8 Types Of Submissive Sissy Crossdressers: A Complete Overview



8 Types Of Submissive Sissy Crossdressers


As sissy crossdressers, we all have different submissive personalities.

For example, I like being dominated by my master, some sissies prefer femdom, and some are into roleplay.

Learning about different types of sissy submissives can help crossdressers like you and me find our flavor of submission.

Identifying a sissy submissive personality for any sissy crossdresser is very important because it helps our partners understand us better during intercourse and also makes our sexual life more fun and healthier.

In this blog, I am going to tell you about eight types of submissive sissy crossdressers.

We’ve also included multiple examples of the typical behaviors of each of these submissive types.

We are also going to talk about the training of submissive sissy crossdressers if you are a beginner in all of this.

So, let’s get started.



Different Types of Submissive Sissy Crossdressers


8 Types Of Submissive Sissy Crossdressers


Slave Submissive Sissy Crossdressers


Let’s start with the most common one, and I say this because most sissy crossdressers have experimented with being slave sissy.

A slave submissive sissy gets pleasure in being treated as a slave. I align with this submissive type a lot and love being a submissive slave and giving all my control to my partner. Sometimes, I just stay 24/7 as a slave and completely let my partner control me.


8 Types Of Submissive Sissy Crossdressers


If you want to experiment with being a slave submissive sissy crossdresser, then follow some basic rules, like always taking permission to eat, speak, masturbate, cum, or even use the bathroom.

Obeying orders should be your first nature whether it’s explicit or implicit.

Surrendering control and being sexually available—at all times at your dom’s feet—is what makes a sissy crossdresser a submissive slave.


Pet Submissive Sissy Crossdressers


Pet submissiveness as a sissy crossdresser involves pony play, kitty play, pup play, etc.

Pet submissiveness starts with wearing pet costumes and accessories like harnesses, tails, collars, riding gear, and leather or fur gear.

This doesn’t end here; pet submissive sissy crossdressers also act like animals and obey their partners as if they own them.


8 Types Of Submissive Sissy Crossdressers


Some common behaviors for pet submissive sissy crossdressers are posing like a pet, moving on all fours with a leash attached, and taking commands from their partner as if they are their pet.

Making animal noises is the most fun part of being a pet submissive sissy crossdresser, like barking, pawing, neighing, or meowing.

Pet play is a must if you like experimenting with different submissiveness.


Bedroom Submissive Sissy Crossdressers


Bedroom submissiveness is very convenient and easy. Bedroom submissive crossdressing sissies are not interested in a BDSM lifestyle or relationship.

Most of the time, bedroom submissive sissy crossdressers are closeted crossdressers who enjoy being controlled and dominated by their partner inside the bedroom only and return to normal outside the bedroom.

Essentially, these submissives enjoy being controlled only in the bedroom, and outside the bedroom, they might have a completely different personality.


8 Types Of Submissive Sissy Crossdressers


I am sure you know what I am talking about.

Four common things that bedroom submissive sissy crossdressers like doing are being bound for sexual fun.

Second, bedroom submissive sissy crossdressers like being on the receiving side and enjoy anal stimulation and impact play like spanking.

Bedroom submissives enjoy giving blowjobs and love taking orders from their partners.


Domestic Discipline Submissive Sissy Crossdressers


Being a domestic discipline submissive sissy is such a dream come true, right honey?

This is a lifestyle where we get a chance to explore our submissive feminine side by just being a housewife to a dominant hubby and taking care of his home.

Wow, it sounds like a Disney land.

Roles of domestic discipline sissy include caretaking of the house, obeying husband like a devout, and getting punished if something goes wrong.

Spanking is common in domestic discipline, and I love it.


Maid Service Submissive Sissy Crossdressers


One of the most popular types of submissives is maid submissive sissy crossdressers.

Maid subs perform tasks for their partners, such as doing chores, running errands, and paying bills.

When I roleplay a maid sissy with my partners, I also provide sexual services for my partners according to their demands and preferences.

Dressing the dominant, cleaning their dirty laundry, and kneeling when they want are some of the examples of maid service sissy submission.


8 Types Of Submissive Sissy Crossdressers


Being a maid sissy, I would like to give you some ideas that you can use as a maid service submissive crossdresser.

Cooking and serving meals for your partners is such bliss.

Apart from this, cleaning his home, doing laundry, and even bathing the dom are the fun parts of being a maid sub.

I also feel pleasure in making my partner feel that he is the dominant one, and I am just his cute little sub.

You can do the same with your partners.


Submissive Sissy Brats


Submissive sissy brats are the most notorious sissy submissive’s and take great pleasure in annoying their partner to get their attention and love.

A brat submissive sissy needs a brat tamer who can put them in their place by punishing and humiliating them sexually.

A submissive sissy brat might not seem obedient from an outsider’s point of view, but it’s not like that at all.


8 Types Of Submissive Sissy Crossdressers


These submissive sissy brats playfully do this.

A submissive sissy brat likes talking back and disobeying orders of their partner to get punished and humiliated sexually.

Resisting the dom and making him forcefully restrain is a pleasure point of submissive sissy brats.


Model Submissive Sissy Crossdressers


Model submissive are mostly bimbo crossdressers who love looking beautiful and showing it off.

These crossdressers do not shy away from showing off their sissy feminine beauty and embrace things that enhance their beauty and make them feel feminine.


8 Types Of Submissive Sissy Crossdressers


Model submissive sissy crossdressers are usually performers who like being humiliated and dominated in bed.

Model submissive sissy crossdressers wear kinky costumes and love showing off their sexual side.

Most of them are usually performers like drag queens, porn actors, and independent adult content creators.


Masochist Submissive Sissy Crossdressers


The word masochist means a person who derives sexual gratification from their pain or humiliation.

A masochist submissive sissy is someone who likes extreme forms of sexual pain.

Masochist submissive sissy crossdressers like to hand over psychological control to their dominant partners.


8 Types Of Submissive Sissy Crossdressers


Just like brat sissy submissive, masochist submissive sissy crossdressers also like misbehaving and resisting their partners to receive sexual humiliation.

A masochist submissive loves getting spanked and slapped during sexual play.


Training for Submissive Sissy Crossdressers


There is no particular way of training a submissive sissy crossdresser.

In fact, a lot of it depends on the personality and preferences of a sissy crossdresser.

But some basics are involved in each type of personality, such as learning how to give control to the dominant partners, how to be submissive with someone you are not in a relationship with, and how to explore multiple submissive styles without losing the sensual charm of being a sissy.


Roaner now! crossdresser


First and foremost, a submissive sissy should at least know the general rules of BDSM and traditional feminine etiquette, like shyness, feeling vulnerable, being soft, etc.

Another very important part of sissy training is experimenting, honey.

Being a submissive sissy crossdresser, I am always experimenting with different types of submissiveness, and you should do the same.

Experiment and try to learn and explore what kind of sub you are.



A submissive sissy crossdresser adores receiving punishments from their dominant partner.

So, as a submissive sissy crossdresser, you should get accustomed to receiving punishments like physical and sexual humiliation.

As submissive sissies, we should always track our activities like feelings and experiences, to have a better experience next time and so on.

You can also observe other sub-dom relationships and take help from crossdressing porn to enhance your personality as a submissive sissy crossdresser.


Safety And After Care of Submissive Sissy Crossdressers


Submissiveness involves a lot of things which is very close to BDSM, such as humiliation, pain, pleasure, bondage, etc., so we need to prioritize safety.

Always follow BDSM rules such as using a safe word, communicating honestly and openly with the partner, and keeping a proper understanding of tools.


Roanyer crossdress


Being a sissy, never forget aftercare, such as treating yourself physically and emotionally after sex.

Make sure to relax your body, sexual organs, especially anal muscles, after everything is done.

Tell your partner to give you warm hugs and cuddles to make you feel relaxed.




Now that you know all types of submissive sissy crossdressers, I think you will probably have a better understanding of the type of submissive sissy crossdressers you are and how you can entertain your dominant in the bedroom.

If you are a beginner crossdresser, make sure you follow the submissive sissy crossdresser training that involves incorporating traditional feminine etiquettes, observing and journaling your progress, and learning from other submissive sissy crossdressers.


Roanyer crossdress


Make sure you always prioritize safety before engaging in any type of submissive act.

Always communicate with your partner, follow all the BDSM rules, and give yourself a good relaxing time afterward.

Trust me, honey, being a submissive sissy crossdresser is truly a blessing, and you must explore this sexual personality of yours.

Until then, keep slaying.

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