, peach, coral, light pink, and nude. If you’re somewhere in the middle, you might try out mauve, berry, cherry red, or rose.


5. Achieve a smoother appearance


How to Have Sexy Lips as a Crossdresser


Once you’ve got the basic shape and look of your mouth, it’s important to smooth everything out so that it looks natural and connected to the rest of your face. You’ll want to pay careful attention to your lip lines, which are essentially the vertical position of the upper lip’s lower border. If you pay careful attention to the natural shape of your mouth, you’ll be able to accentuate your own features to create as feminine a look as possible.


How to Have Sexy Lips as a Crossdresser


Sometimes, there are elements of your lip shape that you’ll want to try to smooth out to minimize the masculine nature. Lip balm is usually the best pick for doing this because it creates a smooth appearance without looking unnatural and artificial. The most crucial part is to retain as much of your natural appearance as possible and bring out your underlying femininity. It may come as a surprise to you how much womanly nature your mouth already had without you even realizing it.


How to Have Sexy Lips as a Crossdresser


Lip liner is absolutely essential for any crossdresser. Since men tend to have thinner lips than women, it’s necessary to fill them out with a quality lip liner and properly shape them. The key to successfully shaping the mouth to be full and sexy is working with the natural curves and shape of your mouth and bringing out the feminine beauty that’s already there. Here is a video that can show you how to apply lip liner.



6. Make the look last


A look’s worth is severely diminished if it can’t be maintained. What does it matter if you look great for one night when you can’t come anywhere close the next? Fortunately, it isn’t necessary to entirely alter your lifestyle to keep up with good lip care habits.


How to Have Sexy Lips as a Crossdresser


Among the most critical steps for any crossdresser to maintain a mouth that looks full, womanly, and sexy is to keep up with your exfoliation routine. While a little exfoliation is always better than none, the best thing to do is make it a weekly habit. However, you should take care not to over-exfoliate – keep it to twice a week or less.


However, it’s still important to keep on a daily moisturization routine. If you’re not able to manage to make lip moisturization part of your daily life, at least aim for specific days of the week to prevent losing the fullness that you’ve worked so hard to achieve.


You should also make sure to shave regularly. It doesn’t take much hair growth to completely shatter the feminine illusion, and it doesn’t take much time for stubble to begin popping out of the male face. It’s best to shave immediately before the party or event that you’re attending to eliminate the chance of stubble. You don’t want all of the hard work that you put into your outfit and makeup to be ruined by a tiny bit of facial hair.


If you follow the right steps, you can have the prettiest mouth at the party or club. It doesn’t take a crossdressing expert to master the art of a sexy, feminine mouth, so there’s no reason why you shouldn’t get the most out of your look by taking advantage of these pro tips.


By thoroughly shaving, regularly exfoliating with the right ingredients, and choosing lip products that help to bring out the best in your natural features, you can finally kiss your lip problems goodbye.


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