From Secret Sissy/Closet Crossdresser to Glamorous : Guide to Building Self-Confidence


Have you ever dreamed of being a Crossdresser, but you’ve been too afraid to do it, or are you a secret sissy?


Are you struggling to get the courage to express your true self?


If so, we are here to help.


Several people across the globe enjoy and accept crossdressing every day.


Still, other crossdressers struggle to build self-confidence and step out in public.


The main reason is they are afraid of being ridiculed or judged.




However, with the proper guidance, you can grow into a glamorous crossdresser and get the confidence to express yourself.


In this article, we’ll explain ways of building self-confidence as a crossdresser to allow you to embrace who you are.



Gaining Self-Confidence and Courage for Public Crossdressing


Embrace Yourself First


Closet Crossdresser 


Embracing yourself means accepting your desire as a crossdresser and exploring more of the feminine side.


Moreover, it also means doing that which makes you feel more relaxed, confident, and beautiful.


This includes experimenting with various makeup and clothing styles or spending time with female friends.


Take your time to find a look for that which works best for you.


Understand that crossdressing is a genuine and valid part of who you are.


Closet Crossdresser 


Accept yourself fully and understand that crossdressing is your natural identity aspect.


It took me about two years to gain self-confidence and realize that that’s the real me.


Firstly, I had to accept that I like being famine, and when in that state, I feel relaxed and stress-free.


As a crossdresser beginner, you must understand that other people’s opinions don’t determine your self-worth;


they come from the inner self.


Thus, embrace your unique preferences and style and celebrate your self-expression beauty.


Self-acceptance is the basis of self-confidence.


Start Small


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I started by wearing clothes that were gender nonconforming at my own home.


You can also do the same by wearing clothes traditionally associated with femininity or those that don’t fit any gender in a private and safe space.


Moreover, you can also start your journey to public crossdressing with small and low-pressure outings.


This will help in building your confidence.


Visit friendly events or venues, including those organized by LGBTQ+ groups.


At these events/venues, you will feel more at ease showing your true self.


Gradually increase the duration and frequency of your public appearances as you gain self-confidence.


Network With Other Crossdressers 


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Connecting with different people who are also crossdressing is an excellent way of finding support and building confidence.


There are several online and offline crossdresser communities; hence, you can join them to share your experiences and gain valuable insights.


You can also join an LGBTQ online forum or attend a local meetup.


Connecting with these people who understand what you’re going through will significantly offer support and boost your self-esteem.


Sharing stories with different people who have walked a similar path will offer you emotional support and valuable insights.


Don’t Mind Negative Comments 


Closet Crossdresser 


Unfortunately, you will come across ignorance and negative comments from other people.


When this happens, you must remember that their opinions don’t define you.


Always concentrate on your self-acceptance.


Luckily, some people will support and appreciate your authenticity.


Remember, you are confident and beautiful as a crossdresser, and you have the right to express yourself in any way you like.


Let no negative comments discourage you as a crossdresser.


Ignore the comments and concentrate on giving your best female self;


this will make you feel more confident and relaxed.


Master Feminine mannerisms and behaviors


Closet Crossdresser 


Practicing feminine behaviors and mannerisms like gestures, sitting, walking, talking, and posture will help improve your confidence.


Always crossdress within the limit.


Always ensure that you follow the dress code that women and girls around you usually follow.


Moreover, wear the best quality clothes you can afford and look clean, fresh, and tidy.


Always ensure that your clothes are comfortable and they fit you properly.


Dressing for an occasion is the key to blending or passing.


Also, wear the appropriate outfits that suit the occasion/event.


Keep your outfit sweet and simple if it’s your first time out.


 Secret Sissy  


Good accessories make a huge difference in blending/passing in as a feminine.


Get yourself a nice-looking purse or handbag.


Also, get some earrings, bracelets, necklaces, or anything that adds a touch of femininity.


Put on some feminine perfume to smell wonderful.


Ensure you can comfortably walk in women’s shoes before moving out.


Exaggerated or strange walks will get all the wrong attention.


Feel relaxed, and don’t be very stiff as you walk.


Practice these mannerisms and behaviors with trusted family and friends or at home in front of a mirror.


Do your best to improve and enhance your feminine look.


Be your best female – enhance your feminine appeal 


Secret Sissy  


Crossdressing aims to enhance comfort and confidence through makeup, clothing, and accessories.


Experiment with various styles to find what suits you best, and always wear your preferred outfit.


Focus on your entire appearance to achieve the desired feminine look.


If needed, use makeup to conceal masculine features.


Additionally, choose a high-quality and natural-looking wig while ensuring proper styling for ultimate comfort and authenticity.


Closet Crossdresser 


For those seeking a more feminine appearance, consider body-shaping garments like hip pads, breast forms, tummy shapers, and butt pads to create curves and enhance your overall look.


Prioritize removing facial and body hair for a polished appearance when presenting yourself.


Explore new places 


Closet Crossdresser 


After feeling comfortable as a crossdresser in public places, you need to start exploring new places.


Explore new places where you are less likely to meet familiar faces.


This will help in easing anxiety and improve your public crossdressing experiences.


Visit your neighborhoods, towns, and maybe countries.


Moreover, attend different crossdressing parties or events.


As you explore new places, people may interact with you.


Therefore, it’s better to practice a feminine voice before stepping out.


You can speak slowly/softly.


Remember, don’t emphasize your voice to make it high-pitched or squeaky.


Just try to keep it natural with feminine characteristics.


Practice more – go out regularly


Closet Crossdresser


The more you go out regularly and try new things, the more confident and comfortable you will be, and after that, you’ll start to see the outcomes.


You can start with some short outings and slowly extend the duration as you improve your comfort level.


Always plan before attending a public occasion/event.


Decided if to go out at night time or daytime.


Moreover, always be careful when considering where to go or your activities.


Have some cash, your mobile phone, and keys before moving out.


Closet Crossdresser 


During the first outing, go to an event/location with fewer people and a safe place.


Keep the tour/meeting short and gradually improve your time in your next outings.


Feel relaxed when on an outing. Don’t concentrate on how you need to be outside.


Moreover, don’t keep adjusting your clothes or hair repeatedly.


If you get nervous in front of others, just pretend to be taking photos or act busy using your phone.


Don’t rush out of any situation awkwardly.


Avoid Confrontations – be friendly and respectful


Closet Crossdresser 


Some people will not understand your crossdressing journey.


Thus, it’s important to maintain a respectful and friendly demeanor.


Furthermore, avoid confrontations and concentrate on being authentic to yourself without creating enmity or harm to others.


If you come across a person who is abusive or negative, try to avoid confrontation.


Always be respectful and friendly and walk away since arguments or confrontations can cause a huge setback to your journey.


Moreover, there are higher chances that what you planned may take an unexpected turn.


Thus, be prepared always when in public and plan for any emergencies.




Secret Sissy Closet  


Crossdressing in public events/locations is a transformative experience that motivates you to embrace your true self.


Building courage and self-confidence on this journey is an ongoing process, but you can achieve it successfully with support networks, self-acceptance, and practice.


Remember you aren’t alone, and your journey as a crossdresser expresses your real identity.


Therefore, stay true to yourself and allow your self-confidence to shine as you showcase your authentic self.



The above tips will assist you in gaining the courage and self-confidence to crossdress in public.


Remember, you aren’t alone since several resources are available to assist you, and several people support crossdressing.



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